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List of Career options after 12th Arts and Humanities

Unlike Science and Commerce, courses after 12th humanities do not provide Limited career choices. On the contrary, the Humanities courses help open the most versatile career options and all-around development opportunities. Previously, it was a blind belief that science, engineering, and mathematics were the best career fields for students to choose from, for a good job. Currently, a degree in Arts stream provides for the best kind of scope without stressing growing competition.

If you are planning to bring out your inner observatory and creative qualities, this is the right time to kick start your journey with the best courses after 12th Humanities.

Understanding what humanity means before choosing the right course after the 12th Humanities – 

Humanities is a vast area of study that includes academic discipline around different aspects of human society and culture. These aspects can be subdivided into anthropology, classic, ancient and modern linguistics, human history, archaeology, and languages. They can even include active topics such as law, politics, literature, religion, visual art philosophy and performing.

The best course after 12th Humanities focuses on the in-depth study of human condition, history, culture and significant changes in these expectations with the changing time. The approach to study these things in detail is usually performed by a critical philosophical and analytical approach. Consequently, the answers to the questions within the courses after 12th Humanities are often derived from speculation and a clear understanding of human nature.

What to consider while choosing courses after 12th Humanities.

  • The Humanities stream helps you learn the art of critical and creative thinking and design answers from your methodology. In other words, it is a very holistic approach to education as this area offers a wide area of foundation over various academic disciplines. Does anyone who is even slightly interested to know about different career options after 12th Humanities and want to broaden their Horizons opportunity, they must look into these benefits in details
  • Best courses after 12th Humanities or Liberal arts help you be equipped with in-demand skills of the latest Humanities career opportunities. Often these types of skills will include Communications skills, creative and logical thinking, problem solving, and analytical reasoning.
  • The Humanities stream now involves a study of combinations of both soft and hard skills that are commonly found in every workspace. A good degree can help find the right career option after 12th Humanities and succeed in striving with the use of competition in the job market.
  • As per the latest reports, 75% of employment is based on problem-solving and critical thinking skills. This is because over time, there has been using demand to test the potential ability of the employee. The humanities career options give you the basic life skills and the capability to think out of the box.
  • According to an estimate by the Association of American Colleges and Universities, it was found that about 74% of the recruiters recommend courses after 12th Humanities for students to have a successful professional life.
  • Only the Arts stream career options can provide you with a job that is purely based on your ethical skills and reasoning.

What skills do we nurture from courses after 12th Humanities?

It is considered the best timing for any Indian student who has just completed their Higher Secondary Education to choose a stream that will lead to an excellent future workplace. Thus, it is essential to know what skills and abilities you wish to acquire before deciding whether to go for Humanities career options or not. According to the world economic forum, complex critical thinking, creativity, emotional Intelligence, and people’s management are considered top skills that are tested within students to check their potential at work. Like any other stream, best courses after 12th Humanities also have their own exclusive set of integrated study of various disciplines. 

Few basic skills that you can develop for a good career option after 12th Humanities.

  • Critical thinking and creativity-
  • Observatory skills
  • The capability of empathy and Insight-
  • Communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills 
  • Character development.

Now you have acquired an overview of what humanity e is actually and what importance it holds in your life. Let us now take up look over different courses offered under Liberal Arts to pursue the best career option after 12th Humanities study.

List of Top courses after 12th Humanities

Getting yourself a degree in Humanities is extremely engaging and interesting. You get to choose from a pool of courses ranging from philosophy literature legal studies to arts and linguistics. But before making a final call on which course shoes you might want to take a look at what these subjects offer. Here is the list of best courses after 12th Humanities you might choose from-

Professional career-oriented courses after 12th Humanities in arts :

1. Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Bachelor of Arts is a common undergraduate course updated by Indian students after completion of Higher Secondary Education. This is a 3-year tenure course in India that has been further subdivided into two different subject matters. The Humanities career options for students graduated in a BA course depends on what subject they pursue. The BA course is studied in two different ways- BA program or BA Hons.

Admission to a good BA course is offered on the basis of merit in many colleges. Some colleges conduct entrance examinations for admission into BA courses. In India BA courses are in huge demand for the student willing to pursue Liberal Arts courses after 12th Humanities completion.

Subjects under BA course for best humanities student career options

  • English
  • Political science
  • Language
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Economics
  • Sociology
  • Public administration
  • Archaeology
  • Women studies
  • Home science
  • Education
  • Environmental studies 
  • Communication studies
  • International Relations 
  • Geography
  • Anthropology etc.

2. Bachelor of Design (B. Des)

The Bachelor of undergraduate design course is the best option for students who are more interested in creativity and innovation courses after 12th Humanities. B. Des also has different branch courses under it.

Some of the courses for the best career option after 12th Humanities under B. Des is as follows-

3. Bachelor of Journalism (BJ)

Bachelor of journalism is a growing popular choice for students venturing into Humanities career options. This field is an appropriate choice for the students possessing extraordinary skills in observation, time management and creativity. In addition, students willing to study journalism must have the characteristic of curiosity to qualify the benchmark and other required skills.

Bachelor of journalism teaches students about concepts like creative writing, proofreading, editing, reporting, global media, copywriting, feature writing, news media management, etc. All the concepts are taught so that the student can have practical application knowledge in journalism career options after 12th Humanities. This is a highly regarded professional course among all courses for a good Arts stream career option.

Careers to pursue after completion of courses under Bachelor of journalism are as follows-

  • Newspaper report
  • Public relation officer
  • Editor
  • Journalist
  • Web journalist
  • Advertising executive.

4. Bachelor of psychology 

The increasingly strenuous atmosphere at work shows an incline in the mental health problems faced by the familiar people. This has increased the demand for psychology and psychology-related job sectors all over the world. Thus, the real concept of psychology is not only applied to Healthcare but also in different fields.

Students who are willing to pursue psychology courses after plus two Humanities must learn various basic skills and knowledge of personality building. In addition, they must possess analytical skills, observatory skills, critical problem-solving skills, logical reasoning, etc. Therefore, this course is appropriate for finding a good prospectus job and an easy to study course. In India, students are often made to learn different psychology concepts from their origin, historical perspective, and recent applications. This prepares them for getting a good career after 12th Humanities in the field of Bachelor of psychology.

Various Humanities student career options for a Bachelor of psychology are as follows.

  • Psychologist
  • Therapist
  • Psychiatrist
  • Counselor
  • Social worker
  • Child care worker
  • NGO worker
  • Criminal rehabilitation counselor
  • Drugs and narcotics Rehabilitation worker
  • Market researcher
  • Medical assistant 
  • Professor and teachers in psychology etc.

5. Bachelor of social work (BSW)

If you are enthusiastic about a career in social welfare thena Bachelor of social work is the best undergraduate course for you. This course is a relatively new field introduced among the arts stream career options. This course prep student tour was a part of opening lots of opportunities to provide their contribution to the development of society.

After the completion of the Bachelor of Social Work course, students can support various underprivileged sections living in different regions of India. They must possess skills of observation, critical and logical reasoning, communication, interpersonal skills, and good character to acquire this degree. With the help of the knowledge gained from the course, the students can have an opportunity of bringing Smiles to countless people living in misery

Some of the arts stream career options under Bachelor of social work are as follows

  • Social security officer
  • A social worker or activist
  • Counselor
  • Consultant officer at prominent people welfare agencies.
  • Criminology specialist
  • Labor welfare specialist

6. Bachelor of journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC)

This course in India is often confused with the course of Bachelor of journalism. Students need to understand that this course has a broader Horizon of study than the Bachelor of journalism. Apart from normal b course students can enroll themselves in this integrated course to have an upper hand in the job market. This type of integrated program combines the curriculum of two courses that provides you with the benefit of getting degrees to 2 defined classes. This integrated course of Bachelor of journalism and Mass Communication develops the efficiency and curiosity qualities of a student. This course also teaches skills of investigation, psychology, criminology, etc. The career options after 12th Humanities under Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication revolves around the newspaper, internet, television, magazine, reports, trending issues, etc.

Various Humanities career options for the students pursuing Bachelor of journalism and Mass Communication are as follows-

  • Reporter
  • Columnist
  • Editor
  • Copywriter
  • Feature writer
  • Proofreader
  • Critic

7. Bachelor of mass media (BMM)

Bachelor of mass media is very similar to Bachelor of journalism and other offered courses after Humanities. Students are taught communication skills interpretation skills interviewing skills research skills under this course. In addition to this, students studying for a Bachelor of mass media are also taught different concepts of sociology marketing, public relation advertisement mass media research and communication.

Various career options after 12th Humanities with a bachelor of mass media degree are

  • Film director 
  • Illustrator 
  • Sound engineer 
  • Producer etc.

8. Bachelor in animation

Bachelor in animation is a new field among various Humanities career options introduced in recent times. This degree may educate students with the necessary skills to meet the demand of the growing animation industry. In this course, students are taught concepts of programming language, foundation art, 3D animation, motion graphics, multimedia, visual concept, gaming Technology, etc. This is one of the creative courses to be opted for after completion of 12th Humanities.

Various arts stream career options with Bachelor in animation degree are-

  • 2D animator 
  • 3D animator
  • rendering artist 
  • special effect artist
  • sound effect artist
  • character animator 
  • Cartoonist etc.

9. Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com)

Bachelor of Commerce is also one popular course after 12th Humanities. This course has been the first choice of students completing their higher secondary education in commerce or Humanities stream. This degree includes teaching subjects like auditing, corporate tax, finance, accounting, economics, etc. There are various subdivisions in the form of specialization courses within B.Com.

To qualify for Bachelor of Commerce best courses after 12th Humanities students need to choose that subject matter depending on their previous knowledge in the field of Banking, commerce, insurance, finance, and accounting. This is another best toy for a professional course that can be pursued after completing 12th Humanities.

Humanities student career options with the degree of Bachelor of Commerce are as follows-

  • Accountant
  • Finance analyst
  • Finance manager
  • Auditor
  • Marketing researcher
  • Stock market consultant
  • Business consultant etc.

10. BBA LLB course

BBA LLB is an undergraduate program in the field of integrated law regarded as the best course after 12th Humanities. This course has a tenure of 5 years in total. This is obtained by the students who want to pursue a career in the field of law. The admission process for BBA LLB is slightly different from Bachelor of Arts. There are many colleges at the national label that conducts annual entrance exams to select candidates for admission into this course.

This course covers a wide area of concepts from commerce and law. The commerce concepts taught in BBA LLB are finance, accounting, computer application, principal of management, etc. The topics such as family law, property law, administrative law, constitutional law, civil law, criminal law, etc. are thought of as the core subject matter of BBA LLB.

Various career options after 12th Humanities along with a degree of BBA LLB are as follows-

  • Legal assistant
  • Law compliance officer
  • Legal office manager
  • Law writer
  • Lawyer

There are higher class jobs like High Court judge or dignified legal jurist. For this, people need to sit for a competitive examination after completing BBA. This is one of the highly salaried career options after 12th Humanities.

Top fine arts courses after 12th Humanities.

Bachelor of fine arts (BFA)

This course is often popularly known as Bachelor of visual arts as it includes the study of concepts like painting, photography, animation etc. This is the best course after 12 Humanities for the students who want to utilize their creative skills in their career building. Bachelor of Fine Arts provides various specialization courses that come along with different kinds of career opportunities for the students.

Various specialization provided under Bachelor of Fine Arts is as follows

  • Applied arts
  • Poetry and ceramics
  • Plastic arts and paintings
  • Textile design
  • Drama and theatre
  • Music
  • Cartooning
  • Calligraphy
  • Graphic designing
  • Dance
  • Sculpting and photography etc.

Top Management courses after 12th Humanities

1. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

This is a popular management undergraduate course for the Indian student as a career option after 12th Humanities. This course is specially designed to obtain and manage communication business and problem-solving skills. The syllabus under the course of Bachelor of Business Administration includes the concept of business mathematics, the principle of management, business economics, project management, data processing, etc.

Various Humanities career options with a degree in Bachelor of Business Administration –

2. Bachelor of management science (BMS)

This course gives preps of students with the necessary skills and knowledge required for management positions in top organizations. The course focuses on gaining real-world knowledge with various seminar activities, discussions and projects. The course includes the study of business management, business economics, and human resource.

3. Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM)

For the students who are willing to pursue oppositional careers in hotel management, they must come up with a degree of Bachelor of Hotel Management. This is the best Humanities career options to be pursued as there is a rapid growth of tourism in India. The course of Bachelor of Hotel Management provides students with knowledge on Hospitality, Management, Public Relations, customer service, sales, marketing, etc. Among all these communication skills and Organization, skills are very crucial to predict the job potential of a student

Various career options after 12th Humanities with a bachelor of Hotel Management degree are

  • Hotel operation manager
  • Chef
  • Catering manager
  • Event planner
  • Finance manager etc.

Apart from these top three Management courses after 12th Humanities, people can also go for specialized courses in bachelor of event management (BEM), Bachelor of Retail Management (BRM), Bachelor of Business Study (BBS), and bachelor of travel and tourism management (BTTM).

Some other courses to consider for a good career option after 12th Humanities

Apart from management courses, people can also switch to a different prospective career course related to Humanities but completely different. These are Bachelor of Computer Application/programming, auxiliary nursing midwife (ANM), and general nursing midwife (GNM) . People can also opt for different diploma courses as well as polytechnic courses after 12th Humanities according to their interests.

Diploma courses after 12th Humanities

The courses offered in the diploma are best for the students who want to begin their career soon after the completion of their education. This is the very perfect choice for those who have an interest to build their basics in a particular field before studying a bachelor’s course. In this way, diploma courses serve as foundational or preparatory courses for the bachelor’s degree.

Different kinds of diploma Humanities career options are available now in India. Best courses after 12th Humanities in diploma ensure to get a good job perspective with minimum assets and skills. Here is the list of some popular diploma courses in India-

  • Advertising and Marketing Communications Diploma
  • Public Relation and Corporate CommunicationDiploma

The Film, Television, and Digital Video ProductionDiploma

  • Graphic DesigningDiploma
  • 3D AnimationDiploma
  • Web Development Diploma
  • Travel and Tourism Diploma
  • Multimedia Diploma
  •  Event ManagementDiploma 
  • Education Diploma
  •  Paralegal PracticeDiploma

Polytechnic courses after 12th Humanities

Polytechnic courses have eligibility criteria specified with merit marks received in the 10th class. These make students of 12th Humanities switch to the scientific field if they are not comfortable with their present stream. Although it is very difficult to get a seat in the polytechnic courses after 12th Humanities it is not impossible. Some of the polytechnic courses are as follows

This brings us to an end the discussion on best courses after 12th Humanities. Students need to understand their ideal career perspective and decide the preferable course accordingly. A bachelor’s degree in Humanities is much more important in today’s job market than it was a few decades back. So, get your right course after 12th Humanities after proper consultation and counseling.

Most frequently asked questions

1. What courses should I consider if I want to change into the science stream after 12th Humanities?

You can go for B.Sc. courses as well as Polytechnic and diploma courses in science. The admission into this stream from humanities is a little difficult but not impossible. 

2. What courses are for the students considering journalism as a career?

The student Aspiring for a journalism career can consider these three courses

  1. Bachelor of mass media
  2. Bachelor of journalism
  3. Bachelor of journalism and mass media-an an integrated course.

3. Which course is appropriate for a career in applied arts and textile designing?

Students can go for a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree to have a successful career in applied arts

4. What are the skills taught under the Bachelor of Hotel Management course?

Students aspiring for a job in the hospitality and tourism sector can go for this course. This teaches skills of Hospitality, Management, customer service sales, marketing, organization, and public relation along with eloquent communication skills.

5. How long is a BA arts course in Political Science?

Every undergraduate BA course including political science has a 3 year-long tenure.

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