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TCS Digital Interview Questions for Freshers

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has recognition for being one of the esteemed IT MNC out there. So, one would have to successfully come out of the TCS interview questions to achieve the coveted job. The hiring has three stages of briefing the process: the aptitude test, the interview round (technical), and an interview (HR). This is the basic guideline that every fresher would have to abide by. Ever since the pandemic started, they have been conducting their interviews online. However, the pattern of digital interview questions is subject to variations. 

Technical Questions for Freshers

These kinds of questions form the essence of the TCS interview, so you have to make sure that you have not glossed over the basics of Computer science and coding. Therefore, elaborative answers are required only if asked to.

1. How would you define cloud computing?

Cloud computing is the process of providing on-demand services over the internet on a pay what you owe basis. Rather than managing files and services on a local device, it helps you manage your data in a cost-efficient way.

2. Where is cloud computing used?

Cloud computing can be used in- 

  1. Streaming of audio and video.
  2. Data backups and recovery thereof, and storage. 
  3. Testing and development of software.

3. Define Artificial Intelligence?

With the help of recognizing data patterns and processing, computers and machines can be equipped with the human-like ability to perform certain tasks. As a result, artificial intelligence has shaped the technology around us from playing chess with a computer to auto-drive cars; it is everywhere.

4. What has contributed to the growing importance of Artificial Intelligence?

  1. It deploys intelligence over non-intelligence.
  2. It doesn’t remain obsolete and keeps progressing by learning new algorithms.
  3. It has unparalleled accuracy.
  4. It analyzes the bulk of data with utmost efficiency.

5. What do you understand about machine learning?

When AI is put into the application, then the resultant is machine learning. It enables a particular system to improve by self-experience without any explicit requirement of functioning and programming. The stepping stone towards achieving this is developing some computer programs that can be channeled into the self-learning process.

Managerial TCS Interview Questions

This round of the TCS digital interview question will insinuate how much you know about technology in particular and how it came to harbor various tech giants around the globe.

1. Can you tell us how Facebook manages its data?

Facebook has data belonging to a vast number of registered users, crossing 950 million. To manage this, it has designed its networking and servers along with its data centers. The middleware is created by its very highly skilled programmers who write their applications. Its extensive yet united IT operations enable its services to be appropriated by both internal and external entities.

2. How do the Google results get ranked when searched?

The Google results are ranked based on search engine optimization, consisting of a Google algorithm that picks up rich content inside its classified indexes. Various factors affect Google’s ranking, but using appropriate keywords increases the chance of getting ranked manifold most of the time.

3. What is big data? How are institutions able to manage and store it?

Big data collects various company essentials such as user data, financial information, and business documents or any entity that serves as the pillar of withholding the business infrastructure in a surfeit amount. Big data is stored and managed in the following ways:

Continuous encryption: it is an effective way to fight against any hacking attempt by transfiguring everything to code and then distorting the information, which will be hard if not impossible to decode by any entity.

Cloud usage: it is an intangible or digital way of storing and managing data through which a company can easily avoid the risk of data loss if included in a piece of physical machinery.

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TCS Digital Interview Questions (HR)

These kinds of TCS digital interview questions would make you receive a sigh of breath as they are pretty casual and can be used with pure instincts and practice.

1. Can you tell us something about yourself?

The answer to this TCS interview question remains purely subjective, so prepare it shrewdly.

2. What do you expect from the company?

This question needs to be answered so that you are not leaving an impression of exaggeration. Be realistic in your approach. It can be answered:

I always longed to work for a company where the dignity and self-worth of the employees are upheld and therefore treated in the best way possible. All of these expectations are profusely fulfilled when it comes to TCS, and we can also expect a home-like workspace from the company. The company’s progressive nature would foster healthy competition, and which I am seeking as of now.

3. What are your strengths?

One key aspect of my strengths remains that I am very tenuous, implying that I would only proceed to rest after finishing the task that I have been assigned despite the difficulty level. Moreover, I consider myself to be a team player. Finally, a sense of camaraderie in my workspace enables me to contribute to vitality and efficiency. 

4. What are your weaknesses?

This TCS interview question also has to be answered with utmost honesty. So you can proceed to answer like this ‘I am a little indulgent in procrastinating, although never has it been the case that it affected the work that I undertook but it surely debased other dimensions of my life. I am willing to change this attitude and I am definitely sure that it will be gone soon given that I am tenuous. 


The main job profile for which TCS is hiring exceptional newbies is called Digital. Depending on their interests, the candidates will be from different units such as IoT, AI, ML, Big Data, Reality Virtual, BlockChain, NLP and so on. After reading the article, start working on your resume updating your latest achievements and skills. Start studying in accordance with the exam pattern, time management is an essential factor as the duration is limited.

Just like any other interview TCS digital interview question would demand your practice and on the point answering ability. Since the interview is being conducted online so you would have a much familiar place i.e. your home from where you can answer all the questions propitiously.

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