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Courses after 12th Commerce without Maths

After you finish 12th grade, you have to make an important choice about what you want to study and where you want to study it. If you’ve finished high school in the Commerce stream without Math, there are many different career paths you can choose from.

Every year, colleges offer more and more choices for students like you. You can decide to continue your education by doing a bachelor’s degree, a professional course, a diploma, or even a certificate course in the field that interests you the most.

But before you make that choice, it’s essential to pick a course that truly excites you so that you stay motivated and engaged while learning.

Few tips that will help in choosing the right course

Even if parents and other well-wishers are there to give career suggestions, the final decision will be made by you. And so many courses after 12th commerce without maths being available, you may get confused. Below some pivotal pointers are listed that will help in making the right choice.

  • Start with finding out what course interests you the most. A course in which you would like to continue your career and see yourself working and enjoying what you do.  
  • Once the job interests you are decided, try looking for the qualifications and skills required to be eligible for the job. Some can be free online courses, whereas others require a good few years in college.
  • Next, check the curriculum of the courses. Know the subjects that will be discussed and taught when opting for the course.  
  • Research the various job titles you will be qualified for on choosing that particular field, of course. Having a goal will always keep you motivated and push you towards getting better results. Look for other certificate and diploma courses after 12th commerce without maths that can help upskilling and opening more opportunities.
  • Start sorting colleges and top universities courses that have the field that you wish to study. Start preparing for any entrance exam that the colleges require for admission. 
  • Also, check the fee structure of the colleges, because many times the final college admission decision depends on its fees and admission process. 
  • And lastly, get an idea about the career scope and the salary you will earn if you desire to build your career in the field of your interest. You would not want to hit a wall after getting an undergraduate degree or diploma.
  • Students deciding on pursuing professional courses will still require graduating from a college to get jobs. So choose the college and specialization accordingly, that will support you with the professional course. 

Having an early idea about courses after 12th commerce without maths that can be pursued and how to approach your career can help with having a set goal in life.

Types of career options

To broadly list the paths that are open as career options in commerce without maths, are four in number.

  • Graduation courses
  • Professional/ certification courses
  • Diploma courses
  • Job oriented courses

Specializations available to commerce students

Commerce is a stream that allows its students to explore a vast range of career paths. Based on your capabilities and interests, choose the right specialization in which you want to get a job in the future. 

The top specializations career options in commerce without maths that the students can choose are:

  • Auditing
  • Managing
  • Insurance
  • Investing
  • Reporting
  • General banking
  • Consulting 
  • Supervising 
  • Decision making
  • Teaching

Do not make haste in choosing the course and specialization. If there is any kind of confusion, do not ignore it, get help from an education/career counselor, from your teacher, or any other person whom you trust enough to let them guide you. 

List of Top courses after 12th Commerce without Maths

1. Bachelor of Commerce (B.COM)

This course is one of the most sought-after courses for freshly graduated 12 commerce students. Two reasons that make it a first preference are:

  • The curriculum of B.Com is not very difficult. Thus it is a good way to gain more knowledge in the commerce stream as the student prepares for masters or career options in commerce without maths.
  • The second reason is that this 3-year course clears the path for pursuing MBA, M.Com, skill-oriented and vocational courses.

As for colleges, most of the public and private institutions provide this course. A B.com graduate can work in the field of finance, accountancy, and clerk posts in private and public companies.

The specializations that the students can choose from are:

  • Auditing 
  • Business environment
  • Business communication
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Economics
  • Human Resource Management 
  • Income Tax
  • Management Accounting
  • Mathematics
  • Marketing
  • Statistics 

2. Bachelor of Commerce Honors [B.COM(H)]

B.COM and B.COM(H) are quite similar to each other in terms of the benefits the students get from completing these courses.

It is also one of the best courses after 12th commerce without maths. In this, the student gets to specialize in a specific subject or field in the commerce course. The students who are sure they want to go ahead in a particular commerce field benefit more from getting honours. 

The specialized subjects available to get honors are:

  • In Accounts
  • In Accounting
  • In Banking and Financial Accounting
  • In Economics
  • In Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Information Science
  • In International Business
  • In Investment Management
  • In Law
  • In Marketing
  • In Management
  • In Taxation

3. Bachelor Of Economics

Economics is also a good choice in career options in commerce without maths. The student can opt for BA Economics or BSc Economics (H). These courses provided by universities and institutes are for three years. Students  interested in their high school economics will enjoy the curriculum of Economic Honors as the curriculum expands on the topics learned in the 12th Economics.

Also, it is a good choice for students who aim to prepare for the IAS exam in the future.

Some important subjects included in this courses after 12th commerce without maths are:

  • Agriculture Economics
  • Banking Economics
  • International Trade
  • Industrial Economics
  • Macro Economics
  • Public Economics
  • Principles of Economics
  • Regional Economics

4. Bachelor Of Business Administration (BBA)

BBA is of three years, and any student with any stream background can pursue it. Thus, making them also good courses after 12th commerce without maths.

In India, many students prefer this course if they are building their careers in Business Management and Administration. 

And it is a perfect pick if the student is sure that they will do MBA for their masters. Many MNCs look for BBA and MBA degrees during the hiring process. Thus, the students can get hired for managerial jobs in private and government companies with this degree.

The subjects in BBA are:

  • Accounting
  • Business Administration
  • Computer Application
  • Communication and Media Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Event Management
  • Human Resource
  • Hospitality
  • International Business
  • Information System
  • Retail
  • Sport Management
  • Tourism

5. Bachelor Of Business Studies (BBS)

When it comes to courses after 12th commerce without maths, the students can also opt for BBS. This course indulges in advanced study in subjects like accountancy, marketing, finance, etc., and how to use the knowledge in practical business practices.

If the students complete BBS, then they will be eligible to work in the departments like finance, marketing, HR, accounting, and any other relevant jobs in the corporate sector.

6. Bachelor Of Management Studies (BMS)

BMS is a course that specializes in the management of business practices. It is one of the courses in India that can be career options in commerce without maths. In fact, during the 3-year long curriculum, the students will be taught and helped with developing their problem-solving skills, communication skills, and mathematical aptitude. These skills help handle any kind of business-related issues and practices. 

Some of the subjects taught in BMS are:

  • Accounts 
  • Business Management
  • Finance
  • Investment
  • Marketing, Etc.

7. Bachelor Of Legislative Law (LLB)

If you want to branch out of commerce and go for a more professional field like law, then it is also possible with courses like BA LLB course, B.Com LLB course, BBA LLB course, and BSc LLB course. These are also career options in commerce without maths.

Unlike all the other courses mentioned above, this integrated course is for 5 years and the students can opt for it right after graduating 12th grade.

Law-related courses are overlooked by the BCI, Bar Council of India. It is the regulatory body that handles all of the Law Education.

The certificate that the students get after finishing the law courses is also signed and provided by BCI. But to reach this spot, the students need to first clear the All India Bar Examination, to get admission in law institutes and universities.

As mentioned above, the popular combination of law courses are:

  • LLB
  • BA+LLB
  • BSc+LLB

In these courses after 12th commerce without maths, the students gain theoretical knowledge and take part in mock moot court sessions to get reasonable practice.

Specialization options available in LLB:

  • In Business Law
  • In Criminal Law
  • In Corporate Law
  • In Civil and Private Law
  • In International Law
  • In Legal Studies
  • In Patent and Intellectual Property Law
  • In Public Law

8. Bachelor Of Computer Appliances (BCA)

Students who want to pursue computer application after the 12th can opt for BCA. It is a 3-year course in which the focus is only on learning computer applications. Being courses after 12th commerce without maths, the student does not need to showcase their mathematical knowledge but their creativity through a programming language.

Instead of math, students need to hone skills like problem-solving and logical thinking to be able to grasp the BCA curriculum. If the institutes have their eligibility exam, they should clear it and apply for the BCA course.

9. Bachelor of Foreign Trade 

The foreign trade sector is very active and flourishing. If a student feels that they want to learn more about import-export, law policy, logistics, global business, etc., then these courses after 12th commerce without maths are perfect for them. It is a 3-year program. 

Also, there are multiple alternative courses available for BFT. So if the subject is of your interest but, you do not want to opt for BFT, you can go for:

  • BCOM in Foreign Trade
  • BBA in International Trade
  • BA in Foreign Trade.

Certificate Courses for 12th Commerce Graduate Students

After the top graduating course that opens doors to career options in commerce without maths, next comes the certificate courses. These non-math certificate courses not only increase a student’s knowledge and skill, apart from the graduating degree, but also help them in increasing their chances for better jobs. 

These courses after 12th commerce without maths are known to be short-term courses. Usually, the time required to complete these courses is 3 months, 6 months, or 1 year. These courses are meant to provide additional skills that can get you your desired job title.

Since there are many in number, a commerce student may get confused. Therefore in situations like these, it is best to reach out to a counselor who can help you with choosing the right certificate course.

List of the most opted certificate courses after 12th commerce without maths are:

  1. Cookery Courses
  2. Computer Application Courses
  3. Drawing and Painting Courses
  4. E-Commerce Business Management Courses
  5. Fitness and Yoga Courses
  6. Graphic Design Courses
  7. Photography Courses
  8. Tally And Accounts Management Courses

These courses are sometimes also known as professional courses because they are more job-oriented and focus on a particular field.

Many times these courses are also listed as the best free courses. If looking for career options in commerce without maths then opting for these additional certificate courses will be a wise decision.    

Diploma Courses after 12th Commerce without Maths

The diploma courses, like courses after 12th commerce without maths, do not focus on math but provide specialized classes on different subjects. The diploma courses do not require 3 years like the graduation courses.

It has a shorter term and requires 1-2 years to finish the diplomas. These courses help in upskilling for career options in commerce without maths. 

These courses are available for all stream students and the basic eligibility to opt for it is 10th or 12th passed students. 

List of some of the highly opted diploma courses after 12th commerce without maths are:

  • Diploma in 3D Animation
  • Diploma in Business Management
  • Diploma in Computer Application
  • Diploma in Event Management
  • Diploma in Front Office Operations
  • Diploma in Hotel Management
  • Diploma in Photography
  • Diploma in Travel And Tourism Management
  • Diploma in Yoga

Job Oriented Courses for 12th Commerce Graduate Students 

In 11th grade when students opt for commerce many of them also take mathematics with it thinking it will help in further studies.

They are not wrong in their place but that does not mean that students who do not opt for math are in some kind of pickle. There are many courses and career options in commerce without maths that the students can go for.

There are courses that are different from the traditional BCOM courses. Some of them are very known among the commerce students, whereas some are not the first preference. But all-in-all these job-oriented courses after 12th commerce without maths are also very fruitful decisions. 

List of the job oriented courses

1. Animation and Multimedia

With all the technological advancement, animation and multimedia will be the next big thing and will generate multiple job opportunities. All these animation studios by making some of the best movies and shows are slowly growing and thus will start looking to hire new talents. Therefore, students should grab this opportunity and look to apply for these courses after 12th commerce without maths.

The list of courses available: 

  • Bachelor of Animation and Multimedia Technology
  • MA Animation and Multimedia
  • BSc in Animation and Multimedia
  • BDes in Animation and Multimedia
  • MSc in Animation and Multimedia

Students can even opt to do short-term diploma courses in Graphic Designing, Web Designing, 3D Animation, VFX, Gaming, Game Development, etc.

It will be a good boost to the career options in commerce without maths. These courses can be opted right after graduating 12th grade.  

2. Aviation 

Aviation is also a very good choice for courses after 12th commerce without maths. This course is especially a good fit for commerce students because they are known to have good soft skills.

The job opportunities that are open for aviation courses are ground staff management, cabin crew, air hostess, and front office.

The aviation sector is growing quickly in India making them good career options in commerce without maths. The following are the course names that an interested student can opt for:

  • BSc in Aviation
  • BBA in Aviation
  • MBA in Airport Management
  • MBA in Aviation Management
  • MSc in Aviation

3. Company Secretary

Company Secretary is also a good choice for career options in commerce without maths which is actually considered an elite commerce course. The reason, the CS professionals hold very superior and managerial posts in big MNCs.

The work culture and community of CS are known to be one of the best, and this is why many candidates want to opt for this course. Along with this, CS is also considered a very reputable job and has its own monetary perks and benefits.

This course also does not require mathematics to be eligible for the exam. Students without math in 12th can also clear the exam with the right preparation 

4. Chartered Accountant

If you are looking to completely focus on accountancy and want to base your career around it then chartered Accountant is just the course for you.

Many believe that opting for mathematics is important for CA preparations, but students can also treat them as courses after 12th commerce without maths. The reason why CA can be part of courses that do not require math is that, to apply for these courses, math is not an eligibility criterion. 

Another similar course, which does not compulsorily require math, is Certified Management Accountant (CMA).

5. Event Management

These days many students are showing interest in this field of studies. It is best for students who like planning and organizing parties and events. Thus, to make them career options in commerce without maths they can choose to pursue an event management course.

After finishing this course, the students can apply for Event Manager, wedding planners, Event planners, exhibition organizers, and so on.

To apply for this not-so-traditional course, the students can opt for Event Management in BBA.

6. Fashion Designing

The Fashion Design Sector is known to be the glamorous one among all. Since it is open to all the students irrespective of their 12th-grade background; these are also courses after 12th commerce without maths. Students who are more inclined towards innovation and creativity when it comes to clothing and looks are better suited for this course. 

In fact, fashion designing does not just have to be about clothing, it can also be opted for becoming a footwear designer, interior designer, jewelry designer, etc. 

So, if you have chosen fashion designing as your career options in commerce without maths, then refer to the following course list:

  • Bachelor of Design
  • BSc in Fashion Designing
  • MSc in Fashion Designing
  • BSc in interior design
  • BDes in Fashion Design

7. Hospitality and Travel Tourism

Other than hotel management, the students can also pick Hospitality and Travel Tourism as their courses after 12th commerce without maths. It is a 3 year long, job-oriented career option.

For this course also, the students do not need to have mathematics as their subject in 12th grade. Since it is a budding sector, many institutes and universities are making this course available. 

The course list is as follows:

  • Bachelor of Travel and Hospitality Management
  • BBA in Travel and Tourism Management
  • BA in Travel and Tourism 

8. Hotel Management

Hotel management is also a very good course for commerce students. In fact, students from any stream can go for this course. In India, hotel management is considered among courses after 12th commerce without maths. 

Just because it does not have the basic subjects learned in 12th, students may think that they will not be able to understand the subjects in the curriculum.

The only skills you need to apply for this course are having a strong command of your language and good communication skills. Rest will be taught once the classes begin.

The career options in commerce without maths that Hotel Management opens up are a chief, food quality manager, front desk office, restaurant services, booking offers, bar manager, and housekeeping. Hotel Management professionals are required to run the administration of a hotel.

The list of courses under it are:

  • BBA in Hotel Management
  • MBA in Hotel Management
  • Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM)
  • BSc in Hotel Management
  • BSc in Hotel Management And Catering Technology

9. Mass Communication and Journalism

As the name suggests, the mass communication course teaches the students about how to successfully communicate with masses regarding a service or product. As technology keeps changing, so do the ways of reaching out and communicating with people.

Thus, mass communication as courses after 12th commerce without maths can be opted to learn how to connect with the public in a personal and professional manner. 

The interested students can apply for the following courses:

  • Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC)
  • BA Mass Communication
  • MA Mass Communication
  • BA in Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Bachelor of Mass Communication (BMC)
  • Master of Journalism and Mass Communication

This course is meant to teach the students the skills they require to effectively communicate with the masses by using different social media networks and mediums. 

10. Retail management

The term retail in career options in commerce without maths means the responsibility is to overlook the sales of services and goods and ensure customer satisfaction.

It is also one of the flourishing sectors in India. Students who finish this course can be appointed as Marketing Executive, Retail Manager, Store Manager, Floor Manager, etc. The places the students get posted are in retail outlets, supermarkets, shopping malls, and supply chain firms.

This course can be opted through BSc and BBA in retail management. 

Bottom Line on Courses after 12th Commerce

Choosing the right courses after 12th commerce without maths is the first step into building your future and the career that you desire.

As commerce students, you can easily branch out to various fields. Make sure to take time in making the decision. Choose the course that you see yourself enjoying as a career in the future.

FAQs on Courses after 12th Commerce without Maths

Q1. What professional courses may someone pursue after passing Class 12 in the Commerce stream? 

Chartered Accountancy, Cost Accountancy, Company Secretary, and Business Administration, to name a few, are the top professional degrees for students who studied Commerce in Class 12.

Q2. Which subject should I choose after completing 12th grade commerce without math? 

You can select from a variety of courses after completing your 12th commerce without maths. BBA, Bcom, BMS, Bachelor of Law, Bachelor of Foreign Trade, Accounting courses, Hotel Management courses, and Travel & Tourism degrees are among the most popular.

Q3. Is commerce a viable option for choosing without math? 

Both the Commerce stream with and without math options provide high-school graduates with a wide range of exciting job opportunities. You won’t be able to do a degree like BCom (Hons.) or Economics (Hons.) if you don’t have maths, but the rest of the courses available are generally the same for each of these options.

Q4. What are the employment prospects for commerce students who do not have a math background? 

Business Administration, Accountancy, Hotel Management, Travel and Tourism, Teaching, Multimedia and Animation, Journalism and Mass Media are just a few of the many job opportunities available to people who do not have a math background.

Q5. Are there many career options available in this stream?

Yes, after graduating commerce without maths, you’ll have many choices! After 12th, you’ll get access to a variety of excellent courses! A comprehensive list of commerce courses can be found in this guide.

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