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Java Developer Resume Sample & Skills in High Demand

Java has emerged as the language of the modern age. It is one of the most commonly used computer languages and Java developer skills, including Java full stack expertise,  in the software world.

However, it is not enough to have a good set of Java developer skills in your kitty. There are multiple aspects that will give you something additional to what your contemporaries have and ensure you a secure and well-paying position in an organization. 

A strong Java developer resume can take you places in today’s technology-dependent world. However, it is necessary to break away from the mold and present your resume in a fashion that will catch the eye of a prospective employer. This article will look at a developer resume sample and see which points should be emphasized and how it should be formatted.

Java Developer Roles

Java Developer roles are varied. If a developer possesses a strong set of Java developer skills, he will automatically be able to fulfil a large number of roles and responsibilities. Recruiters look for these in a Java developer resume.

Listed below are a few points that explain in greater detail the expectations of a Java developer:

  • Having a thorough knowledge of the architecture of the program.
  • Testing of pre-existing codes.
  • Development of new codes.
  • Ensure proper execution of codes.
  • Optimization of systems.
  • Micromanage existing projects
  • Coordinate with vendors

Developer resume sample

A Java developer resume must be clear and precise. There is no dearth of talent when it comes to Java developer skills, so an appropriate resume becomes even more necessary. Experience and exposure are of little value if your resume is unable to portray the same. 

The picture below depicts a developer resume sample for you to consider. This Java developer resume is on-point, emphasizes skills and does not overdo technical jargon, making it easy to pursue for recruiters. Java full stack developers should also pay heed to these tips.

Java Developer Skills That Are High In Demand

Listed below are killer sets of Java developer skills that can make you a sought-after employee in the market. Not all of these need to be emphasized in a Java developer resume, but are checked during an interview process.

1. Strong Basics

Java developer roles demand strong basics to reach the pinnacle of success in no time. Building software from scratch should be something that you are comfortable with and can complete in a short duration. Some technologies for you to consider mastering are:

2. Added Advantages

Working knowledge of frameworks that go along is always an advantage to the company. Thus, familiarity with related languages and environments will make you stand out among your contemporaries. For example, selenium, spring boot, android etc., are some assets you can pick up along your Java journey.

3. An idea of spring framework 5

In simpler terms, the spring framework can be explained as an intermediary medium that assists in building Java-based applications. It does not conform to the fast connectivity of Java and is simpler, has better injection capacity and has an easier syntax. Recent studies show that as many as 2000 websites are currently making use of the Spring framework. When spring framework 5 is a part of your Java developer skills, you become a powerful package that is hard to ignore for the employer. 

4. Kotlin To Work Towards Android

The trend of software programmers developing applications that work on android is increasing. If Kotlin is a part of your Java developer resume you will automatically stand out and maybe even be picked up more quickly. Since Kotlin is one of the variations of Java, the android applications themselves are drifting towards Kotlin. It is hence a vital tool that you can rely upon.

5. Unit Testing

Unit testing is another one of the desirable Java developer skills. Unit testing tools like Junit and TestNg help hasten the process of development of the software. They also provide quick feedback.

This is all the more relevant today when the entire software industry moves towards a shift left approach, wherein bugs are detected and fixed in the initial phase of software development itself, rather than leaving that for the end. This saves much of the time and effort of the developers. 

6. Understanding of object-oriented programming

Object-oriented programming has revolutionized the web development game. This permits the developers to classify entities into separate genres and resolve developmental issues. The five principles of object-oriented programming that form strong Java developer skills are as follows:

  • Single responsibility principle
  • Open closed principle
  • Liskov substitution principle
  • Interface segregation principle
  • Dependency inversion principle

These are popularly known as SOLID. These principles, however, are not devoid of their  issues. The developer should hence be able to ascertain when the use of these principles is relevant.

7. DevOps

The inclusion of DevOps skills is another game-changer in any Java developer resume. If you are familiar with concepts like continuous integration, continuous deployment etc, you can expect a slight edge above your colleagues.

Docker, Chef and Maven are other DevOps tools that will make you an attractive package to a prospective employer. These can fetch you a more senior role in an organization. It is safe to say that a sound and functioning experience in DevOps is a must for any Java developer. Any Java developer resume that has DevOps listed in the skill set can be selected for many roles including hybrid responsibilities of a Developer and DevOps Engineer.

What is Java full stack?

If you have spent a few years in the software industry it is almost certain that you have come across this term. Full stack developers, especially Java Full Stack developers and programmers, are much in demand in the present scenario. 

A Java full stack developer is one who develops software for clients as well as the server. As such, he handles the entire stack by himself and is expected to be skilled and experienced. A Java developer resume with full stack credentials is sure to grab the attention of potential recruiters.


Although being aware of these additional softwares is desirable for a Java developer, there are no hard and fast rules for their requirement. It is unlikely that any particular developer will have in-depth and complete knowledge of how a specific software runs. The programmer should however possess the ability to ascertain the kind of programs that are appropriate for particular issues. A developer must also have a keen interest in learning new and varied technologies. Thus it would be safe to assume that the developer’s outlook is as important as his experience and exposure. Last but not least, these skills should be properly highlighted in the resume, in lucid language that recruiters can recognize. Looking at developer resume samples can help better align and describe one’s skills to what recruiters often look for and can be pivotal to landing a job.

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