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Common BPO Interview Questions and Answers

BPO Interview questions and answers for beginners can help you check how ready you are, boost your confidence, and do well in the interview. An interview is a chance to make a great first impression and show your skills and value to the panel. BPO interview questions and answers can give you an idea of what to expect and the nature of the job.

BPO interviews are not easy; they require knowledge and good communication skills. By answering questions effectively and creatively, you can impress the interviewer and make a positive impact. Having these types of questions beforehand can help you prepare and feel less nervous.

Here are some frequently asked interview questions that will be useful, especially for beginners. Remember, the answers can be modified based on your own experience and qualifications.

About BPO Sector

BPO sector is often called a Call-Center job and is famous among candidates to start their working life. Every year many job openings are there in the BPO sector. Freshers can also apply and give an excellent start to their careers. BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing. It generally is the process of subcontracting or outsourcing some business operations to a third party.

It mainly consists of customer-related services like marketing and technical help. The BPO sector has a broad scope and is gaining importance day by day. It smoothes business operations and helps companies divert their primary focus towards their core objectives and operations.

Below are the frequently asked BPO Interview Questions and suitable answers:

General BPO Interview Questions and Answers

1. What are your hobbies? 

Ans. My hobbies are listening to music and reading books. 

(One must mention relevant hobbies/hobbies and have recent updates related to them. The interviewer can ask further questions like – Who is your favourite writer/ singer? )

2. What are your strengths? 

Ans. Communication skills and never giving up attitude are my strengths. 

(For a BPO interview for freshers, mention the qualities related to the job.)

3. Where are you from?

I am from Maharashtra, India. Currently residing in Pune. 

(Don’t mention all the places where you have lived or shifted earlier. Current home address or residing city name is enough.

Some questions like what you like about this city? Or what you don’t like about this city? Can be asked to check your thinking and English proficiency. 

4. Who is your role model/inspiration?

My role model is my Mother. She is my biggest support and motivator. Also, our beloved Prime Minister, Respected Narendra Modiji, truly inspires me. His personality and struggle taught me a lot of new things and qualities. 

(BPO interview answers must be fluent and up to the point. Mention someone as your role model or inspiration if you know the basic information about them.)

5. Tell us something about your family background?

We are five members. My Grandmother, My father, works at the post office, my mother, who is a teacher by profession, my sister, and me. We all live in Pune. 

6. What is your weakness?

My weakness is I get frustrated a bit if the work assigned is not completed in the given time. Also, I like my desk and cupboard to be organized and well-managed, so I sometimes act like a clean-freak. 

(In a BPO interview or any other interview, answer this question tactfully. Your weakness should also look like a strength for the Company.)

7. Describe yourself in 4 words?

According to me, knowledge-oriented, disciplined, creative, and passionate to make new contacts and interact with people will be the four words to describe me. 

(Mention at least 1-2 words related to the qualities the Company is seeking in their candidate or prospective employee.)

8. Which languages do you speak?

Ans. I can speak English, Marathi, and Hindi fluently. (Mention whatever language you speak fluently.)

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9. Which was your favourite subject in school?

Ans. In school, my favourite subject was English. I love reading poems with hidden meanings and extended passages. 

(BPO interview answers must be 1-2 lines. Just naming the subject is not good; say one line about it or related to it.) 

10. How much did you score in your board exam?

Ans. I scored 92% in the SSC Board exam and 88% in HSC. 

(always say the correct marks, if not, then it could lead to problems.)

11. From which college did you complete your graduation?

Ans. I completed my graduation from ABC College.

(This question is often asked in an interview; one must answer their college name as it is. The full name of the college should be mentioned rather than stating the short form or abbreviated name. )

12. What makes you the best candidate?

I am full of enthusiasm and fulfil the job requirements. My never give up and never stop learning attitude can benefit the post and the given nature of work. I am adaptable and punctual. I believe in working honestly and with complete dedication. I never let my emotions affect my work. 

(BPO interview questions should be answered tactfully and in a convincing manner. State your qualities and strengths, don’t please or ask for sympathy.)

13. Any extracurricular activity/activities you were engaged in?

Ans. Yes, I was a part of the debate union and cultural activities management team during college time. Managing events interests me. 

(If you are not engaged in any extracurricular activities, you can state something that interests you or your hobbies after responding No to the question.

one must answer BPO interview questions and answers in a complete sentence.)

14. Suitable shift to work?

Ans. Anytime is suitable for me to work. According to preference, I would like to work the morning shift. 

15. Can you work under pressure?

Yes, I can work under pressure. I get frustrated if the work is not completed in the given time, but I never let my frustration distract me; instead, I use it as a driving force to complete or get the work complete as soon as possible.

(While giving BPO interview answers, remember what you said earlier and try to connect your answers and maintain a flow. But don’t repeat the same points again and again.)

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BPO Interview Questions based on Company

16. What do you know about the Company in short?

Ans. The Company ABC has engaged in this business for years and has left a prominent mark on its work on the clients. It was founded by Mr XYZ and has the main goal to satisfy consumer demands and increase happy customers in the country and abroad.

(State the goal or objective the Company strongly promotes or believes in. one can explain the nature of the business shortly while answering this BPO interview question.)

17. Why do you want to work with us?

Ans. This Company is leading in the business and works for the achievement of its objectives. I went through the website, the services offered by the Company and the company goals interested me and encouraged me. I want to learn and gain experience in these services by working here and start my career. 

(This BPO interview question is asked many times, one must research the Company applied for and have information related to their objectives, policies and work.)

18. Why BPO services?

This sector is overgrowing and emerging day by day. Many opportunities are available here, and a lot of new things to learn and explore. 

(While answering this BPO interview question, use positive sentences and appreciation for the work no matter whatever the reason is in reality. You can mention your reason if other questions are asked or in a polite manner. Don’t offend the work or industry.)

19. What do you know about BPO?

Ans. BPO is related to outsourcing some business-related activities to other companies, who are specialized in such activities. It mainly includes Marketing, customer support, front office, and back office. BPO services and outsourcing is gaining a lot of importance and popularity in the last five years. In this way, a company can focus on its main work by outsourcing to other companies. It also helps achieve the quality of work standards and reduce the working load to some extent.  

20. Which post are you applying for?

I am applying for the post of sales intern/ customer support intern/ marketing executive

(Be clear of the post, don’t answer in vague or say give me any post. Remember not to sound over-confident.)

21. What are your expectations from this job?

I will get to apply my knowledge so far and also learn new things. For me, personal growth and learning something new, and upgrading myself is essential. This is what I expect from my job, to help in my development and improve myself more into a better person/ citizen.

(Give a precise and clear answer in a BPO interview.)

22. In which department are you interested in working?

I want to work with the customer support department as I like to communicate and make new contacts. Every person teaches us something. 

(If you have applied for a specific post, answer the department related to the application post.)

23. Why should we hire you?

Ans. My description and qualification meet the requirements of the post applied for. I will give my best as though personal growth is essential; it cannot be achieved without working efficiently and making efforts for company growth.

(BPO Interview answers must not be self-praising or too demotivating. The benefit of hiring you should be the focus and must be stated politely and humbly.)

BPO Interview Questions on Personal Opinion and Objectives 

These types of questions are expected in a BPO interview for freshers; it gives an idea about the applicant’s critical thinking and attitude.

24. What do you think about BPO services in short?

Ans. BPO services are essential and have a great scope. Quality of work matters a lot in this industry. It has helped a lot of companies to fulfil their targets and goals within a specified time. This industry is growing and developing rapidly.

25. What is most important to you for a promising career?

Ans. For me, career-wise, a good job that will support my personal growth and where I can use my skills and potential is most important. 

26. What is most important, according to you, while working in a team?

Ans. Coordination and responsibility are most important while working in a team, in my opinion. 

(While answering interview questions related to personal opinion, try using phrases like for me, I think, in my view etc.)

BPO Interview Questions on future vision and dreams 

27. What are your plans?

Ans. Give a good start to my career, upgrade myself and get a higher post eventually. I am also planning on pursuing an MBA after gaining a few years of job experience.

28. What kind of job are you seeking?

Ans. I am looking for a job that is challenging and innovative. 

(BPO interview answers must be related to the nature of work of the industry and post you have applied for.)

29. What is important to your dream job or high salary?

Ans. For me, a dream job is more important as the satisfaction of work is not measurable. If you love what you do, you give your best and dedicate yourself to getting the best results and proving yourself.

Some Additional Questions on BPO Interview

30. What qualities will you look for in the candidate if you are the interviewer?

Ans. I will check the qualification requirements, communication skills, confidence and attitude before hiring someone. Freshers don’t have experience but do have the urge to prove themselves and work hard to establish themselves, so I will consider the above factors while conducting an interview.

(This is the most common and essential question for BPO interview questions and answers for freshers.)

31. What have you learned from your failure?

Ans. Failure taught me to give my best no matter what and never get my emotions to affect my work. Better things take time, hard work and persistence.

32. How will you handle an arrogant customer? 

I will be patient, listen to them properly and then speak with intelligence and calm. I will politely use my convincing and communication skills to calm them and state my points or solve their problems. 

Helpful Tips and Points to Remember 

These are a few tips and notes to tackle a BPO interview for freshers as well as experienced applicants. 

  • Wear comfortable and formal clothes 
  • Arrange the documents sequentially and properly
  • Take valid and authentic documents and Id-proof
  • Greet the panel and ask for permission to sit
  • Answer confidently and fluently. Don’t try to hurry
  • Switch off your phone or put it on silent mode.
  • Don’t interrupt in between 
  • Listen carefully, understand the question and then answer.
  • Be authentic and genuine. Keep it simple, don’t brag or use hi-fi language to impress. 
  • Give positive and logical answers.

Conclusion on BPO Interview Questions

The above-stated BPO interview questions and answers are a guide to the set of questions asked. One must be well-prepared for an interview and create a good impact. Being yourself and giving answers confidently and tactfully is essential.

Be diligent in your research and precise while giving answers. The interview questions and answers can be mended and asked differently.

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