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Best 18 Customer Service Interview Questions

Are you looking for a job in Customer service? If yes, here’s what you should know about this profession.

First, it is an interesting job for those with a pleasing personality and always ready to help others. The profession is quite dynamic and jobs in this profile is available in almost all big or small companies.

Every organization wants to provide a high-performance, customer-oriented service and this begins with hiring the right talent for the customer service job.

Expected Customer Service Interview Questions

Usually, there are four rounds of interview for this profile in most companies but this can vary depending upon the role and company’s requirement.

You may be asked these customer service interview questions in your HR round:

  • What do you understand by BPO and Shared Services?
  • What is success for you in this profile?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • How do you escalate angry customers?
  • Do you prefer to work alone or in association with teams?
  • What are your future goals and expectations?
  • Do you know any software that we use? If yes, how much will you rate yourself out of 10 on it?
  • What made you want to be a customer service associate?
  • Can you work in flexi-hours and odd shifts?
  • What excites you to work with our company?
  • What motivates you in life?
  • Where do you aspire to be in next three years?
  • What kind of schedule you would like to work in?
  • Will you be available for extra shifts?
  • Are you ok to work in odd hours?
  • Tell me about a situation when you were not able to help a customer in your previous role and how you handled the situation?
  • Give me an example when you achieved something in your previous role?
  • If the customer says on call that you are taking too long to solve a problem, what will you do?

Besides the above interview questions, some common interview questions that you may be asked; tell me about yourself or why should we hire you. You should prepare for these two questions before any job interview.

The major 4 Rounds of Customer Service Job Interviews are as follows:

1. HR Round:

This round takes place just after the screening of resumes and is the first round of interview.

2. Voice and Accent:

Most international BPO’s take this interview round to understand the English proficiency of a candidate. This can be either face to face with an expert or on English language software’s the software that are majorly used are Pearson English test, Speech ace etc. This test usually has 3 rounds – listening, reading and speaking.   

3. Operations Round:

This round is usually taken by the operations manager and he or she judges candidates on their potential to work in the organization and their fitment with the culture of their teams.

4. Psychometric Tests:

This round is to judge a personality of a candidate. Most companies take up MBTI as a psychometric test, to understand a candidate’s personality traits and how well they correlate with what the job role demands. To succeed in this the candidate should honestly answer the questions as if one tries to hide his or her real self the result will convey that to the recruiter.

Candidates looking for a customer service job are also expected to have the following attributes:

  • Aptitude to Learn: A customer service representative should have hunger for learning and eager todrive new initiatives hence, most recruiters try to check on aptitude to learn before hiring a professional.
  • Training Ability: To full fill their work responsibility the candidates should be trainable and should also have the ability to train others in their teams. This is the second important attribute that candidates are judged on during a customer service job interview.
  • Positivity: Customer service representatives should have the positive approach to deal with customers as their job is to build healthy customer relations on call or in person. A negative person may prove harmful for the business.
  • Empathy: This is the most crucial attribute that a candidate must have for this job. If a customer service person is on a call with a customer, he or she should be able to empathize and understand a customer’s grievances.
  • Integrity: A stringent adherence to the processes is a pre-requisite for this profession. A person should follow the rules and work in accordance with the stipulated guidelines. He or she should be capable enough to take expected measures to comfort customers within the framework provided by the company. A customer service professional is required to be of strong moral and ethical character.

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