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Deloitte Interview Questions: Here’s What to Expect and How to Handle your Interview at Deloitte

Deloitte is among the most reputed consulting firms in the world. In fact, it’s part of the big 4 (Deloitte, KMPG, PwC and E&Y) that job seekers dream of working for. To help you realise your dream of getting a job in Deloitte, here’s a look at Deloitte interview questions, what’s the interview process at Deloitte and how to prepare for a Deloitte interview. 

To begin with, are you the one who browse the web before interview or the one who believes in gaining knowledge from books? Today the world is changing so fast and the way we consume information has also transformed. With quick resolutions at hand, all we want is to learn the hacks to sell ourselves better in a forty minutes’ interview, isn’t it?

Well, this article will empower you to understand about how the interview is conducted at Deloitte, what is the interview process, sample interview questions and the traits you should own to crack a Deloitte interview. 

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Three traits you need to clear a Deloitte interview: 

  • Persistency: The candidate has to be persistent. He should be the one who has the right knowledge with right temperament and a never say die attitude. 
  • Fluidity: The candidate should be ready to wear shoes of any profile at any time in a specific profile.
  • Process Orientation: The candidate should know how to be a process person, as with brand like Deloitte he/she needs to be best in process handling. 


Interview process at Deloitte

After you have applied for an open position at Deloitte, your resume and application will be reviewed to find out if you would be selected for an interview or not. In either case, you’ll be duly informed.

If you have been selected, congratulations!

A member of the Deloitte recruiting team will reach out to you to schedule an interview. The first step is usually an introductory round, it could be a telephonic or video interview with the recruiter. The idea behind this step for a recruiter is to learn more about your background and for you to know and understand more about Deloitte and the position you are being interviewed for. 

The interview process may vary for different businesses or roles and you can typically expect 2-3 rounds of interviews, they could be telephonic, video, or face-to-face. If you crack these rounds, you will advance to next rounds, where you may go through a mix of behavioural, technical, and case-based interviews, depending on the role for which you are being considered.

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Here’s a brief introduction of various rounds you may face at Deloitte depending on the role you are being interviewed for.


Online Assessment – Round 1 

The first round is the online round, here the candidate must clear an objective type test which constitute questions from accountancy, verbal ability, Excel…etc. The candidate has to clear this round in order to proceed further. These are moderate level questions and hence candidates who have better connect with basics of MBA can easily clear it.

Online assessment – Round 2

In this round, the candidate is judged on his or her communication skill. Since Deloitte is an international firm and the employees here have to interact with clients and other colleagues from around the world, hence, it’s required that the prospective employee should have excellent communication skills. In this round the candidate is assessed on:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Listening

For reading a computer-generated script is shown and the candidate must read it with neutral accent, this reading round is recorded and is marked by the online system. 

After this, the writing question is being provided by the system and the candidate must make the best possible answer out of given question. This again is assessed by the online system. 

Once this is done then speaking capability is checked, in this, a topic is given, and the candidate has to speak for one minute. This again gets assessed through online system. 

And finally, in this round, listening is checked through online system. In this IVR will recite a few sentences and you need to hear them and recite them back. In another module, you may hear a conversation and at the end of it IVR will ask you 5-10 questions. 

This test is also called Versant test or SVAR test. SVAR is an automated spoken English assessment tool. 

HR Assessment – Round 3

Now, if the candidates manage to clear the above two rounds then he has to clear three more rounds for which the assessment relies on the human intelligence. 

The third round is the HR Assessment round, here the candidate is asked about general information about educational background and hobbies, information on work experience etc. This round is to judge your personality and to determine what degree of an extrovert of introvert are you. 

The sample Deloitte Interview Questions you may expect are as follows:

  • Tell me something about yourself?
  • What was you past work experience?
  • Why Deloitte? And not any other big 4 (PWC, KPMG and E&Y)

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Resume Scanning – Round 4

The fourth round might land you in hot waters, this round talks about the major portions of your academic projects and reports and the interviewer also re-validates your previous work experience.

Sample Deloitte Interview Questions that you may be asked:

  • Give a synopsis of a project that you did in MBA?
  • Share the conclusion and learning of your project?
  • What was your job role in previous organisation?
  • Describe the time when you handled a team successfully as your resume quotes?


Operations – Round 5

This is the last round and is taken by the employee in a senior position in your domain. Here you can expect various process related questions as well as basic questions from your domain.

Sample Deloitte interview questions are:

  • What all statements are made in accounts?
  • Case study type questions based on your core area of knowledge are asked verbally.
  • Domain related questions.

To make a cut and get your dream job at Deloitte, you need to answer some common Deloitte interview questions such as:

  • Tell us about yourself
  • What does your ideal job look like?
  • What are your salary expectations?
  • Tell us about your weakness or biggest failure at work

And recruiters at Deloitte want you to think differently when you answer these questions. Here’s what they are looking for to stand out from the crowd.

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