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10 most popular Maven Interview Questions & Answers

Here is a list of 10 most common Maven Interview Questions and Answers to help you prepare for your next interview.

1. What exactly is the purpose of Maven?

Basically, Maven is nothing but a project management application. Generally, Maven is used for such varied purposes as documentation, project development, reporting and releases. The developer works on a set of predefined Maven commands in order to carry out the process.

2. What do you mean by Project Object Model?

The Project Object Model is the basic unit in Maven. Specifically, it is an XML file which contains detailed information about the project in hand. Also, the configuration parameters used to build a particular project are also stored in the Project Object Model. The resources defined in the POM are essential for the respective Maven commands to run.

3. What do you understand by the term Maven Artifact?

Maven Artifact may be defined as a specific JAR file which is stored in the Maven repository. The JAR files consist of the compiled JAR and the source JAR. Each artifact consists of a specific group ID, Maven ID and a specific version string. At the same time it is important to keep in mind that the compiled and the source files can only be created by a combination of artifacts.

4. You mentioned the Maven repository. What do you mean by that? Are there any types of it?

As the name suggests, the Maven repository may be defined as a container of all the JAR files and Maven files and associated plug-ins. In fact, concerned artifacts are also stored in the Maven repository for suitable applications. There are three types of Maven repository: local repository, central repository and remote repository. Each type stores the relevant project files which are used accordingly by Maven.

5. You mentioned plug-ins. How do you think are they important in Maven?

Maven plug-ins are significant in that they are designed to perform a host of functions. Generally speaking, the plug-in is used to create a jar file or even a war file. Also, it is used for the compilation of several code files and for documentation purposes, for instance documenting projects. Reporting also makes extensive use of Maven plug-ins. The Maven plug-ins are all stored in the Maven repository and invoked in accordance with the developer’s need.

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6. What are the various dependency scopes used in Maven?

• First and foremost, the default scope is the compile. It hints at the availability of the dependency type.
• Provided is the second dependency scope which is already furnished by the web server or the JDK.
• Runtime dependency is chiefly required at the time of execution, not a compilation.
• The test is when dependency is available only during the test phase and execution phase.
• System dependency indicates the exigency of the system path to be provided by the user.
• Import is the final dependency scope. It indicates that the identified POM should be replaced with the dependencies it contains in the first place.

7. Do you think there is any difference between Maven and Apache Ant?

First and foremost, the crucial difference between the two is that Maven is a framework whereas Ant is essentially a toolbox. Secondly, Ant scripts, unlike Maven, are not reusable. Also, Maven has a specified lifecycle, unlike Ant. Lastly, Ant, unlike Maven, is exempt from procedural conventions.

8. Can you list Maven’s orders of inheritance?

The order of inheritance includes:
• Parent POM
• Project POM
• Settings
• CLI Parameters

9. What is the exact function of “jar:jar”?

It is essentially used to create a JAR file primarily from the dictionary of the target classes. Contrary to what most tend to think, the command is not meant for the recompilation of resources.

10. How do you produce error messages in Maven?

There are various commands to produce debug messages. For instance, the most popular is to call Maven with an X parameter or an e parameter.

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