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Best HDFC Bank Interview Questions with Answers

HDFC Bank is a renowned financial institution headquartered in Maharashtra, with branches across the country. It is the top private bank in terms of assets and market capitalization. With a workforce of around 120,000 employees, HDFC Bank offers attractive salaries. It provides various services such as retail banking, loans, credit and debit cards.

HDFC Bank collaborated with Paytm to distribute credit cards nationwide in 2021. It holds shares in the Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange. The bank has received prestigious awards like ‘Bank of the Year’ and ‘Best Bank in India.’ If you aspire to work at HDFC Bank, here are some interview questions to help you prepare.

List of 10 Common HDFC Bank Interview Questions and Answers

1. Are you aware of the name of the Chief Executive Officer of the HDFC bank?

A: Yes, I am. The name of the CEO of the HDFC bank is Mr. Aditya Puri.

2. Do you know the name of the founding member of the HDFC bank?

A: Yes. The founder of the HDFC bank is Mr. Hasmukhbhai Parekh.

3. You will be paid a certain salary in the event you are employed by our bank. However, are you aware of how exactly your salary will be calculated? Are you aware of what gross salary and net salary are?

A: Yes. Gross salary refers to the money gained by a bank worker over one year. Things like income tax and medical insurance are not subtracted from the gross salary. Overtime and holiday payments, as well as bonuses, are a part of the gross salary. House rent allowances are also included in the gross salary. On the other hand, net salary refers to the remaining amount after the Public Provident Fund and Professional Tax are subtracted from the gross salary. In essence, the net salary is the amount of money you use for expenses at home.

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4. Do you know what auditing means?

A: I do. Auditing refers to an assessment and minute neutral scrutiny of the financial ledgers of the bank. Auditing may be done by appointing an external commercial firm or by the employees of the bank themselves.

5. Tell us why you seek a position in banking. Why the HDFC bank in particular?

A: I have a postgraduate degree in Economics and a diploma in financing. Therefore, it is my belief that banking is my true calling. And as for my reasons for choosing the HDFC bank, it is primarily because this bank has consistently placed in the top 100 banks of the world by Global Brands.

Additionally, I wish to enhance my professional growth in finance and commerce and since the HDFC bank receives such wonderful praise all over the country, I think this is where I can successfully accomplish my goal that is proportional to my academic degrees.

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6. Enlighten me about your long-term goals.

A: I cannot predict the future but I sincerely hope to contribute greatly to the smooth running of this bank. If I can be instrumental in the expansion of this bank, I would consider it an immense honour. I also hope to rise in the ranks with hard work, dedication and commitment.

7. How would you describe your strong suits?

A: Well, I think I am quite good at troubleshooting. Because of my academic background in finance and economics, I am capable of comprehending bank-related issues and can align my schedule according to what the bank requires.

Throughout my academic career, I have put in great effort in whatever I have done, and hence that skill may be important whilst working as an employee of the HDFC bank. I am also good at socializing with all kinds of people and thus, if team-play is necessary, I shall be able to collaborate well with fellow colleagues.

8. How would you want your potential future co-workers to perceive you?

A: I would like them to think of me as someone reliable so that they can depend on me should any detrimental circumstances arise. I hope to be on friendly terms with all of them and I sincerely pray that I am worthy of their friendship in return.

I also want them to trust me whole-heartedly and place faith in me. I do hope I can turn into someone qualified enough to earn their credence and reliance.

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9. Why did you quit your previous job?

A: I did so because it was too far from my place of residence and it was very difficult to commute on a daily basis. Also, my tenure there was on a contractual basis. My contract ended just last month. Hence, I am out on a job hunt.

Because of the nature of my work at the previous company, there was no room for professional growth and progression. While I do like stability in work, stagnation is something I am not too fond of.

10. Are you aware of the tasks performed by a bank teller?

A: I am. A bank teller is someone who deals with the cash deposited by a customer. A bank teller is a cashier in essence. They are meant to put an end to falsified bank transactions, thus preventing losses encountered by the bank.

Tellers primarily engage in conversation with customers, informing them of accounts and services provided by the bank. They also handle loans and mortgages, as well as money withdrawals. They are also good at negotiations, especially those involving cheques and money orders.

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If you are truly interested in working for the HDFC bank and manage to get through every single one of the HDFC Bank Interview Questions with flying colours, do peruse a most interesting work of nonfiction by Mr. Tamal Bandopadhyay.

The book tells the story of the rapid expansion of the HDFC bank, beginning from 1994 to the current decade. The author has written another book related to the HDFC bank: ‘From Dawn to Digital’. These works are a must read for those who have had the privilege of working for the esteemed bank.

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