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Major Tips to handle a video conference interview at Infosys?

When it comes to tech, no one’s doing it better than the world’s top internet retailer by revenue: Amazon. Founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos, a former hedge fund manager, Amazon is now – apart from being a retailer of household goods – an entertainment company, a publisher, the creator of a home assistant and a newly minted grocer.
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A job at Infosys provides great training opportunities, professional development, the opportunity to work on projects belonging to reputed MNCs, a friendly work environment, and the chance to engage with a diverse workforce. The recruitment process hinges around two rounds of interview—technical and HR. You may be asked to appear for an Infosys video conference interview if you are based in a distant location.


The recruitment process begins with a person from the talent acquisition team calling you for a preliminary interview. The HR team will then schedule a technical interview and inform you about the details on email. You will subsequently receive a video call on the appointed day to speak with the interview panel.

Sample questions

The questions asked at video interviews are no usually different from face-to-face interactions . In keeping with the general pattern of Infosys interviews, you will be asked questions based on your CV, area of specialization, work experience, projects handled and your role in them.

Depending on your specialization, these previously asked questions will give you some idea about what to expect:

• Describe your major.
• Describe your past leadership experiences.
• What programming platforms have you worked with?
• Questions on Java.

Preparing for a video interview

A video interview provides the convenience of interacting with the recruiter without having to travel, but heavy reliance on technology also means that it is susceptible to potential pitfalls. Checking your tech in advance is, therefore, crucial to preparing for a successful video interview. Also ensure that the room you plan to sit is quiet and interruption-free and, since the area behind you will be visible, the backdrop is neat and clean. Review the lighting so that your face is adequately illuminated. Dress as if you are going for a live interview.

Handling awkward situations

A video interview can lead to several awkward moments including the inability to understand questions due to a patchy phone/internet network, frequent disconnections, and sometimes, your inability to see the interview panel because they prefer not to switch on their cameras (while you are expected to switch on yours). In case of poor network or frequent disconnections, you could request them to reschedule the interview. If the interviewer prefers not to switch on his/her camera, don’t fuss over it.

Keep looking at the camera to maintain eye contact.

Glitches and interruptions are a part and parcel of video interviews, and handling the situation adequately demonstrates your ability to adapt to difficult environments. The critical thing is to realise that video interviews present a slightly different set of challenges. Your ability to handle the problems gracefully will go a long way in making a positive impression on the mind of the interviewer.

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