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8 Most Popular Part Time Jobs for Students

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Are you searching for part time jobs for students? If yes, then stop worrying!

In this article, we are going to tell you how students can opt for the best part time jobs and make a good earning. Many students in India take up part time jobs along with their studies but at times are unable to find the right part time job opportunities.

Part time jobs are a great way to earn pocket money or pay for the education loan if you have taken one. The major benefit of the part time jobs for students is that it can be done from home. That means flexibility and you get to choose your working hours.

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8 Most Popular Part Time Jobs for Students in India

  1. Tutor: This is one of the most popular part time jobs for students. The biggest advantage of taking up such a part time job opportunity is you can take up classes either online or offline. This gives you the flexibility to work either in the morning or evening. Working as a part time tutor offers students an opportunity to not only share their knowledge but also to retain and strengthen the concepts and theories they have learned.

  2. Data Entry Jobs: Data entry jobs are quite popular. They are among the most sought-after part-time jobs in India. So, the students who have good typing speed and willing to work as data entry operators can take up these jobs. A data entry job offers students a real-life job opportunity and they can earn via offline or online opportunities.

  3. Content Writing Jobs: This is one of the best options in online part time jobs for college students. There are various freelance websites, that provide students with opportunities to earn online by opting for a part time content writing job. Content writing is one of the most demanded skills and candidates who can write in different formats and for different mediums are in high demand.

  4. Online Fitness Coach: If you are amazingly fit and are good in telling fitness mantras to people then here is your chance to be an online fitness coach. This part time profession is gaining popularity and can help you earn at your best. With fitness becoming a trend, most millennials seek guidance either on various fitness applications or Instagram. So, this is one of the free online jobs for students with barely no investment.

  5. Survey Filling Jobs: There are various companies that hire freelance or part time executives to get primary research data from market. Such jobs require people who like travelling and talking to people. Survey filling jobs is one of the easiest types of job which just requires a candidate to either have a laptop and internet connection or a vehicle. The mode of job majorly depends on the company as this work can be done both offline and online.

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  6. Freelance Event Coordinator and Assistant: Freelance event coordinator or assistant is again, one of the best part time jobs for students. There are various events companies that organise events for independent brands, sub-brands or clients and such events require freelance workforce hence, this again is a great opportunity for students to work and earn good amount of money.

  7. Social Media Influencer: Social media influencing offers a great opportunity for students to start a part time job form home. This job has made its mark in the online industry and there are various organizations that have started to opt for influencer marketing. Any student who knows the art of increasing social media followers can take up this job and earn a decent amount. To be in this profession you should know how to create content that draws people to your social media profile. To start with, you should have more than 5000 followers to fit into the social media influencer category.

  8. Teaching Assistant: Now a days, most colleges offer students with an opportunity to work part time as a teaching assistant. You may be asked to look after the science lab, computer lab or help the respective faculty in day-today tasks. This part time job is not only a source of income but also allows an individual to learn new things and form a better rapport with the faculty.

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