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Top Career Option after 10th for Students

What to do after 10th?

History faced countless successful people across time. Some school/college dropouts wisely choose their careers and succeed in their respective interests.

Arts, Science, Technology or Business, whatever the field is, a proper decision with passion can never fade one’s chance of achievement. “What to do after 10th?” is the one primary question that will arise in every student’s life. A career path after the 10th can change one’s entire life. A well-analyzed decision is required to build a steady and successful career in the future.

Importance of Decision Making

Nobody could escape the responsibility of decision-making. We people would often face the situation of choosing one among many opportunities widespread in front of us.

Picking one random thing from those is simple. But such careless decisions without proper study will not work all the time. Some students are very cautious about these future impacts, and some others are not capable of performing a keen observation before deciding.

This article will serve as career counseling for class 10th students to develop their passion and guide them in choosing a career.

What are the mistakes students make?

The first-ever time people make an independent cum careful decision is after their board exams. They should pick a stream that is in sync with their career expectations. Those who aren’t aware of these facts will commit inevitable mistakes in choosing their core.

1. Lack of Knowledge

Many students are still not aware of the necessary analysis at this time. They consider pursuing 11th grade with any stream. The worst fact is that many aren’t even aware of the availability of an alternative stream, courses, or job options after the 10th. All they know is pursuing 11th either with Science or computer as their


2. Aimless Steps

Everybody cannot decide their career goals in childhood. But at least by their 10th grade, they should have figured out their interest to steer their career in that specific direction. Students would get exposure to various fields, at least with a rough knowledge about them.

This little knowledge on domains would be helpful to kindle the spark and attract us towards our interested domain. But what do students do nowadays? They don’t observe their interest and move forward without goals. 

3. Lack of Guidance

Students fail in choosing the right career due to a lack of guidance. Teachers, parents, and seniors should take the responsibility of directing them in this case.

Schools can take the responsibility of arranging a brainstorming discussion session for students with experienced directors.

4. Trend Influence

People easily stick with new technologies. When they get to know about a recent trend, they get easily influenced by those kinds of stuff. Though today’s trend seem attractive, people should make sure of few points like: 

Will this trend last at least for a decade?

We would have come across many technologies that will be the talk of the town for a few months or maybe a few years too. But eventually, they may be proven a failure, technology or any better ideology can outsmart them. Students should perform a proper study before getting into it.

What will be the future of this trend? 

Examining the present idea and future goals of any field will benefit the students by providing a clear view of the field. 

Does this field require expert technicians?

As we all know, there are a few thoroughly automated systems. These types of trends only require a production team once, and then the work will be performed by an Artificial Intelligence system.

Am I interested in this field?

In the search for the best field, people may tend to forget their interests. Will the student’s interest and capacity match with the choice should be the prime focus of any decision. Answering this question will give them a clear idea and make sure not to cling to a trend that doesn’t suit them.

1. Crowded Mind Set

This mindset is the worst threat that could spoil a child’s future. A crowded mindset is nothing but sticking with the choice, which the majority of the people choose.

In this case, students may opt for science or computer streams which are chosen by many. They never bother about other possible electives or opportunities that might suit them.

2. Sticking with Friends

Instead of making independent decisions, students depend on their friends. A set of friends forming a group and choosing a career together is popular among youngsters now.

By this, they concentrate less on their own concern. Sometimes students go for the subject with less complexity instead of choosing the effective one.

3. Parent’s Pressure

Some parents dump their dreams and goals on their children. They consider few courses prestigious and try to tune their children in that path. Thinking about their children’s interests is also a priority, and parents should realize this.

Some schools restrict some courses to some people who scored less in the 10th board exams. They make hierarchies on electives with marks and deny the low scorers to opt for the course they wish.

How to choose the Right Career Path after the 10th?

Being new to the complexities of adulthood, students may lag in picking the right choice of their life. The confusion that occurs at this phase and the lack of information need to be addressed by some experts and assist them in preparing a list of career options after 10th.

Here are a few guidelines for the fresher to pull themselves to face the stuff awaiting them. 


The primary step of choosing a career is to know you better. How to do a self-analysis? This is the question that would hunt many students. Self-analysis is not any art or technique to master. In simple words, that means listening to our own hearts.

  • Listen to your heart.
  • Notice what are the subjects that interest you.
  • Mark the pattern of your working style
  • Find the skills which you are good at

These are some of the moments that happen in our life just like that. But we don’t give much importance to them. We don’t understand the value of observing ourselves. When we are in a situation to convince a recruiter or others, the primary need is that we should have enough knowledge on our own. Following the above-mentioned simple steps could help us in figuring out our path. Self Analysing has two things to focus on.



What excites you?

Are you good enough at that?

This is something which you enjoy while doing. People will put in their 100% effort wholeheartedly in doing the jobs they love.

All the fields that interest you don’t come under this category. Here we should raise another question regarding our skills. Analyze the skills we possess that match this field. Also, try enough to build a few more skills relevant to the field, which we love doing.

For example, some may like the subject of Biology. They would love to learn in detail about living beings’ body functions and their lifestyle.

All the students who love biology cannot necessarily withstand the practical sessions. They may feel less interested in operating the body parts of the dead animals.

Choose a Relevant Field

Conduct a study to list out the fields that match your interests and skills. In this process, students will end up with an extensive list of interests. This is the significant step where one should learn the art of carefully picking the right profession from the long list. 

The right choice could not be just the interest people have in a subject. I should satisfy some essential criteria as stated in the book “IKIGAI.”

1. What do you like? 

The human heart will long for many things. They may love reading books. This is a wise and laudable hobby anybody could have. Reading books can enhance your knowledge in various fields and help us to grow further. But what are the skills we earn from this?

2. What are you good at?

Through book reading, we can possibly develop these skills.

  • Knowledge
  • speed reading
  • detailing to the stuff
  • patience

We can make a list this way. Some may get inspiration for writing from this habit. Some may develop a business idea from the gained knowledge. Whatever it may be, reading a book could never be a profession. So, students must learn to differentiate their likings and skills.

3. What can you be paid for?

People should find a way of converting their passion to a profession. Could we make money from our passion? This is the primary question one should ask themselves? One should find the possible ways of choosing a field from which one could make money. If you are good at communication, you could opt for customer handling-related jobs. 

4. What does the world need?

Another important term is the scope.

  • How much does the world need the work you choose to do? 
  • Will it benefit people? 
  • What should we do to make it productive in a way to reach people?

Analyzing these questions and learning the needs of people will help you find the field that meets your requirements. This way, it will become easier for you to position yourself among them by developing yourself as a worthy candidate. 

Contact experienced seniors

The simplest way to gather knowledge is by seeking help from experts. Students can reach out to them through various options.

Career Counselling for Class 10

Some people may not feel comfortable reaching out to seniors. Such people have the opportunity of reaching out to the experts who organize career guidance programs.

There, one could interact with the expertise people to gather knowledge on the fields and pick the one that matches you from the list of career options after 10th.

List of Career Options after 10th 

Pursuing 11th grade with any random elective is not the only choice after 10th. There are many possibilities for the students who are precise with their goals. Options like diploma courses, short-term courses, jobs in army forces, and higher secondary education.

Let’s discuss the possible chances we have.

Higher Secondary Education

 Most people choose to pursue their higher secondary school education with one of the possible electives they provide. Let’s discuss those electives and their benefits to build a list of career options after 10th.

Science Group

This is the first popular group among students. This will be the choice of most of the students and parents. This group comprises maths, physics, chemistry, and biology as its major subjects. The stream is wide common to all the careers one could choose in the future.

As this group deals with all major subjects’ students will be capable enough to fit in with whatever career they choose in the future. Science students have a wide range of opportunities on their own, and also they can switch to IT, Commerce and business.

But vice versa is not possible. One who opted for Commerce cannot take medicine in the future. The same goes for arts, computer science and other fields too. This makes Science unique from others. 

Who should take Science ?

Career option after Class 10 Science Stream:







B.A Tamil


B.Sc Maths



B.A English


B.Sc Physics



B.A Sanskrit


B.Sc Chemistry



B.A Hindi

B.Tech IT

B.Sc Zoology



B.A History

B.E Civil

B.Sc Microbiology


B. Pharm

B.A Music

B.E Mechanical

B.Sc Biochemistry

Bachelor of Economics

Bachelor of Physiotherapy

B.A Geography

B.E Aeronautical

B.Sc Biotechnology


D. Pharma

B.A (Performing Arts)

B.E Marine

B.Sc Maths


Domains suitable for Science students:

  • Software Designing
  • Geology
  • Blockchain Development
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Networking
  • Testing
  • Data Science and Machine Learning
  • Business Intelligence
  • Forensic Pathology
  • Technical writing

These are the possible career options after 10th in the Science stream that could be opted by students. The available courses of all graduate levels from Arts, Commerce, Engineering, Medicine, and many more are the qualifying courses for a career.

Computer Science

This is the second most common field chosen by people. This also provides a wide range of opportunities for people. Students who opted for this group can choose any field except a few, like medicine and Commerce.

Students will have the option to select any engineering fields or other bachelor degrees in physics, chemistry, maths, and many more. This elective can produce professionals like Engineers, scientists, teachers, and many more.


This is not as common as Science, but if Economics and numbers are your friends, this will be a massive opening for you.

Commerce can take you towards many high-paid jobs like accountants, financial advisors, and so on. This course could be a guiding light for business people too. Here are a few career options after Class 10th in Commerce:

  • Business Law
  • Business Economics
  • Accountancy
  • Auditing
  • Income tax
  • Marketing
  • General business economy

Career Options after Class 10th in Commerce:

  • Company Secretary (CS)
  • Chartered Accountant (CA)
  • Cost and Management Accountant (CMA)
  • Bachelor of Laws (LLB)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)
  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Arts and Humanities

Arts and Humanities are well-suited for creative talents, arts, and language lovers. Arts is an emerging trend these days with immense possibilities in various fields like:

  • Journalism
  • Arts
  • History
  • Psychology
  • Languages
  • Designing
  • Performing Arts

Students with this course can develop the skills of critical thinking leadership quality, observing skills, research techniques, and analyzing skills. 

Streams under Arts

Here are some interesting subjects that you study under this stream:

  • Literature English
  • Literature Tamil
  • Literature Sanskrit
  • Hindi
  • History
  • Geography
  • Political Science
  • Fashion Studies
  • Physical Education
  • Music
  • Dance

Diploma Courses

There are also opportunities other than this which has the best store for students. Proceeding with the 11th and 12th is not the only option after the 10th board exams. Many short-term courses, diploma options are available with high opportunities.

These courses are chosen by the students who expect to undergo a technical or industry-related experience.

Once students are clear about their career path, then they prefer opting for their field-related technical and industrial training instead of sticking with high school education.

List of Career Options through Diploma

Course Name

Duration of the course

Diploma in Medical


Diploma in IT

6 to 12 months 

Diploma in Engineering



6 to 2 years

Diploma in Architectural Assistantship

3 years

These are the professional diploma courses across fields that strengthen the technical and practical knowledge of the respective domain. 

What are the career choices in store for Diploma Courses?

Even candidates with Diploma courses can pursue careers in the following areas: 

  • Lab Assistant
  • Electrical Design Engineer
  • MRI Technician
  • Web Developer
  • IT Jobs
  • Web Designer
  • Lab technicians

Short Term Courses

Similar to the diploma courses, we have a heap of short-term courses in the industry. According to the field, students may choose any particular domain or technology to elevate them in that respective field. These short-term courses will serve as an added advantage to the primary skills and graduation skills one possesses. 

Short Term Courses for Agriculture

  • Certificate in Sericulture – This is a 6-month course in production and rearing silk. 
  • Certificate in Bee Keeping – This is again a 6-month study rearing bees, honey collecting, and preserving them.
  • Diploma in Agriculture – This agricultural Science is a 2-year unique course dealing with all the agricultural knowledge.

Short Term Courses for Arts:

  • Graphic designing – This course is a practical six months training course with graphics, animation, and other things.
  • Beautician and Hairdressing– This course varies from duration of 3 months to 1 year. 
  • Event Management – This course is available from 6 months to 1 year that provides good experience in handling events, meetings, and connecting with people.
  • Social Media Marketing – It is a 1-year course that trains students in creating quality content and reaching people through marketing skills.
  • Diploma in Food Technology – is a 3-year course that educates the students with the nutrients, energy, food adulteration, and a few more. 

Job Opportunities

All we discussed in courses to take after class 10th. Here we have other options too. There are few jobs with the eligibility of 10th grade. Here are a few of them:

  • Indian Army
  • Indian Navy
  • Indian Air force
  • Coast guards
  • Railways
  • Municipal workers

These armed forces and other corporation jobs take only 10th class as their qualification. 

Best Courses after 10th Class for Girls

There is hardly a field left untouched by women. They equally shine in the fields which are once categorized as ‘not meant for girls.’ Girl students marked their success in all the possible fields. Though girls became an inseparable part of all fields, sometimes we do categorize the fields in which girls could shine bright.

Why these criteria?

Girls have already marked their excellence across various fields. Then why do we classify some fields that are best suitable for girls? This question may arise in many of us.

The fact is that this differentiation is specially meant to match specific skills and qualities women possess and channel them into the right path. For example, people widely believe women are good at negotiation and communication and a few more skills.

So, picking these relevant job opportunities for women is the primary motive of this session. One more important factor is safety. All these are considered, and the best courses after 10th class for girls are listed here.

Special skills of women:

  • Creativity and innovations – As women often come across various occasions to implement their creativity, she would be efficient in coming up with plenty of innovations to enhance her work.
  • Attention to details – Women usually concentrate more on things. People used to say they are keen on details and authenticity. Thus girls will be apt for the fields or positions where they tend to work with minute details like arts or others.
  • Confidence – People of any gender should possess this quality to succeed in any field. Especially women would face a few more difficulties to face throughout their career. This easily makes her more assertive and more confident day by day. Gradually she becomes the most confident one.
  • Empathetic persons – Women usually are feelers. They can feel the emotion of others as their own. This quality is highly essential in business categories. They could sense the people need to realize the demand and formulate the right plan to attract people. 
  • Trustworthy – This is again a necessary quality expected in both genders. Clients and the public should develop an unbreakable trust in your service.

With these inborn and acquired skills, women can stand unique in specific fields than others. Here is the list of fields that match girls after their studies.

  • Communication
  • Fine Arts
  • Computer Science
  • Architecture
  • Interior Designing
  • Yoga
  • Hotel Management
  • Astrology
  • Fashion Technology
  • Food Engineering
  • Hotel Catering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Dairy Engineering
  • Office practice
  • Designing
  • Biotechnology
  • Aviation
  • Journalism
  • Mass Communication
  • Information Technology
  • Handicrafts
  • Instrument Control
  • Hospitality

We have discussed the best course after 10th class for girls, and then let’s get into the discussion of possible degrees or certification courses available for girls.

  • Home Science: The art of running a home is no less than running an organization. Food, economy, maintenance, health, and hygiene are the major things to be concentrated on. Nowadays, both men and women are getting better at these things. Still, women always have an experienced and creative hand in organizing these things. This is a 3-year course that would concentrate on home-related studies. 
  • Diploma in 3D Animation: As women are good at creating innovative ideas. This 3D animation can also suit them well. Good imagination and implementation skills of girls will bring out good animators from them.
  • Diploma in Architecture: As girls are attentive to details, they suit well for these minute works. Architecture requires high-level attention to the carvings and measurements, which could test the patience level of any student. 
  • Diploma in Astrology: The same way girls can give a try in astrology as they will be curious about the future and are good at analysis. 
  • Diploma in Information Technology: IT jobs are technical yet very safe and comfortable for women who could spend their time programming and developing the customers’ requirements.
  • Diploma in Fashion Designing: Who could beat a girl in fashion? These fashionistas highly concentrate on new trends and are very keen on the things which suit the object or persons. They won’t feel tired of getting the best out of everything by undergoing numerous repeated trials and errors.
  • Diploma in Cosmetology: Girls are good at presentation, and this would enhance the efforts they put in to make a product look better. They research and try on various cosmetics to come up with the best one.
  • Diploma in Stenography: Like all other fields, this also works well for both males and females. Some more patience and consciousness are needed to type and submit a script as given.
  • Diploma in various Languages: Mastering a new language will actually be fun for those who are interested in languages. Knowing the grammar rules and experiencing the literary touch of other languages are some of the cherished experiences for language-lovers.
  • Certificate for Yoga: Health and fitness-conscious people would wish to live a peaceful and healthy life. Those people will go for Yoga, and those instructors will be patient enough to handle their students with pleasant gestures.
  • Diploma in Fine Arts: Music, Dance, and art are the fine arts girls are more interested in than boys. There are many renowned and elegant female professionals in the industry. 
  • Commercial arts diploma: Art is something which we do to make others happy. This is a pure form of entertainment. But what if you want to change this art to a profession? Is it possible? Yes, of course. If you spend your time in marketing and commercializing your skills and turn them into a profitable profession.
  • Teacher training: Handling students of all ages and turning them into disciplined and educated students is not an easy job which is being done effectively by teachers who are worth calling parents to. This profession is again a wise choice for girls.

FAQ on Career Option after 10th

Q:1 What are the top career options after completing 10th grade?

A: Popular options include pursuing vocational courses, opting for diploma programs, exploring skill-based training, enrolling in technical courses, or choosing a specific stream in 11th and 12th grades.

Q:2 Can I enter a professional field directly after 10th without pursuing 11th and 12th?

A: Yes, you can. Many vocational and skill-based courses allow direct entry after 10th, providing specialized training and early entry into certain professions.

Q:3 How do I decide on a career path after 10th if I’m unsure about my interests?

A: Take career aptitude tests, seek guidance from career counselors, explore internships, and talk to professionals in various fields to discover your interests and strengths.

Q:4 Are there options for further studies after pursuing a career-oriented course post-10th?

A: Yes, several career-oriented courses offer opportunities for higher education. You can continue with diploma courses, upgrade to higher-level certifications, or even pursue degree programs later on.

Q:5 What if I want to change my career path after completing 10th?

A: It’s possible. Assess your interests and skills, seek advice from mentors or career counselors, and consider enrolling in courses that align with your new career goals to make a successful transition.

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