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Top 10 Automation Testing Interview Questions

Interviews are certainly not battlegrounds, as many would believe. However, interviews indeed, are a test of your skills and what you bring to the table.

Here the top ten automation testing interview questions and answers to help you crack your Automation Testing Interview.

1. What do you mean by the term automation testing?
Automation testing may be defined as the procedure where you avail of the applications of definitive software methodologies in order to carry out a specified task.

2. Can you give instances where automation testing comes in handy?
Indeed, automation testing can be used in such instances as regression testing, entering data, to build deployment, non-functional testing and the iterative execution of tests. Instances of automaton testing may also be used in order to check intricate, error prone computations.

3. Speaking of automation, do you think we can achieve cent percent automation?
Basically, the chances of complete, automation are really slim. Perhaps, one can never attain cent percent automation thanks to the redundancy of edge test cases. Apart from that, there may be a handful of such cases which are rarely executed. So all in all: if you automate these rare instances which are infrequently put to the automation test, it will not even remotely come about to help you achieve complete automation. So, broadly concluded, cent percent automation does not look feasible in such cases.

4. How do you determine the applicability of a particular automation tool?
The applicability of an automation tool counts on a string of significant factors. For instance, it is important, first of all, to determine the extent of the application meant to be automated. Time constraints and cost management are some of the more significant factors that are considered. Also, one needs to factor in the respective shortcomings of the concerned automation tools.

5. How many test cases do you think can be automated in a single day?
That depends on the particular complexity ratio of the test case. Generally speaking, given the standard complexity of test cases, it is usually possible to automate a minimum of six test cases in a single day.

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6. Is automation testing a black box or a white box testing?
Generally speaking, automation testing is a black box testing. However, there might be cases when it qualifies under a white box testing. Specifically speaking, when database details claim access, automation testing may be categorized as white box testing. To conclude, it essentially depends on the testing scenario during which the automation is being performed. Although most of the times the coding underlying the applications need not be dug up.

7. Do you think there are any limitations whatsoever to automation testing?
Indeed, there are certain vital limitations to the same. First of all, the most evident demerit is that it involves considerable expense. Also, the process claims immense standards of skill which are not often available. Apart from that, it is important to keep in mind that it is generally tortuous to debug the test script.

8. Do you think that automation testing can be performed without a framework?
Indeed, automation testing can be carried out without a framework. However, the only problem of avoiding frameworks altogether is the lack of uniformity across the coding scripts. In fact, homogeneity is the core advantage of availing of a framework. It helps to bind the functions together.

9. Speaking of scripts, can you define the meaning of automation test script?
Simply put, an automated test script is nothing but a short sequence of programming instructions written in the form of programming codes in order to carry out a specified task. In accordance with the codes, the compiler results show either pass or fail judgments.

10. Speaking of the usefulness of frameworks, what do you think are the features of a standard performing framework?
First of all, the framework should at all times be accustomed to alternating conditions. Also, one of the basic features of a feature is the reporting feature. Once scripts have been written, the results can automatically be sent to you via email. Also, all the methods should be written in a common file in order to maintain a degree of homogeneity. In other words, they should at all times be accessible to all scripts. Generally speaking, it is useful to insert what is commonly known as the logging feature into a framework. Indeed, the logging feature essentially stretches the time span of the concerned scripts.

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