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Top 15 Courses After 10th: List, High Salary, Details

Congratulations on completing your 10th grade! It’s a significant milestone, and now it’s time to chart your path for further education and career prospects. Several courses after 10th can help you kickstart your journey to success. 

Students frequently need help to choose the correct courses after 10th.  because they are so early in their careers and have so many opportunities. Many courses are now available, including those from prestigious colleges such as IIT, IIM and many more.

But what is the best course after class 10th  that pays a good salary with stability? As AI advances rapidly, students must choose AI-proof careers or correlate with AI prospects.

What to do after 10th?

Many students frequently need clarification as to what they should pursue after completing 10th grade. Do not worry! We’ve got you covered. After finishing 10th grade, you have several options, and what you choose will have a significant impact on your future. Here are some of the top career opportunities you can do after 10th:

Continue with 11th and 12th Class: 

You can concentrate your studies on science, commerce, or the arts. It serves as a foundation for further education.

StreamSubjectsCareer Opportunities
SciencePhysics, Chemistry, Biology, MathematicsEngineering, Medicine, Research, Technology
CommerceAccountancy, Business Studies, Economics, MathematicsAccountancy, Finance, Business Management, Entrepreneurship
Arts/HumanitiesLiterature, History, Sociology, Psychology, Political ScienceJournalism, Social Work, Teaching, Arts

Diploma Courses after 10th:

You can take short-duration polytechnic courses after 10th in engineering, fashion design, and hotel management. These courses teach you real skills and can help you land a job after polytechnic.

Vocational Training:

You can learn skills such as plumbing, electrical repair, and auto repair. These vocations do not require much academic training and can lead to long-term career opportunities.

Skill Development: 

Spend time developing skills in computer programming, graphic design, and web marketing. To develop useful skills, consider taking online classes or attending workshops.

High Salary Courses After 10th Arts

If you have completed 10th grade and are interested in the arts, there are various courses to pursue. One common choice is a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), which allows you to specialise in disciplines such as literature, sociology, or psychology. This course provides a well-rounded education and opens up a variety of professional opportunities, including journalism, social work, teaching, and advanced studies in certain fields. 

Aside from the regular B.A., there are specialised art courses in fine arts, performing arts, and design that give practical skills and prepare students for employment in visual arts, theatre, and graphic design.

CourseCareer OptionsEligibilityDurationKey SkillsSalary Range (INR)
Fine Arts (Painting, Sculpture, etc.)Artist, Art Teacher, Art Therapist, Graphic Designer, AnimatorClass 10 Pass3-4 years (Diploma)Creativity, Technical Skills (specific to medium), Art History₹15,000 – ₹75,000+
Performing Arts (Drama, Dance, Music)Actor, Dancer, Musician, Singer, Teacher, PerformerClass 10 Pass with an aptitude for performance3-4 years (Diploma)Performance Skills, Stamina, Discipline, Collaboration₹10,000 – ₹1,00,000+ (highly variable)
Fashion DesignFashion Designer, Pattern Maker, Clothing Technologist, Fashion Stylist, Costume DesignerClass 10 Pass with an aptitude for design1-3 years (Diploma)Design Skills, Technical Skills (sewing, draping), Trend Forecasting₹15,000 – ₹50,000+
Interior DesignInterior Designer, Space Planner, Set Designer, Visual MerchandiserClass 10 Pass with an aptitude for design1-2 years (Diploma)Design Skills (3D modelling), Space Planning, Colour Theory, Project Management₹20,000 – ₹75,000+
Animation & VFX2D Animator, 3D Animator, Motion Graphics Artist, Visual Effects ArtistClass 10 Pass with an aptitude for art and technology1-2 years (Diploma)Animation Software (After Effects, Maya), Storytelling, Visual Effects₹25,000 – ₹1,00,000+
Graphic DesignGraphic Designer, Web Designer, UI/UX Designer, Multimedia DesignerClass 10 Pass with an aptitude for design1-2 years (Diploma)Design Software (Photoshop, Illustrator), Creativity, Visual Communication₹20,000 – ₹50,000+
Mass CommunicationJournalist, Public Relations Specialist, Social Media Manager, Content Writer, Event ManagerClass 10 Pass3 years (Diploma/Bachelor’s)Communication Skills, Writing Skills, Critical Thinking, Media Literacy₹15,000 – ₹75,000+

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High Salary Courses After 10th Science

If you have finished 10th grade and are interested in science, you can choose from various courses. One popular option is a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in physics, chemistry, biology, or mathematics. This course prepares students for professions in engineering, medicine, research, and technology.

B.Sc programmes frequently feature hands-on lab activities to help students apply what they’ve learned. Aside from the standard B.Sc, there are various specialised science degrees, such as vocational programmes or certificates in computer science, biotechnology, and environmental science.

CourseCareer OptionsEligibilityDurationKey SkillsSalary Range (INR)
Engineering Diploma (Specializations like Civil, Mechanical, Computer Science)Civil Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Software Developer, Network AdministratorClass 10 Pass with Maths & Science3-4 yearsTechnical Skills (specific to chosen field), Project Management, Problem Solving₹15,000 – ₹50,000+
Medical Lab TechnologyMedical Laboratory Technician, Phlebotomist, Research AssistantClass 10 Pass with Science1-2 yearsLaboratory Techniques, Medical Terminology, Attention to Detail₹15,000 – ₹30,000+
Pharmacy AssistantPharmacy Technician, Sales Representative (Pharmaceuticals)Class 10 Pass with Science1-2 yearsPharmaceutical Knowledge, Inventory Management, Customer Service₹10,000 – ₹25,000+
BiotechnologyResearch Assistant, Lab Technician (Biotechnology), Quality Control SpecialistClass 10 Pass with Science1-2 years (Diploma)Laboratory Techniques, Research Skills, Data Analysis₹20,000 – ₹40,000+
Agriculture Diploma (Specializations like Horticulture, Dairy Technology)Agricultural Officer, Farm Manager, Food Scientist, Quality Control AnalystClass 10 Pass with Science2-3 yearsAgriculture Techniques, Animal Husbandry, Food Processing₹15,000 – ₹40,000+
Computer ScienceWeb Developer, Software Developer, IT Support Specialist, Network AdministratorClass 10 Pass1-2 years (Diploma)Programming Languages, Problem Solving, Technical Skills₹15,000 – ₹40,000+
NursingRegistered Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Research NurseClass 10 Pass with Science (Followed by Bachelor’s degree)Minimum 3 years (Diploma) + Bachelor’s degreePatient Care Skills, Critical Thinking, Communication Skills₹20,000 – ₹1,00,000+ (highly variable)

Commerce Courses After 10th

After 10th class, students, with an interest in commerce, have options to pursue multiple commerce or finance-related courses. A Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) degree with specialisations in finance, accounting, or business management is a popular choice. B.Com programmes teach you about business and finance, preparing you for professions in accounting, banking, business administration, and entrepreneurship.

For individuals who desire to specialise further, courses such as Chartered Accountancy (CA), Company Secretary (CS), and Cost and Management Accountancy (CMA) are popular choices following the 10th grade. Aside from normal B.Com courses, there are specialised commerce courses in fields such as marketing, retail management, and financial planning.

CourseCareer OptionsEligibilityDurationKey SkillsSalary Range (INR)
Diploma in AccountingAccounting Assistant, Bookkeeper, Tax AssistantClass 10 Pass1-2 yearsAccounting Principles, Bookkeeping Software, Taxation Basics₹10,000 – ₹25,000+
Diploma in Business AdministrationBusiness Development Executive, Operations Executive, Customer Service RepresentativeClass 10 Pass1-2 yearsBusiness Fundamentals, Communication Skills, Customer Service₹12,000 – ₹30,000+
Diploma in EntrepreneurshipEntrepreneur, Business Owner, Start-up FounderClass 10 Pass1-2 yearsBusiness Planning, Marketing Strategies, Financial ManagementVariable (depends on business success)
Diploma in Retail ManagementRetail Store Manager, Sales Associate, Visual MerchandiserClass 10 Pass1-2 yearsCustomer Service, Sales Techniques, Inventory Management₹15,000 – ₹35,000+
Diploma in MarketingMarketing Assistant, Social Media Marketing Specialist, Content Marketing SpecialistClass 10 Pass1-2 yearsMarketing Principles, Digital Marketing Skills, Communication Skills₹10,000 – ₹30,000+
Company Secretary DiplomaCompany Secretary AssistantClass 10 Pass1-2 yearsCorporate Law, Compliance Management, Secretarial Practices₹10,000 – ₹30,000+

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List of Courses After 10th

Here are the top 15 courses after 10th that offer promising career opportunities and have the potential for high salaries. 

1. Diploma in Engineering:

Duration: 3 years

Details: Diploma courses in various engineering streams like Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, and Electronics can be pursued after the 10th. These programs provide a strong foundation in technical skills.

2. Diploma in Medical Lab Technology (MLT):

Duration: 2 years

Details: If you are interested in healthcare, a diploma in MLT can lead to a career as a medical laboratory technician working in diagnostic labs and hospitals.

3. Diploma in Computer Applications (DCA):

Duration: 6 months to 1 year

Details: DCA courses cover computer fundamentals, programming languages, and office applications, making you proficient in computer usage.

4. Diploma in Digital Marketing:

Duration: 6 months to 1 year

Details: Digital marketing is booming. This diploma equips you with SEO, social media marketing, and online advertising skills.

5. Diploma in Animation and Multimedia:

Duration: 1 to 2 years

Details: For the creatively inclined, this course opens doors to animation studios and the gaming industry.

6. Diploma in Interior Design:

Duration: 1 to 2 years

Details: Explore your passion for design with courses teaching interior design principles and practical applications.

7. Diploma in Hotel Management:

Duration: 1 to 2 years

Details: Learn the ropes of the hospitality industry, from hotel operations to catering and event management.

8. Diploma in Culinary Arts:

Duration: 1 to 2 years

Details: If you’re a food enthusiast, this course can lead to a chef or culinary expert career.

9. Diploma in Fashion Designing:

Duration: 1 to 2 years

Details: Unleash your creativity in the fashion world. Learn about garment design, textile technology, and fashion trends.

10. Diploma in Event Management:

Duration: 1-year

Details: Event management courses prepare you for organising and managing various events, from weddings to corporate functions.

11. Diploma in Financial Accounting:

Duration: 6 months to 1 year

Details: Develop accounting and financial management skills in high demand across industries.

12. Certificate in Web Development:

Duration: 6 months to 1 year

Details: Learn web development languages and techniques to create websites and web applications.

13. Certificate in Graphic Designing:

Duration: 6 months to 1 year

Details: Graphic design courses teach you to create visual content for print and digital media.

14. Certificate in Photography:

Duration: 6 months to 1 year

Details: Develop your photography skills and potentially start a career as a photographer or photojournalist.

15. Diploma in Beauty and Wellness:

Duration: 6 months to 1 year

Details: Courses in beauty and wellness can lead to careers as beauticians, makeup artists, or spa therapists.

Best Courses After 10th with High Salary

Now that you have a list of courses after 10th, you might wonder which ones have the potential for high salaries. 

Here are some courses that can lead to high-salary careers:

1. Diploma in Engineering

A diploma in Engineering offers a promising gateway to several high-paying careers. Specialisations like Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Electrical Engineering are in demand across industries.

Depending on your chosen specialisation and experience level, you can expect a pay range of INR 3-8 lakhs per annum. Engineering diplomas provide a solid technical foundation, making you an attractive candidate for various engineering roles.

2. Diploma in Medical Lab Technology (MLT)

A Diploma in Medical Lab Technology (MLT) can lead to a rewarding career as a Medical Laboratory Technician. With experience and specialisation, MLT professionals can earn a salary ranging from INR 2-6 lakhs annually. 

These technicians are crucial in diagnostic labs and hospitals, conducting tests and ensuring accurate medical reports.

3. Diploma in Digital Marketing

A Diploma in Digital Marketing opens doors to lucrative careers in today’s digital age. Positions like Digital Marketing Manager, SEO Specialist, and Social Media Manager are well-compensated. 

With experience, digital marketing professionals can earn salaries ranging from INR 4-10 lakhs annually. These experts boost a company’s online presence and drive business growth.

4. Diploma in Interior Design

A diploma in Interior Design can pave the way for a creative and well-paying career. Interior Designers and Interior Architects can earn salaries ranging from INR 3-12 lakhs per annum. 

Your income potential largely depends on your expertise and client base. Interior designers transform spaces, making them functional, aesthetically pleasing, and aligned with their clients’ preferences.

5. Diploma in Hotel Management

The hospitality industry offers exciting career prospects for those with a Diploma in Hotel Management. Roles such as Hotel Manager and Food and Beverage Manager are financially rewarding, with potential annual salaries of INR 3-10 lakhs.

Accumulating experience in the hotel and hospitality sector can lead to increased earning potential. Hotel managers oversee daily operations, ensuring guest satisfaction and efficient service delivery.

6. Diploma in Culinary Arts

For culinary enthusiasts, a Diploma in Culinary Arts can set the stage for a fulfilling career. Chefs and Head Cooks can earn salaries ranging from INR 2-8 lakhs annually, depending on their expertise and specialisation. 

With experience, culinary experts can command higher salaries in the culinary industry. They master the art of cooking, creating exquisite dishes that delight diners.

7. Diploma in Financial Accounting

Financial professionals with a Diploma in Financial Accounting are highly sought after. Careers as Accountants, Financial Analysts, and Auditors offer salaries in the range of INR 3-10 lakhs per annum, especially for those with professional certifications. 

These experts manage financial transactions, analyse data, and ensure the financial health of organisations. Professional certifications further enhance earning potential in this field.

Short-Term Courses After 10th

Short-term courses after 10th are an excellent option if you want to acquire specific skills quickly and enter the workforce sooner. Here are some short-term courses to consider:

Short-Term Courses After 10thDurationCourse Description
Certificate in Web Development6-12 monthsLearn programming languages and web design to create websites.
Certificate in Graphic Designing6-12 monthsDevelop skills in graphic design and create visual content for marketing and advertising.
Certificate in Photography6-12 monthsMaster the art of Photography and potentially start a freelance photography career.
Certificate in Beauty and Wellness6-12 monthsBecome a certified beautician or wellness therapist, providing skin care and relaxation services.

Why Study Short-Term Courses After 10th?

Studying short-term courses after the 10th grade has numerous advantages. These courses provide a quick method to learn specialised skills, making them ideal for those who want to start working or exploring a particular area of interest right away. Short-term courses are also less expensive, allowing more people to pursue an education.

Completing short-term courses can also help to improve a resume by providing practical skills that are directly applicable to specific employers.

To put it simply, taking short-term classes after 10th grade is a low-cost option to start a profession or learn more about various fields of study and employment.

Tips On Choosing Courses After 10th

Some of the best tips that will help you choose a course after passing 10th grade:

  • Self-Assessment: Consider your hobbies, strengths, and weaknesses. Consider subjects and activities that you truly enjoy. Identify your skills and abilities. What are your inherent strengths and weaknesses?
  • Research Career Options: Investigate various job alternatives based on your preferences. Examine job descriptions, career advancement opportunities, and required abilities. Attend career counselling sessions or workshops to acquire insight into various areas.
  • Consider Future Trends: Look into new job trends and industries that are expected to be in demand in the future. Consider fields such as technology, sustainability, and healthcare. Consider the long-term viability and future expansion of your chosen field.
  • Connect with specialists in the fields that interest you. Conduct informational interviews or work shadowing to gain insight into the day-to-day operations of various professions. Understand the real-world applications of the courses you’re considering.
  • Consult with Mentors and Teachers: Get advice from teachers, mentors, or career counsellors. They can share helpful insights based on their experience. Discuss your goals, objectives, and potential career options with someone who can provide knowledgeable guidance.

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The scope and range of courses after 10th are immense. Whether your goal is a high-paying job, a creative role, or to get into the workforce quickly, there are programs to match.

Look around, think about what you love and select a path that tallies closely with your expectations. The right way might be the most significant step to a rewarding and triumphant career.

FAQs on High Salary Courses After 10th

Q1. What are Short-Term Courses After 10th, and Why Should I Consider Them?

Ans. Short-term courses after the 10th are focused, skill-oriented programs that help you quickly acquire specific skills for better job prospects or further education.

Q2. How Do I Choose The Correct Short-Term Course After 10th?

Ans. Consider your interests and career goals. Research courses aligned with your aspirations and assess their job market demand and earning potential.

Q3. What are the Best Available Professional Courses After 10th Grade Completion?

Ans. After 10th grade, complete courses like Dip. in Mechanical Eng., Dip. in Comp.Sc. or Hotel Management. These courses give applicable skills and promising careers.

Q4. Which Courses After 10th Can Lead to High-Paying Jobs?

Ans. An IT, Electronics and Communication or Nursing diploma can lead to Jobs with High Salary. These sectors are high-growth, high-in-demand areas that give you bright prospects.

Q5. Can You Recommend Popular Courses After 10th That Have Good Career Prospects?

Ans. Some popular courses after the 10th grade with excellent career prospects include 

  • Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology
  • Diploma in Fashion Designing
  • Diploma in Interior Design

These fields offer diverse and rewarding career paths.

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