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Teacher Resume Examples

All those interested in the noble profession of teaching should give a keen eye to how they maintain their resume. To have a place in this family, you require an extensive range of skills to form proper connections with students and parents. Still, as a professional, you need to maintain the same relationship with others in this field and perfectly showcase your qualifications. Even if there is an uneven rush in this environment, it’s essential to make your resume unique and outstanding that catches many eyes. There is a list of bulletins and themes you need to add in CV format for teachers to make your paper hold the eyes of the employers.

Let’s discuss some hit points that will help your resume stand out in the bundle of many more.

Important points in your teaching resume and teacher resume samples-

When applying for the position of a teacher, your teacher resume samples should hold all the elements that define your identities, such as having a proper header with your full name and other important contact information necessary. Include all your activities which will help you as a professional along with your other formal experiences for professional development and award-winning moments. Following are the bulletins that mark the CV format for teachers as an all-rounder:

  • Your complete qualification details
  • Previous teaching experience
  • Your unique teaching skills
  • Other accomplishments
  • Your professional certifications
  • Other awards, if any.

Tips for writing teacher resume sample

The first step to the ladder when you prepare a CV format for teacher is to do your detailed research on the organization or the institute you wish to be a part of and guide your resume information design accordingly. When designing any application material, you must follow the map of the convention industry and let your focus stand on producing a result that will better highlight all your qualifications. You can make use of the following steps as well:

  1. Proper sample of review
  2. Use of proper format or template
  3. Strong objective writing
  4. Mentioning all your relevant experiences
  5. Being specific at every detail
  6. Have proofread your entire document

Proper sample of review

Take a good look at other teacher resume samples, available online that highlight a header of a CV format for teachers before you start writing your own. Even though you aren’t supposed to copy-paste phrases from the one you refer from, you can surely have a model for your own and try to match the writing skill. However, especially for high school teachers, the formatting has to be extensive.

Use of proper format or template 

You will find a big list of attractive formats and templates that you can use to design your resume. Keeping a proper room for the bulletins of your experience and proper headers as well stand out as easy-to-read is more important when choosing a particular layout. Keep it easy and straightforward, avoid adding unnecessary stuff or the points you think don’t matter in your profession as it will look better if kept out of your resume.

Strong objective writing

The main focus of your employer will be the summary you describe at the very beginning of your resume, including your qualifications and the reason you wish to apply for the particular post at their esteemed institute. This should not be more than two sentences and at the same time should mention your goals and objectives.

Mentioning all your relevant experiences

This part needs your proper attention. According to a CV format for teachers, the experience column should hold all their previous teaching experience along with an appropriate description of their other accomplishments in this field and a short description of their duties. Suppose you are at the first step of your teaching career having no experience. In that case, you can even add about your student teaching experiences or tutoring and other informal positions in the same field. Often, professionals leave less relevant posts and focus on capturing the ones they can be proud of. 

Being specific at every detail

When mentioning your every experience, you need to include your duties along with all the accomplishments in the form of bullet points, making it look more formal and specific at the same time. Make sure you add up a new responsibility with the next experience making sure the same wasn’t mentioned in the previous one.

Having to proofread

Make sure to proofread your resume before considering it as final to check for grammatical corrections at any point. This will help develop a good impression and also, you will hold the plus point of modifying it easily for any other future applications. When performing the proofreading process, you should also make sure to have proper and consistent use of grammar throughout your resume.

Writing tips for a good resume

Writing a resume stands out compared to any other professional writing material because it is highly considered for a specific official purpose only. CV format for teachers has many add and quirks, making the writing process complex. There are few hidden tips you need to focus on while designing your resume.

  • Always make sure to use words that can affect the reader when you fill your experience column. For example, you can emphasize words like “created” or “organized”, which will act as your action words.
  • The duty of any teacher is no different. Almost every teacher performs the same task may be in a different manner at times. In such conditions, the focus of your resume goes to the accomplishments you hold and how they will help you for the job you are applying for.
  • Make possible use of keywords for mentioning the position and its description you wish to apply for. This makes it easy for the employer to sort out how eligible you are for that particular position.

Formal resume template

You can have a look at the following CV format for teacher resume template as a guide and have it for your reference:

  • Your Full Name
  • Name of your state, city and pin code
  • Your email and other contact details


  • Here you can mention in short your search for a particular job type and the reason you are eligible for the job you are applying at. Make sure to keep it short and simple in two sentences.

Educational details and qualifications

  • Name of institutes you attended
  • Your minors and majors
  • Your GPA at every step

Previous experience (if any)

  • Position 1. Its start and end date. List your position, accomplishments and duties clearly using bullet points.
  • Position 2 (if any). Its start and end date. Add some bullet points and mentioned in Position 1.

Your skills

  • In this section of the resume, you can either create a whole paragraph or end up with bullet points that will highlight your teaching skills. Make sure it stands out as the job of a teacher is no different. Give a reason to your employer to consider your resume.

Mentioning your awards

  • All the awards you won or any specific accolades for your teaching will take place here. Make sure to have this section designed properly in your resume.

Now, let’s take a look at art teacher resume format:

Try to choose the best you can

Doesn’t matter if you are a private art teacher or a preschool art teacher, the same rule goes here; things always look better when in place and are easy to read.

So, there are some simple basic rules of CV format for teacher working in the art section,

  • Always start with your full name and contact details which will take its place in the heading section.
  • When dividing your resume into various sections, always bold the headings which are legible.
  • Choose the resume format that stands out as best, mostly the chronological format always look good.
  • Your resume typeface should stand out too; at the same time, it should be simple and easier to read.
  • Always remember to use the white space areas properly.
  • Make sure your resume is always in PDF file format for anyone to read it easily on any device.

Objective and summary of CV format for teacher working in art section

Also known as Resume Profile it stands out as a self-portrait. It is 3 to 4 lined paragraphs that will give the reader the objective behind your job search and a  summary of your previous experience, educational details, teaching goals, skills, etc.

You can always go for a professional summary if you have few years of teaching experience. This summary will envelope your skills and experience as well. It will also mention your focus accomplishment to prove that you are going to be a better choice.

Or, if you are a starter with no experience, you can go for the professional experience. Here you will have to mention the goals you are planning to focus on as an art teacher, which will still give you a better achievement to be a competent teacher.

When considering a CV format for teacher that wants to be an art faculty the summary of the objective holds a top place but it is fine if you keep it for the end. It’s always tougher to let the curtain fall without a “sum up”

Your description matters 

Doesn’t matter if you are going to teach easy sketching tips to primary school children or perfection of strokes to a teenager; your work experience section everywhere need to stand right. There are some simple tips to make no mistakes.

  • Always make sure to start with your current job description followed by the previous ones and so on.
  • Your job title should have the top position followed by the duration of work, school name, and last up to at least 6 bullet points that mention your responsibility.
  • Try to begin your entries with action words.
  • Mention your awards winning moments and achievements rather than just keeping it simply boring with your job duties.

Let the Education section of your resume shine bright

The education section is always at the peak of importance in any resume format. The rules here are short and simple:-

  • When you have more teaching experience keep it short and simple with your degree name, major and the college name only. When you don’t have much work experience, for example, mention the workplace, duration of work, and responsibilities and duties.
  • When you have zero previous work experience, include your achievements in form datasheets, co-curricular activities, favorite study subjects, etc.
  • Try not to mention your high school when you have majored in arts and want to work as a faculty in the same field, skipping your school details won’t matter much.

Never forget to mention and highlight your skills

You need to hand in a resume that your employer will admire, keep, and consider. The biggest question is how to design your CV format for teacher when you want to be an art faculty member. 

Design your resume with the best teaching skill you keep. There are some examples you might want to take a look at,

  • Your color field painting skills
  • Harlem renaissance
  • Cinematograph skills
  • Your interest in American Scene paintings
  • History of art and Critique
  • Interest in oil paintings
  • Different impressionism
  • Choreography skills
  • Minimalism art techniques
  • Modern Geometric Abstractions
  • Neoclassicism
  • Your organizational skills
  • Your decision-making skills
  • Your team is making spirit and skills. 
  • Your interpersonal skills
  • Management skills
  • Listening and speaking skills
  • Leadership spirit
  • Your interest in analytical techniques
  • Effective and active communication skills
  • Effective ideas for problem-solving
  • Proper time management techniques and skills
  • Creative thinking. Coming out with ideas out of the box.

Select the bulletins suitable for you. Try not to copy paste is same ideas. You can also add up your own to the list.

Other thing you can do is,

  • Try to list every professional skill related to your work of art along with some points on the history of art. Try mentioning both your soft as well as your hard skills.
  • Properly study the description of the place from which the vacancy of art teacher is shown. Knowing the place properly before you step into the room is always more meaningful when wanting to become its part.
  • Showcase your artistic skills properly highlighted and do not forget to mention the teaching skills your employers require. It will be the best resume skills and key points you will want to choose.

Other section you might want to add to your CV format for teacher in art education

Even though you created a solid resume you still are a step behind from actual success. Every person standing along with you might have the same CV format for teacher as well carry the same sections as you do. To shine a little brighter, you will have added up some extra sections to your resume. For example, some unique skills or award-winning moments, everything about your artistic work.

Here are some examples of addition to your CV format for teachers

  • Your certifications
  • Your language and speaking skills
  • About your different projects
  • Different award-winning moments
  • Licenses
  • Memberships you have 
  • Your hobbies and personal interest
  • Your wish to volunteering different projects

Never forget to attach a cover letter when you are writing an art resume

Many times, it happens that alone your resume won’t work out well. So, try not to forget the cover letter. Here are some simple tips to write an art teacher cover letter with simple love,

  • Select an elegant format for your cover letter. 
  • The starting of your cover letter should be in a compelling way
  • Mention about different benefits your employer will get from your way of teaching
  • Wind up your cover letter with an offer. Never forget to mention about a call when they take action.

Here is an example of CV format for teachers in art faculty. You can have this for your reference and add up sections as per your desire to it.

CV format for Teacher Sample

The bullet points listed below should be added to your resume with complete details about every point,

  • Name and contact details
  • Summary
  • Experience
  • Key qualifications and responsibilities
  • Key achievements
  • Education
  • Skills
  • Courses and certification

Structure for CV format for teacher

Before you can properly educate your employer about your teaching abilities try to organize your document with a proper layout. Many hiring managers, principals will appreciate a clean and organized layout. 

Tips to format a teacher resume template

  • When choosing a layout always go for reverse chronological format layout
  • Pick the best font 
  • Your font size should be 11-12 pts for the complete regular layout and the headings and titles should be 15-20 pts
  • Try to design your subheadings as easy to read.
  • Keep a 1-inch margin on all sides as border
  • Always make sure to use single line spacing
  • Keep proper spacing between sections for easy reading
  • Always save your resume in PDF file format

Things to include in teachers resume

  • Proper header that includes your full name and contact details.
  • A quick introduction about yourself
  • Your previous work experience
  • Your complete educational details
  • Your skills and abilities
  • Extra section about other language skills, award winning moments, etc.

Here’s a simple guideline about how to give A+ title to your CV in work experience section,

  • Always go with the reverse chronological order that is try to start with your recent job details first.
  • Start with the job title, followed by the company name, its location, the duration you worked at that place.
  • Give a few bullet points describing your responsibilities and tasks.
  • Mention the competencies that are relevant to job you are applying for
  • You can also go for Problem-Action-Result (PAR) to mention your quantifiable list of achievements.
  • Start your bullet points with powerful verbs to make them look more impactful.
  • Also give some attention to your teaching accomplishments rather than your tasks and responsibilities.

Entering your education isn’t that straightforward task

Doesn’t matter if you are going to apply for the post of a high school teacher or a kindergarten teacher position, you will at least require a bachelor’s degree. (At times works if you don’t have a masters). It doesn’t matter what your education level is but while mentioning things on your resume you need to be accurate at every point.

The right format is to mention the name of the institute you studied at first, followed by the place where it is located, that is street, city, and state, at last mention your year of completion.

When you have no work experience then the employer will look deeper into your academic details. At such times you need to let them shine properly. For example,

  • Your current education detail
  • Other course works
  • Different language honors
  • Other majors and minors
  • Your awards and achievements
  • Your GPA (GPA should be higher than 3.5)
  • Other extracurricular activities
  • Other abroad study details

Education corner CV format for teachers with no experience

  • Name of the institute and university you studied at
  • Location of the Institute you studied at
  • Your course completion year
  • Another relevant coursework
  • Your minor subject

When you have completed your graduate university degree you can skip your school details. But sometimes when you are applying for a substitute teaching position, your school details might be required.

Let’s take a look at the sample CV format for teacher with experience showcasing their skills.

  • Proper planning of school curricula
  • Ways of classroom management in high school
  • Effective communication skills
  • Ways to facilitate school activities

Let’s take a look at the sample for CV format for teacher with no experience showcasing their skills:

  • Ways of classroom management
  • Proper ways to grade and review student assignment
  • Effective communication skills

Additional sections in CV format for teachers

  • Certificate section: the very first thing you should list here is your teacher’s license. Add up some other supplementary documents if you have any which you think can help you in the interview.
  • Volunteer positions: when you go for a teaching faculty you are entering a public service no matter whether the school is government or private. Adding a volunteer experience to your list will play a huge role in the part of impressing the principal.
  • Your language proficiency in Resume: If you have any knowledge of any second language. If the institute you are going to is part of some culturally diverse area, your bilingual skill may help you.
  • Your personal hobbies and interest: Not everyone looks for software installed robots in the crowd. Your personal interest and hobbies will give you a place out of the crowd making you look unique and different. So do not forget to mention your hobbies and passion or anything you do for leisure.

 Mentioning of memberships and teaching certifications in your CV format for teacher

If you are working with any association which is academic or any other organizations, mentioning them at the end of your CV will catch the eye of your employer. For example,

  • NPTA (National Parent Teacher Association)
  • AAE (The Association of American Educators)
  • NSTA (The National Science Teaching Association)
  • The STEM leadership Alliance
  • NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children)
  • CEI (Childhood Education International

Doesn’t matter for what position you are applying. Even for a high school teacher, kindergarten teacher, or an assistant teacher, everywhere adding bonus sections will stand out as plus point for you..

The important part of CV format for teacher is an objective or the summary

Your resume summary or you can also call it your resume objectives is the heading statement of your CV. Keep your start creative so that the reader is intrigued to read more on the page. Even for a second you fail to keep them going you will have to look for the next school in your list if you made any.

There are three simple steps to give the reader an amazing welcome on your resume. First properly read and research online sample resumes and read what’s been written. Next, pick some interesting lines and points that wow the members of the faculty that are looking to hire. And last, pick up 2-3 of your proudest achievements or awards winning moments to give an amazing opening to your resume.

In the summary section of CV format for teacher, you should mention in brief your educational qualifications, previous teaching experience, your skills, and your proudest achievements or certifications. Your language skill should never lag behind. This will prove your competence and show that you are the one your hiring manager should think about. 

An impressive summary in CV format for teacher that are starters is a must. Instead of worrying about not having a proper experience in this field, when you write an impressive summary pointing out your skills in a proper manner, your hiring manager will think twice about ignoring your resume.

Lastly before you make a final PDF file or your resume, make sure you check it for any grammar mistakes. Designing your CV with proper language sets a good impression on the reader.

Frequently asked questions about CV format for teachers

1. What bullet points should a CV format for teacher include?

  • Never forget to highlight your educational details and credentials
  • Mention all of your previous experience
  • Keep place for your skills
  • Along with your duties mention a list of your accomplishments

Also tailor your resume to job purposes only. Choose the best format possible which stands out as easy to read. Make proper use of examples to keep your ideas and never forget to proofread and edit your document at last. 

2. Which one is considered the best CV format for teachers?

You can always choose a functional resume regardless of whether you are a starter or an experienced one. However, this format tries to focus on an individual’s skills rather than highlighting their previous experiences. So, this will stand out as an innovative choice if the employer is looking forward to an individual with specific skill types.

3. What are the skills a teacher should have?

A teacher should hold both hard and soft skills that can keep students engaged in their work. These skills can help them climb up the staircase of success and even be an educator earning the attention of many students. Students respect a teacher with multiple skills.

There are few examples of teaching skills like,

  • Good communication skills
  • Work management skills
  • Quick problem-solving ability
  • Creative thinking
  • Leadership qualities
  • More patience
  • Technical skills

4. While writing a CV format for teachers, what bullet points should be added in the education section?

When you are applying for a  high school teacher job, you can directly add your degree, major and minor. Start by mentioning your degree, writing the name of the institute, and year of passing. Here your employer won’t mind much if you skip the school education details.

When applying for the post of substitute teacher, writing about your school education details is necessary. The format for the education section here goes the same as mentioned above.

5. While writing a CV format for teachers, what bullet points should be added in the experience section?

It is important for a starter who has no experience, to mention the skills, list of certifications, and other award-winning moments. You can also add a few points about your hobbies and the creative ideas you hold.

For people who have experience in this field, mention them in reverse chronological order. For example, start from your current workplace details first, followed by the next, and so on. Next, write the name of the institute, your work duration, and followed by your skills and responsibilities in a few bullet points.

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