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Top 50 Agile Methodology Interview Questions and Answers

Are you called for an agile interview, and you are confused about what may be the agile interview questions that will be asked to you? Nothing to worry about. We are here to help you. No interviewee will deny that the agile testing interview questions invariably build some amount of nervousness in them. And you are no different. But, what you can do to avoid such a situation is that you can mentally build yourself for such agile methodology interview questions.

So, before going for an agile interview, it is always better to gather some knowledge about the agile methodology interview questions and prepare yourself for it. In addition to that, you must also be familiar with scrum interview questions and agile software development interview questions. The interviewer can also ask such questions to you. After all, interviews are nothing but all about how adequately you can present yourself and how suitably you can answer the questions asked to you, with the help of your presence of mind and knowledge about the matter. So, let’s have a check on some 50 agile interview questions and answers that will enrich you with the knowledge and make you confident about the agile interview for which you have been called:

50 Agile Methodology Interview Questions And Answers

Q1. What do you mean by Agile methodology?

Answer: The Agile method may be interpreted as a distinct project management method that is employed for the objective of software development. This method helps the teams to respond to software uncertainty. It makes the use of sprints (a thriving, increasingly sequential stint sequence). In simple terms, agile methodology is a kind of project management strategy primarily utilized for software advancement where the necessities and antidotes alter through the collective endeavour of the self-systematized and specialized teams of the clients.
Note- This question is very important and falls among the mostly asked agile methodology interview questions.

Q2. Tell something about agile project management.

Answer: This question, among other agile methodology interview questions, is very important for the agile interview. Agile project management may be clarified as a standardized means for delivering a program through its life cycle.

Q3. Distinguish between agile methods and schematic methods.

Answer: Agile methods are famous for software development, whereas schematic methods encompass the advancement of software with the help of autonomous teams, producing code after the completion of each iteration/sprint.

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Common Agile interview questions

Q4. What do you mean by Agile?

Answer: It is a duplicating process of project supervision and software advancement that promptly assists the teams in bringing value to their clients. The testing of the demands, plans, and consequences is regularly done.
Agile may be defined as the potential to produce and concede to change. It may also be described as the means of braving and achieving victory in an unstable and turbulent environment.

Q5.What are the common things among all Agile frameworks?

Answer: The life cycle of any agile software development wields 4 values and twelve tenets that are specified in agile phenomena operating agile. The central common objective of agile frameworks like Scrum, Kanban, and XP is being eligible to alter the method after beginning the commodity as per the statute. Every agile framework obeys the add-on method. Also, the project details may be altered during the software advancement process. Besides, all the agile framework consists of a restricted, reasonable iteration size, a convenient strategy, and repeating and improving advancement.
Note- This question, among other agile interview questions, is noteworthy.

Q6. Explain the meaning of Agile testing.

Answer: It is a testing procedure that pursues the rapid software advancement’s statutes and doctrines. Agile testing policy endorses DevOps, and also persistent testing as supplementary testing is necessary for the improvement of merchandise quality. In the agile testing technique, examinations are prioritized for avoiding any problem or issue that a user can face later.

Q7. In agile, what do we mean by sprint?

Answer: Sprint may be interpreted as a quick time-eating duration during which a scrum squad operates for completing a previously decided proportion of work. Its objective is, cracking the undertaking into levels with the help of a bite scale.

Q8. Say something about the agile model.

Answer: Agile model is a software advancement protocol established on its consequence. Agile procedure distributes the assignments into tinier replicas that never directly pertain to long-interval scheduling.

Q9. What do you mean by yesterday’s climate in the case of an agile program?

Answer: Yesterday’s weather or Yesterday’s climate is a term for XP for keeping the squads from becoming extremely complacent at the time of galloping and batting moments.

Q10. Mention some of the agile estimation schemes.


  • Poker Editing
  • Vote for Dot
  • Bucket System
  • Affinity Map
  • Big/ Uncertain / Small
  • T-shirt Sizes
  • Order Protocol

Q11. In what way does an agile team retain its needs?

Answer: Agile team utilizes product backlogs for defending their necessities.

Q12. What does user story mean in agile?

Answer: By user story, we mean the minor work unit of the agile frame. The user story is the absolute objective. It is not the characteristic conveyed in the stoner’s opinion on the software.

Q13. Who is accountable for tracking the assignments in an agile squad?

Answer: The consumer or merchandise proprietor is accountable for it.

Q14. Discuss the advantages of scheming an agile program.


  • great quality output
  • higher consumer gratification
  • raised program restraint
  • curtailed threats
  • fast forward ROI

Q15. Why choose agile?

Answer: It permits the teams to submit a special type & cultivate it all through the process. It aids common problem unravelling and confederation. It assists teams and people to give priority to general features and rendition.

Q16. What is the only definitive source of knowing what the squad is working on?

Answer: Product backlogs are such a definitive source of knowing what the squad is working on.

Q17. What do the User relationships estimating team members encompass?

Answer: They encompass the owner of the merchandise, Master of the scrum, testers, investment managers, and engineers.

Q18. Illustrate story junctures in agile?

Answer: A story point or juncture in agile is a no: that informs the faction about the complication of the anecdote. The complications involve any difficulties, threats, or actions.

Q19. Which approach is related to agile principles for handling architecture & layout?

Answer: Nimble Framework is related to agile principles for handling architecture & layout.

Q20. What are the winning features of agile?


  • flexibility
  • intercourse
  • directness
  • elimination of outcomes

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Scrum interview questions

Q21. Define Scrum in Agile.

Answer: To crack the testing interview questions, you must know the meaning of scrum in agile. Scrum may be specified as a strategic framework employed to tackle product improvement and additional communication jobs. A scrum is considered influential as it enables the teams to formulate an inkling of how something functions, attempt it out, assess what went on, and make sufficient adjustments. Only then the framework is utilized perfectly.

Note- The scrum-related agile interview questions are very vital. They are mostly asked in the agile interview.

Q22. What is the role of agile scrum?

Answer: An agile scrum formulates beneficial intercourse between crews functioning on intricate merchandise

Q23. Scrum framework deals with what kind of problems?

Answer: Scrum framework deals with complex & ever-changing issues.

Agile manifesto related interview questions

Q24. What are the 4 main facts related to the agile manifesto?

Answer: The 4 main facts are:

  • Individuals and communications with the help of techniques and tools
  • Software accomplishment in extension to the detailed documentation
  • Interactions with the customers with the help of pact negotiations
  • Countering alterations as per the strategy

Q25. How many values & principles are there in an agile manifesto?

Answer: There are four values & twelve principles.

Q26. Which are the most viral values as per the agile manifesto?

Answer: This is one of the important agile interview questions that are mainly asked in the As per the agile manifesto, individuals and information, beneficial software, consumer intercourse, and the altered response are the most crucial values.

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Agile software development interview questions

Q27. What do you mean by agile software development?

Answer: Agile software development is a software procedure where design and performance are deemed main tasks. The layout and implementation phases, furthermore, integrate additional tasks like facilitating needs and experimenting into them.

Besides, It is more observant on coding expansion than on content. It has 2 developmental agendas:

a) Group A developmental agenda:

  1. requires integration and assessment- one and half months
  2. policy design- two months
  3. coding stage- four months
  4. network integration & testing- two months
  5. User acknowledgement examination- five weeks

b) Group B developmental agenda:

As this agenda is agile, the undertaking is broken into numerous levels. Reduplication is everything about the exact time. After each iteration ends, strong merchandise along with a modern characteristic must be inducted.

Q28. Name one of the famous tools that are employed for agile software advancement.

Answer: Atlassian Jira is a famous tool that is employed for agile software advancement.

Product Backlog related agile interview questions

Q29. What is a Product Backlog?

Answer: When agile squads maintain their necessities afloat even after plummeting backward, it is known as Product Backlog in Scrum.

Q30. Who is accountable for the owning of agile’s product backlog?

Answer: The Product Holder is accountable for it.

Q31. What is the function of the product backlogs?


a) It contains a list of recent features
b) It changes the prevailing features
c) It fixes the bugs
d) transforms the infrastructure

Q32. In what way does an agile squad attain transparency on backlog articles?

Answer: All the time, the squad retains time for refining the backlog with the help of the merchandise owner. This will discover transparency on the backlogs. These backlogs are downloaded for prospective changes.

Agile merit interview questions

Q33. In what way is the agile merit reacting to change over?

Answer: They were competent in building an assortment of communal values on the basis of faith and mutual reverence and also the social values resulting in agile manifesto formulation.

Q34. Give an example for the agile merit reacting to change over.

Answer: The example is- though there is a rule for the scrum, the sprint shows no change.

Agile velocity related agile interview questions

Q35. Illustrate velocity in agile briefly.

Answer: Related to the objective of iterative advancement, the agile velocity is employed to assess the quantity of work that can be finalized in each iteration.

Q36. Is agile’s velocity aimed for utilizing it as a criterion for the fight?

Answer: No, as it is assessed on the basis of what brings about the team’s mind.

Q37. Agile velocity is designed mainly for what?

Answer: Agile velocity is designed for employing mainly as a planning method.

Q38. In what way can you compute velocity in agile?

Answer: For computing, it only combines feature grades, user problems, necessities, or background articles successfully delivered for iteration.

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Kanban related agile interview questions

Q39. Define Kanban in agile.

Answer: Kanban in agile is a famous framework employed for making agile software development.

Q40. What does Kanban in agile require?

Answer: It needs a fully-fledged sound and execution-based real-time transmission.

Q41. Are the work commodities seen on the kanban agile board?

Answer: Yes, they are seen on the board. This permits the team crews to find the work status of the whole work at any point in time.

SAFe related agile interview questions

Q42. Define SAFe agile.

Answer: It is an anthology of scheming and workflow habits that uses agile procedures on an industrial scale.

Q43. What does SAFe facilitate?

Answer: It facilitates coordination, affiliation, and submitting to a huge number of fast-moving squads.

Q44. What is SAFe made up of?

Answer: SAFe is composed of 3 major information themes. They are:

a) software advancement
b) minimal merchandise execution
c) thoughtful systems

Some terms and phrases about which agile interview questions are asked:

Q45. APSI indicates what in agile metrics?

Answer: APSI indicates timely delivery in agile metrics.

Q46. Describe lean methodology briefly.

Answer: Lean software advancement technique attends the doctrine of “production in exact time”. Its goal is to boost the software expansion speed and reduce the cost at the same time.

Q47. What is the basic notion of lean?

Answer: Its basic idea is to decrease non-value-added actions for increasing customer value.

Q48. Tell the meaning of burn-up & burndown charts in an agile process.

Answer: The burn-up charts refer to the tasks that are finalized, whereas burndown charts exhibit the percentage of persisting tasks in an undertaking.

Q49. What is pair programming?

Answer: Pair programming is a communal endeavour of the team where a programmer jots down the code while another one evaluates it.

Q50. Define Epic in agile.

Answer: It is a remarkable endeavour that can be distributed into some stories, occasionally known as problems.

Final words:

So, after going through the above fifty agile interview questions and answers, you must have gotten some idea about an agile interview. Make sure to know your basics. Thinking on your feet and dressing appropriately will help you add a few extra points on your interview. So, don’t worry. Just prepare yourself physically and mentally before attending the agile interview for which you have been called, and you will crack it.

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