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Career Options After 12th PCM


Class 12 is considered to be quite an important benchmark in academics where a student’s future mostly gets into shape. If you are an aspirant and have passed your 12th or are preparing for your 12th board exams, then there’s a point of worry. Usually, people believe that the only career options for students after class 12th PCM is engineering and medical. And if you are a PCM student, then it’s the trend that engineering is the best solution. So much money and pressure are powered over a student that they actually leave their passion and dreams. Peer pressure is the reason which has led to the students getting admitted to different engineering colleges.

Need to explore Career Options after Class 12th PCM

Reasons might be several as to why students behave in such a drifted manner. It might be because they don’t feel like exploring other options. They have actually stopped exploring. Another reason, as stated, might actually be peer pressure. Students often come up with the pressure and think that what will be the next option is not engineering. It is a true fact that if a student has pursued PCM, then his only aspiration becomes getting him into an engineering college. Families have been seen to continuously pressure their child to go for engineering and build up a thought in them that there are no other options after 12th other than engineering. That’s why it has become a huge matter of concern that failure in JEE or other engineering exams does not necessarily mean that the road towards a bright future is blocked.

The majority of the people will actually agree to the fact that there are no options left out if one fails in each or doesn’t get a good rank. Let us check out various career options after 12th science PCM.

Career Options for Students after Class 12th PCM

A student has a lot of options if he has a background in PCM. This is where the article comes in handy and is helpful. It will explore the various options open for students who have opted for PCM in their 12th and the scope of courses after class 12th PCM. We have compiled varied courses that a student can try to opt for after class 12th in PCM and also the various career options after 12th PCM.

Let us begin with the most popular courses for students after class 12th PCM, which is engineering.


Engineering is one of the most demanding careers a student tries to aim for after his12th. However, a student can pursue his Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) or Bachelor of Engineering (B.E). Different engineering colleges provide different degrees for PCM career options. The basic courses in both the degrees that a student can choose from are the.

All these degrees are offered in both the form of Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Technology. Apart from these mentioned streams of engineering, a lot of specializations have been formed. These are mainly formed considering the interest and necessity of these specializations. The courses specialize in the following:

Textile Engineering

A lot of choices have been developed based on the student’s interest. Even if students are interested in medical technology but have no interest in medical science, they can pursue a specialization in biomedical engineering or its allied fields. Therefore, it’s not only the age-old mechanical, computer science, civil, electronics, or electrical engineering available for the 12th pass with PCM.

This is another course after 12 PCM. The eligibility for these courses is a 12th pass with PCM. The procedure of admission is at the national level. Exams like BITSAT, IIT-JEE, UPSEE, or any other exams at the state level. The admission test is conducted by the designated institutes or the college/university for certain specialization courses.

The course of engineering is of the duration of 4 years.

The options do not stop here. Even after getting a degree in engineering, further options can be tried out. Students pursuing these courses can plan to go for higher studies in these specializations. They can pursue their masters like Master of Technology (M.Tech) in these specializations. Some may also prefer to opt for further higher education like doctorate studies.

Once a degree is pursued, several career options get opened up. The students can get an opportunity to work in multinational companies, several IT sectors, and private companies. They can also prepare for the state-level competitive examinations or even the civil services examinations.


The next option a student has is pursuing the course of Bachelor of Architecture, i.e., B. Arch. This is also one of the best courses after 12th PCM. The duration of the course is five years. It is especially for students who have a dream of reaching architectural Marvels. The world consists of several unique architectural marvels like the Burj Khalifa, Petronas tower, etc. The construction of these Marvels took a lot of planning and designing, ultimately forming the beautiful structures.

This is what an architect actually does. He plans, designs, and then creates the structures. Based on the demand of the clients, architects can customize the designs to fulfill their requirements. He can then recreate a whole building or create a new one. The person who pursued the course and is involved in these designs is generally known as an architect.

The architect is mostly involved in defining large buildings like residential complexes, malls, or even restaurants. The course will help the students in mastering their skills for designing. They will learn how to effectively use the space provided along with a keen observation for detail.

Once a course in architecture is pursued, several options open up. The architect can work in urban design, sustainable architecture, industrial design, etc. These are divisions based upon the required structures to be constructed as per the landscape and surroundings.

A few of the IITs provide Bachelor’s degrees in architecture, such as IIT Roorkee and IIT Kharagpur. Other than the IITs, NITs also provide a degree in architecture at the undergraduate level. The NITs are the National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirapalli, and NIT Calicut in the architecture department.

Other than these institutes, colleges that offer a bachelor’s degree in architecture are the Sir JJ College of Architecture; Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology (CEPT), Gujarat; School of Planning & Architecture, New Delhi. So if any students are interested in pursuing this degree, they may explore the details at the respective university page. An exam at the national level is conducted for selecting the students to get admitted into these colleges. These exams are the IIT-JEE, BITSAT, UPSEE, GATE, and some state-level entrance tests.

Higher courses like the diploma course can also be pursued once the bachelor program is completed. The diploma courses offered in architecture are the diploma courses in landscape design, interior design, etc.


For all those students who have a dream of flying high into the sky, then this career should be the Main focus. With the perfect blend of knowledge from both science and technology and with the addition of traveling, the career is perfect for all those who don’t want to get engaged in the regular 9 to 5 jobs or sitting continuously within a room experimenting up things. They can become commercial pilots by pursuing the course.

The main responsibility of a commercial pilot is to take up the commands of the controls of the flight. The pilot has to ensure the safety of the people or other cargo that the flight is carrying across the globe.

The benefit of getting graduated in the aviation sciences is that one can be a commercial pilot working for major airlines both at the international and the regional levels. Being a pilot will offer the opportunity to fly cargo flights that engage in the delivery of goods, flying a private jet or commercial pilot who flies emergency planes or medical emergency planes.

Other than being a pilot, aviation studies offer the course for becoming an engineer for aircraft maintenance too. He will get a chance to work with domestic and international airlines. A few colleges that provide a Bachelor’s degree in sciences of aviation are the IGRUA, in Rae Bareilly; Indian Institute of Aeronautics, Delhi/Patna, Rajiv Gandhi Academy of Aviation Technology, Kerala; Bombay Flying Club, Mumbai; National Flying Training Institute, Gondia.

Bachelor of Sciences

Apart from the engineering programs, a student can pursue the core subjects of sciences such as physics, chemistry, or mathematics. The degree offered is the Bachelor of sciences, i.e., B.Sc. Students having a genuine love for their respective subjects can go for the B.Sc courses such as B.Sc in physics, B.Sc in chemistry, and B.Sc in mathematics.

These skills can be applied to various fields such as healthcare, aerospace, near physics, data science, etc. Strong skills of logical thinking, problem-solving, and a methodical approach are required for going towards a career in physics.



Career Options


B.Sc Physics

These skills can be applied to various fields such as healthcare, aerospace, nuclear physics, data science, etc. It can also be applied to Econophysics, Computational physics, Defense, High Energy Physics, Medical physics, and Biophysics.


The students can also go for further higher studies like the Master’s, i.e., M.Sc, and they even opt for Ph.D. It depends on the students whether they want to go into research or into teaching.


IISc Bangalore, Universities in Delhi like St. Stephen’s College and Hansraj College, a few institutes in Kolkata like St. Xavier’s, and Presidency University, Kolkata. Other institutes offering the course are Banaras Hindu University, St. Xavier’s, Mumbai; Fergusson College, Pune; a few of the IISERs, central universities, and NISER, Odisha, state universities.


B. Sc Mathematics

The course will help in developing the mathematical principle in the students.


Works as an excellent base for all those fields, which includes computation, data, and numbers.


The course will help the students develop a thorough understanding of mathematical models and how they are applied to real-life problems.


The field finds its application in the domains of Data Science, Meteorology, Banking, Stock market, Finance, Insurance, and Actuarial science.


Being a graduate in mathematics, the students can look forward to working as a market analyst, numerical analyst, Financial Analyst, Research operations, Market research, and project development.


Higher studies like M.Sc in Mathematics can also be pursued with an option of Ph. D studied opening up the fields towards teaching.

Indian Statistical Institute is present in several locations across the country. ; IITs like IIT Kharagpur, IIT Bombay, IIT Guwahati; IISERs, IISc, Bangalore; Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai; St. Stephen’s College, Delhi; Delhi Technological University (DTU), Delhi, NISER, Odisha; Central universities across the country.

B.Sc Chemistry

Opportunities can be explored across Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, the chemical industry, and organizations of educational importance.


Students can further specialize in the subfields of chemistry like Analytical Chemistry, Food chemistry, Organic chemistry, Inorganic chemistry, Surface chemistry, Flavour chemistry, Environmental chemistry, and Metallurgy, etc.

St. Stephen’s College, and Hansraj College in Delhi; Christ University, Bangalore, Madras Christian College, Chennai; Loyola College, Chennai; St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai; Fergusson College, Pune; St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore; IISERs, Central universities, state universities.



Merchant Navy

The course is specially designed for those who love the sea and are willing to spend months at sea. The main responsibility of the Merchant Navy is the facilitation of commercial goods and international trade across the globe.

  • Both monetarily and professionally, the career is a highly rewarding one for those who dream of being in the sea with no frequent contact with the family.
  • The graduate course in the Merchant navy will allow working in the merchant ships across different departments. These departments include the engine department, catering department, deck department, and architecture department. However, the educational requirements for each department vary.
  • Colleges offering the Merchant Navy course include Indian Maritime University, International Maritime Institute, Delhi; International Maritime Academy, Chennai; Coimbatore Marine College, Coimbatore; Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT), Cochin; and Vels University, Chennai.


If anyone has the passion of serving the nation at the forefront, then they can opt for appearing in the entrance exams conducted by the NDA (National Defense Academy). The NDA is a joint service of three fields, i.e., the Air Force, the Indian Army, and the Navy.


Indian Army

Opportunities of working in Army services corp. Air Defense, Engineering Unit, IT unit, Education, Combat unit.

Indian Navy

Opportunities of working in Executive engineering, Educational branches, Electrical branches, Medical branches.

India Air Force

Opportunities of working in Technical branches, Flying branches, Ground Duty Staff.


Due to the growth of the IT sector, the IT professionals or professionals having knowledge or experience in the IT field are in most demand. The course of BCA is especially for those who have an ultimate urge to go in-depth into computer science applications. It is a three years course after which the graduates can be hired into the IT sector.

Also, the options of pursuing higher education like MCA are offered by the course. Or, if they want, then they can go for the MBA or MCS.

Animation and Graphics

Apart from all these sectors, there are a few fields that provide opportunities for working in the television industry. If that is the dream, then studying animation and graphics would be the best choice. There is a high rise in the popularity of this field due to the increased demand for talented individuals in animation.



The professionals have a sound knowledge of 3D animation, Graphic design, Multimedia production, Animation VFX, etc.


Strong skills of creativity, aesthetic sense, compatible with working with technology and computers, and also have love towards multimedia and design.

Career opportunities

Opportunities include graphic designing, Flash design, 3D modeling, Cartoon design, Story writing and composition, Character animation, texturing, etc.


NID, Ahmedabad, Indian Institute of Digital Arts and Animation, Kolkata; Arena Animation, IIT Bombay, MAAC, Whistling Woods International, Mumbai, Birla Institute of Technology, Noida;


Physical Sciences

The area of physical sciences includes studying the broad domain of the earth, atmosphere, and space. The fields of Astronomy, Meteorology, Geology, Disaster management, Cartography, etc., are encompassed within this domain. The professionals mostly analyze the scientific phenomenon through experimentations and using complex instrumentations.





Astronomy professionals have an opportunity to work in fields like astrobiology, astrometeorology, astrochemistry, astrometry, etc.

Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIA), Bangalore, and Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR).


The professionals in Geology have an opportunity to work in marine geology, seismology, geohydrology, mineralogy, etc.

IIT Kharagpur, IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi


            The meteorological professionals are found to be working in fields such as aviation meteorology, climatology, etc., for the prediction of weather and climatic conditions.



The responsibility of the cartographers is in the development of maps that will represent geography. The professionals are found to be working in the fields of digital cartography, construction companies, town planning, etc.

IIT Bombay, and Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad.

Disaster management

These professionals work towards the prevention of disasters, recovery, relief, and also in preparedness.

National Institute of Disaster Management (NIDM), and Delhi Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai.


Fashion Technology


Apart from the basic engineering courses the applicants prefer, the technological field has also been seen to be implemented in the areas of fashion too. And that’s where fashion technology comes into play. It blends the technology and manufacturing principles into design. Professionals in this field are found to be working in fabric development, its designing, and also in manufacturing processes for quality assurance.

  • The course will help in learning the textile fibers, garment manufacturing, its designing, and fabrics all through the use of software of Computer-Aided design. So, whoever has a passion for technology and fashion, the field is open to all those.
  • The professionals can find the opportunity of working with brands, retails chains, fashion magazines, boutiques, and also in the television industries.
  • National Institute of Fashion is one of the prestigious institutes offering a degree in fashion technology.


Bachelor of Law (LLB)


The course of LLB is mainly designed for the students to pursue their dreams of working in the field of law. However, the students need to clear the entrance examinations for a law such as CLAT, LSAT, AILET, or TS- LAWSUIT. The duration of the course is for five years. In this course, the student will be trained to make them legal professionals.

It is required that the students who want to pursue the legal course should have the skills of analytics and logic. Along with these, the aspirant should have the skills of communication, creative ability, reasoning, and research perseverance. Subjects offered in the course are property law, Banking law, constitutional law, etc.

The graduates of LLB can start their career by being an intern where the law can be practiced under the supervision of any senior lawyer. The other options include legal advisor, attorney, prosecutor, lecturer, solicitor general, or a tax lawyer. The degree offered will be the Bachelor in Law.

The minimum eligibility criteria for getting admitted into the course of law is 50% marks in the 12th exams with either PCM or PCB subjects. Also, for getting admitted into reputed law colleges, they should have a good rank in the national level exams. A few of the subjects offered in law are Family law, constitutional jurisdiction, etc. The average salary for a law graduate is INR 5 to 8 Lakhs per annum.


High Salary Courses after Class 12th PCM

The exams of class 12th are a crucial phase for all the students. It is during this stage that the future of a student is relied upon. Students can appear in the 12 board exams with the options of either selecting the subject’s Physics, Chemistry, And Mathematics, or the subject’s physics, chemistry, and biology.

It is an age-old tradition in India that the students generally follow two areas. The two areas are engineering and the medical sciences. Those who opt for Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics seem to be going for engineering. At the same time, those who opt for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology go for medical science. Even if they do not succeed, they are at least found to be preparing for such career fields.

The grade exams lay a foundation for higher studies and, ultimately, the future. Considering this fact, only the subjects having a high scope in the future and those that are demanding must be pursued. Mostly it is observed that the students study the fields of science if they pass their 12th in PCM. But even science is a demanding field; there are other areas that offer a bright future and a good salary.

PCM is the most opted stream in science in most of the education systems. A study of these subjects can also help to seek high salary courses after 12th science PCM.

The article will discuss the various options that a student can venture into after the 12th PCM, and which will result in a high salary. Listed below are the high salary courses after class 12th PCM that a student can opt for.

B.Tech for Engineering

One of the most opted courses after the class 12 exams in PCM is engineering. There are no second thoughts for a student who studies PCM in class 12th. In India, there are around 15 Lakhs engineers that have been produced from different colleges and institutions per year.

Students who have passed out of class 12th in their PCM can go on to pursue their course of engineering. There are various specializations that the student can choose from in engineering. The degrees offered in engineering are the Bachelor of Technology and the Bachelor of Engineering. A list of specializations as per the interests of the students are available that can be pursued. Engineering is not only a popular course run in India but also across the globe.

Eligibility of the course includes that the students should have cleared passing the class 12th exam in PCM. Also, along with the clearance of the higher secondary exam, the student should clear the national level entrance exams conducted by the institutes. A few exams are conducted at a national level for getting admission into some of the reputed institutes for engineering. These exams are the IIT-JEE and other state-level admissions. These state-level entrance tests are conducted for selecting students into the engineering programs in the respective states.

In India, the course of BE or B.Tech is of the duration of 4 years. During this program, a project is to be Carried out by the student in the final year of the program.

Initially, there were only a few engineering specializations such as electronics and communication engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering, and civil engineering. But, with the development of technologies, the course of engineering is further split into various specializations.

Placement opportunities for the graduates vary. If the students use their course from good colleges or institutes, there are higher chances of good placement opportunities. Based on the degree the student pursued, the job opportunities vary. Mostly the graduates get a chance of getting hired by top IT companies or multinational companies. They might also get a chance if working as a software engineer.

The salary of the job varies as per the specializations. The initial salary for an engineering graduate is around 2.5 to 6 lakhs per annum.


The course revolves around theory-based approaches, engineering, experimentation which form the basis of the subject.


There is more focus on the theory-based study of engineering.


Major streams of BE are Computer Science, Electronics, Mechanical, Electrical, IT, Instrumentation, Mechatronics, and Electrical, which is of the duration of four years in India consisting of 8 semesters and a final year project.


Five-year integrated courses are also offered in certain universities.


The students should have a minimum of 50% marks in class 12th exam with PCM as the main subjects.

Engineering Mathematics, Engineering Chemistry, Engineering Physics, Programming, Electrical Engineering, etc.


Most offered engineering degree in India.


The course revolves around the practical study of engineering that forms the subject’s core.


Similar streams of courses are offered in B.Tech like that of the BE course.



The duration of the course is four years.


Also, five-year integrated courses are offered for the different specializations.


The students should have a minimum of 50% marks in class 12th exam with PCM as the main subjects.

Engineering Mathematics, Engineering Chemistry, Engineering Physics, Programming Lab, Electrical Engineering, etc.,







Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

BBA is another career option that seems to capture the interest of the students. Even recruiting companies are hiring BBA graduates. The eligibility criteria for joining the course of BBA are that a student should clear the 12th board exams with physics, chemistry, math, and English. However, students from other streams are also capable of applying for the course for BBA. The colleges providing the course of BBA have a specific cut-off. A student should meet the required cut-off to get admission into that respective college.

Other universities or a few colleges conduct entrance examinations for their course. Students have to clear those exams to get a chance of getting admitted into the course of BBA offered by the college. They might also conduct an interview sometimes, which the students might clear.

Students graduating from a BBA course have the option of pursuing higher studies like the MBA. Most of them go for MBA, while others search for job opportunities. A graduate of BBA can get a salary of 3 lakhs per annum. The career has a high salary expectation because the companies hire MBA’ with quite a high package.

The course of BBA is of three years duration. For students who have an interest in the business and definitely what to do for planning their own businesses or want to work in business organizations, then the course should be definitely tried out by them.

The subjects that the students are taught during their course are marketing, accounting, and finance, business economics, statistics, etc. However, for getting a high salary in this field, it is advisable that the students pursue MBA due to its demand in the organizations. Most organizations or companies hire MBAs. There are different specializations one can choose while going for their course of MBA. Also, the job opportunities vary as per the specializations such as marketing, HR, finance, operations, and entrepreneur.

Subjects Offered


Average Salary

Logistics, Marketing, Finance, etc.,

Minimum marks of 50% in class 12th exams with mandatory subjects of PCM or PCB.


High rank in any national level entrance examination

INR 4.5 to 7 lakhs per annum



Another most sought career option for students after class 12th PCM is statistics. The field of statistics has seen increased growth. The job sector is continuously demanding statistics professionals. Due to this reason, most of the students have nowadays joined the course of statistics. Especially for the students who have a keen interest in mathematics and data science, the course of statistics suits them well.

The eligibility criteria laid down for pursuing the course is that the student should clear the 12th pass exam with mathematics as one of the subjects or statistics along with subjects of physics, chemistry, and English. Different colleges have different criteria for cut-off marks. If the students meet the desired cut-off, then they can get admitted into the college. The prestigious statistical institutes conduct national-level exams for their courses. The applicants can try to clear those exams to get a chance to study in those institutions.

The graduate degree of statistics is known as the B.Stats or the Bachelor of statistics. The main parts of the course of B.Stats are computer science, mathematics, and also statistics itself. The duration of the course is three years. One of the best institutions in India for statistics is the Indian Statistical Institute, located at multiple locations across the country. The college even offers opportunities for placement in the government and the private sectors.

A few subjects that a student studies during the course of a bachelor of statistics are business stats, applied maths, actuarial science, probability, psychological indices.

Statistics have become an integral part of almost all sectors. Be it scientific research or marketing organizations, and statistics is always a much-needed field.

The students, after pursuing the course exam, work as statisticians in reputed scientific organizations or laboratories. They might also opt for teaching jobs. Even students have the option of pursuing higher studies in any of the subjects of statistics.

Subjects Offered


Average Salary

Basics of Statistics, Mathematical Model, etc.,

Minimum marks of 50% in class 12th exams with mandatory subjects of PCM or PCB.


High rank in any national level entrance examination

INR 8 lakhs per annum


Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA)

The BCA or the Bachelor in computer application is another option of high salary courses after class 12th PCM opened for all the students after the class 12th exam. The eligibility criteria laid down for this course is to have a minimum of 45% aggregate marks in the higher secondary examinations. The student has to decide which college he wants to study. Different colleges have different cut-off marks. Based on the cut-off marks, a student can select his college for pursuing the course.

The duration of the course is three years. As the name sounds, the course is the study of the application of computer science. The course is covered by most of the universities in India along with the private universities.

The subjects that are mostly taught in the course of BBA are advanced programming networking and hardware, mathematics, C++, DC, Data Structure, software engineering, database administration, and worldwide Web.

Students having a background and knowledge of computer applications are mostly hired and searched by most organizations such as software companies. A few IT companies such as Infosys, Work, Tata consultancy services, and HCL are considered to be top recruits for BCA graduates. A few roles that the BCA graduates are mostly offered are software developer, system specialist, system analyst, network designer, and hardware and networking engine.

Subjects Offered


Average Salary

C++ Programming, etc., Java Programming,

Minimum marks of 50% in class 12th exams with mandatory subjects of PCM or PCB.


High rank in any national level entrance examination

INR 5 to 7 lakhs per annum


Degree in Hotel Management

Because of the placement opportunities offered by the hospitality industries, most science students are seen to be shifting their attention towards hotel management. The Bachelor’s degree provided in hotel management is the Bachelor of Science in Hotel management. The only eligibility condition for the course of hotel management is having a minimum of 55% aggregate marks in the 12th pass exam. Even for hotel management, the college has its own cut-off marks. It should be checked carefully, and once the cut-off condition is met, the student can get admitted into that college.

A few national exams are also conducted for the course of hotel management. The email is conducted by institutions like the National Council for Hotel Management and Catering Technology (NCHMCT) and the Institute of Hotel Management (IHM).

A student of BHM (Bachelor in Hotel Management) can work in the following roles offered to them such as:

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