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Top Dell Interview Questions and Answers

For anyone who aspires to work in technology, Dell Technologies is a dream employer. With seven companies under its wing, Dell is the producer of some of the most widely used branded computers and peripherals.

So, we snooped around and now present the Dell interview questions – technical as well as HR – for you to prepare and better your chances of getting a step closer to the finishing line. 

If you’re applying for a technology-led role, you’re bound to be asked at least a question or two about it. Below are some that we’ve gathered from around the virtual world. 

  • Write a code for a sorting algorithm and explain it.
  • In-order, pre-order and post-order traversal in case of a Binary Search Tree.
  • Name a few projects you have done in the past?
  • Debugging programs.
  • Explain various redundancy techniques.
  • What is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and what kind of database is used for it?
  • What are data link protocols?
  • Implement a tic-tac-toe game.
  • Reverse a linked list.
  • What is hash map?  

But often, interviewers at Dell are known to not have asked any questions and keep it completely non-technical turning the interview more into a discussion.

It’s your opportunity to convince them of your ability to remain stable and stay long enough to grow and contribute in the growth of the company

Commonly Asked Dell Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. What can we expect from you in the first 90 days?

Ideally, this is a question you should be asking, and your employer should be aware of the answer. But if the tables are turned, then the best thing to do is to speak of a broad structure of values – customer and area focus, learning, and hard work. It is best to contextualize these with respect to your own area of work.

Q2. Tell me a suggestion you made that was implemented at work, specifically in your field.

The interviewer is looking for only one thing in your answer – how useful was your input. Make sure your story has you as the hero.

Q3. Have you ever had a conflict with a boss or superior? How was it resolved?

This one’s a trick question and saying no is not a choice. Dilute the “yes” into a “sometimes”, or “not major ones”. Show that you are an active listener, make the effort to understand perspectives other than yours, and seek to be collaborative.

Q4. If your previous co-workers were here, what would they say about you?

Your co-workers may have loved your enthusiasm, sought you out for help with their work, thought you’re a great advisor, or a fantastic drinking buddy. Or not. Whatever the case, focus on specific people who had something good to say about you – whether your technical skills, your reliability, or your dedication.

This is one question you would be asked at almost every interview: Why Should We Hire You?

Q5. Describe your dream job.

The answer to this question boils down to one word – context. Don’t fabricate something just to please your interviewer, she or he may see right through it. Without lying, use your imagination and describe how some of the things you do in the present role might take you closer to your utopian goal.

Q6. Describe your work style.

It is easy to fall in the trap of opinionated labels in your answers to this question but steer clear of those. Use verb forms to describe your approach you take to work (“I like to understand the entire problem, and then approach a solution.” Or “I take problems head on and break it down into small bits to simplify the issue.”)

Q7. What have you done to improve your knowledge in the last year?

All your interviewer is looking for in the answer is a sign that you’re a constant learner. Technology is the cusp of “humanity and technology”.

The human virtue of being able to derive learning out of every experience and using it to apply technology and evolve human progress is key at Dell. If you can prove your prowess in this particular area, then surely, you’re inching excitingly close to success!

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