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7 Responses to “Why Should We Hire You?”

Why should we hire you

Possibly among the most common yet mind-boggling interview questions is “Why should we hire you?” There are several answers, and while none is absolutely right or wrong, the right composition of heart and head will be decisive in your hiring or being forgotten. You may feel like you’ve been pitted against a hoard of unknown competition, but triumph is just around the corner! Follow this easy guide to finding your own unique answer to persuading a hirer. 


1. I know the brand 
Everyone will advise you to do your homework before going to an interview – this is where it comes in handy. Show interest in the organisation by reading up on the latest news, periodic reports, products and service offerings on the website, and think about how you’ll enhance the organisation’s initiatives through your role. Visualising yourself as winning with the organisation shows genuine interest. 
Sample response: “This morning’s Mint mentions ABC (name of hiring company)’s plans for expansion in the South geography in the coming months. Having studied and then worked the said geographies, I have a deep market understanding of the specific locations. Moreover, having worked on a similar project for another brand in the similar space, I will be able to bring some useful insights to enhance value for the end customer.”

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2. I’ve made efforts for the role 

This one’s elementary for “Why should we hire you?”. “I qualify on all tangible grounds!” Show off your skills, qualifications, experience, legacy, personal fit from an attitude-background-personality trait perspective. 
Sample response: “In the past [x] years, I’ve gained the experience and skills you need for this role. Whether it is the requisite communication or teamwork abilities, or the knowledge base and cognizance of my own shortcomings and overcoming them, I have what it takes to contribute to the organisation tirelessly. If I’m taken on for the role, you can rest assured I shall give it my 100% and make a productive resource for the company.”

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3. I’d make a credible face of the organisation 

Voice your belief in self and how your potential and personal goals align with the organisation’s objectives. As the face of an organisation, you must identify with their values, but stand out as a representative of its name to the outside world. 
Sample response: “Relevant qualifications and my skillset aside, the values and beliefs of this company speak to me principally. To me that is an important aspect of enthusiastic work. I see a seamless marriage of minds between this organisation and my own sense of ownership. Having said that, I’m also a thinking person, so there’s no doubt that in my interactions as a face of this company, I will showcase an intelligent as well as aligned employee.”

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4. 10 years down… 

Demonstrate commitment to the organisation for the long haul. Typically, the organisation invests in you not only in terms of assets and operations, but also training and welfare. In return, it is only fair that they expect you to invest your time and passion and show your sense of belonging. 
Sample response: “As a professional seeking long-term stability, I know that this organisation will invest in my growth just as I will in achieving its long-term goals. Given its ambitious roadmap, I see a lot of learning in it for me and I’m willing to do what it takes to plough that superior understanding of the industry and my area back into its growth.”

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5. I shall own my role 

Your sense of ownership is questioned when an interviewer asks, “Why we should hire you?”. Tell her or him just how you intend to contribute to the organisation’s growth in response. And the answer must transcend qualifications – talk about your own high standards of output, and the values and learning of the organisation that resonate with your personal ambitions and values. 
Sample response: “When you talk to my previous reporting superiors, they will all endorse my dedication and initiative in my roles. I’ve always striven to set a high bar for my role, and don’t stop just because a target may be achieved or a task completed. I put in a lot of thought into the next few steps and the ultimate motive for why I do what I do. Hiring me for this role would earn you a future leader, and not just a work horse.”

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6. I’d always dreamt of… 

Some of you may be interviewing for your dream company, job description, or just dream boss. You may have dreamt of this day all your life or aspired to be here thanks to advice from an elder or mentor. Mention it in a line to show your ability to work on your goals steadfastly to the question, “Why should we hire you?”. 
Sample response: “Ever since I graduated, this company was right at the top of my list of dream companies to work with. That was then but the work this brand has showcased and what I read in the news, hear from friends only fortifies that wish. If I’m hired, I will have made that dream a reality and you will have reinforced the fact that all my hard work has borne fruition of this opportunity. I will work hard to keep it that way and in turn become a role model to future team members and employees.” 

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7. I’ve always been known for… 

Whether over lunch meetings, on appreciative emails, at appraisals, or in LinkedIn recommendations, if you observe closely enough, you’ll notice at least one quality being appreciated over and over again. Mentioning it for the role or the organisational ethic could be the deal clincher! 
Sample response (You may edit #5 to suit this answer as well. You may replace “integrity” in the below sampler with any other consistent quality about you):
“I’ve received one compliment consistently throughout my career so far. And that is my ability to meet deadlines. I understand that timeliness is crucial in this business as well as for this role. If I’m hired, you can rest assured that I shall strive to deliver first-time-right output efficiently to save my superiors the effort it takes to just iterate several times before a product is thought fit for delivery.” 
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