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Business Development Interview Questions and Answers

The job of a business development executive is highly desirable in companies. Their main task is to come up with new ideas and find new business opportunities for their organization. They also work towards making a profit and ensuring customers are happy.

It’s a significant role, and recruiters want to make sure they hire someone whose goals and skills match the organization’s needs. To do this, they ask specific questions during interviews to learn more about the candidate.

Here, we have a list of ten interview questions for business development executive roles, along with some tips to help you succeed in answering them and impressing the interviewer.

List of 10 Business Development Executive Interview Questions

A candidate applying for the position of business development executive must be aware of the fact that since this is a managerial position, it does not require only your bookish knowledge and skills, but also how well you can apply it in real-life situations. The business development executive interview questions will be application-based as well in order to assess your navigational and problem-solving ability.

Generic Interview Questions

Generic questions are job interview questions that can be asked to a candidate in any field. These questions are to screen whether a candidate is even interested and if he is, then why? The generic business development executive interview questions are informative.

1. Why do you want to work here/ why do you want to be a business development executive?

Companies want passionate individuals who are driven and motivated, and honest towards work. Keep the answer to this question ready. 

Hence, if you are asked this as a business development executive interview question, your answer should include a few key factors as to why you want this position and why it will be a great fit for you. E.g., “I love being around people and interacting with them. Customer support is a good job for me as it provides me with constant human interaction as well as provides me with the satisfaction of solving someone’s problems.” 

You can also choose to add the knowledge gained from your research on the company and try to add a few points on why you liked the company, whether their ethos or values or their goals. E.g. “I’ve always wanted to be a part of an organisation that makes sure to give back to the world. You guys are doing great things with your latest policies, and I’d love to be a part of it.”

2. Why should we hire you?

This business development executive interview question should be answered, keeping in mind how you will be an asset to the organisation. Highlight your best skills in association with the skills required by the position. Also, highlight your experience and qualifications. While other candidates may also have the same qualifications and skills, what makes you different is how you present them to the interviewer. Be enthusiastic while answering your questions. Charismatic personalities are attractive. Show commitment and zeal and portray yourself as a confident and energetic person.

Contribution-Based Business Development Associate Interview Questions

A contribution-based business development associate interview question aims to assess an individual on what he can offer to the company and whether what he is offering is even desired by the company.

3. What will be your plan of action for the first few months in the company/organisation?

Job interview questions like these are aimed to assess your farsightedness. Your answer as a business development associate interview question should focus on how you will work towards increasing sales while reducing the production cost and also maintain clients. But at the same time, your main focus will be on the expansion and growth of the business.

Competency-Based Business Development Executive Interview Questions

Competency-based questions are focused on assessing specific attributes of your behaviour. These business development executive interview questions seem to be situational, but they are made less hypothetical, and you can draw from your real-life experiences to enrich your answers. It is exactly what the interviewer is looking for from you, so think a little before speaking.

1. If you have to sell me something, what procedure will you follow, and how will you negotiate?

This often happens in interviews where the interviewer surprises you with a task that needs to be performed straight away. If you are asked this as a business development executive interview question, what you are supposed to do is use your charisma to impress the probable buyer. You must engage the probable buyer in an interesting conversation as it is the key to a good sale. Probe further with “why” and other questions and then seal the deal by giving the interviewer whatever he is lacking with your product.


“I hear you are looking for a TV that not only gives you a good picture and sound quality but also gives you an excellent gaming experience. You also want to have all these qualities at a reasonable price. You are in luck, my friend, as I can offer you all of these within the stipulated range that you mentioned. So are you ready to make a purchase?”

2. Tell me about a failed/lost deal?

Such a question is termed a negative job interview question. This question is less about a situation but more about your reaction. It is said that life is what, your experiences and your experiences are what, your reactions to different situations. Your reactions are what is going to make or break you in your life. While answering this type of business development associate interview question, keep in mind to focus on the positives. Focus on what you learnt from your failure and how you employed it further in life to avoid another one like that. Show self-awareness.

Start by defining what failure means to you, then proceed to add on to how you dealt with a certain failure and transformed it into success. 

E.g. For a lost sale

“I lost my first sale opportunity as I didn’t work on establishing a true and long term connection with my client. I didn’t work on connecting with their individual needs. Later, I followed up and learned from my mistake. Now I make sure to understand my client’s needs first, and it has made my numbers rise considerably.”

E.g. for a simple failure

“Failure for me is about not being able to meet my own expectations. Last year, in my final year, I was not able to complete my project in time as I had tons of previous assignments due. Even though I was able to submit my project on time, it was not my best product. I did it hastily to meet the deadline. But I also know I could have done better. Now, I always try to schedule my time and stick to it without procrastinating.”

3. What models/techniques will you employ to increase sales and business opportunities of the organisation?

While answering it as a business development executive interview question, you can talk about introducing new products and expanding the market base by improving the pricing of your product and community relations. You can also switch to e-business if the offline market is not generating enough profits. While providing enhanced training to your staff members can also help in increasing sales.

4. Do you think you will be a great business development executive?

This question is an opportunity for you to highlight your skills. Especially skills that are required by a business development executive. A great business development executive is creative as well as competitive and bold in his decision making. They should also be able to blend sales and marketing and be able to take significant risks.

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Behavioral Business Development Executive Interview Questions:

These business development executive interview questions are based on your past experiences and assessing how you will act in certain situations in future. Basically, such questions are asked to predict your future performance in the face of a difficult situation.

1. Do you think you will be able to manage a difficult team or individual/ how do you handle conflicts within the group?

As a candidate, you can almost guarantee that you will face at least one question based on how you have handled a stressful scenario. In the fast-paced, consumerist society that we are living in currently, businesses can be stressful. Through such questions, the interviewer wants to know how stress can affect you and your performance in the office.

E.g., if you’ve encountered a difficult individual in a team you were supposed to manage, you can answer in the following manner.

“My colleague and I had different views regarding the new sales policy, so I invited him to have lunch with me one day where we sat down and discussed our differences. After laying our cards on the table, we also discussed how we could work it out and combine both our ideas into one. I believe being a good listener and listening from a place of empathy can help solve the most difficult of problems.”

2. How will you motivate your team to buy into your strategic vision?

Bringing a group together is a key to getting a task accomplished. As a business development executive interview question, what you need to answer is how you can begin with a strong vision yourself and gain the trust and faith of your team members but putting forward your vision in a combined session. While doing so, be open to criticism and other new ideas. Listen patiently and from a place of empathy and if the need is, communicate and help them understand why they are wrong in their ideas. The key to motivating a group towards your vision is strong communication, trust, and faith in self.

3. What is your measure of success?

The purpose of asking this business development executive interview question is to know you as a person as well as to know how you quantitatively evaluate your achievements. Of course, you should answer what success actually means to you but while you are trying to project your true self, also try to align your intrinsic traits to the traits required by the organisation. Your previous research will help you be aware of the company’s goals and values, and you can easily fit yours into them during the interview process. Use examples from your past of how you met your expectations as well as the company’s to enhance your business development associate interview questions.


As a candidate, you would want to be authentic and portray your true self, but you would also want to seem credible. Credibility comes with examples. Pick up as many examples as you can from your past experiences and try to incorporate them into your answers. This is the key to framing good and trustworthy answers. The above article helps you in framing strong, powerful answers. Using such answers, you will put yourself out as trustworthy and more experienced. What you say matters, but how you say it matters more. Hence, be confident and energetic all the time while answering your questions.

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