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8 bad habits you’ve picked up from colleagues

8 Bad Habits You’ve Picked Up From Colleagues

Empty milk cartons in the fridge, office gossip, dirty dishes in the sink, and no one acknowledges anyone in the office. Does this sound like your workplace?

Now think again – who is to blame for these office annoyances? If you can’t think of someone to point the finger at, then maybe the problem is you.

It’s easy to pick up bad habit, or transfer your bad habits from home to the office. While individually these aren’t deal breakers, collectively these workplace habits are irritating and can impede collaboration in the office.

If you suspect you’re becoming ‘that guy’ in the office, have a read and see if the nuisance is you.

1. You’re not a team player: If a colleague is having a bit of a crisis or is up to his/her neck, it’s time to offer help. Don’t be the guy that sits around twiddling thumbs when you can be constructive and take one for the team.

2. You’re chronically late: Occasional tardiness is understandable, but it’s a problem when you’re late for every meeting or miss deadlines more often than not. Being punctual shows you care and value other people’s time. This helps to build trust between your coworkers and positions you as a responsible person.

3. You eavesdrop on conversations: Peeking into someone else’s computer, listening in on private conversations and butting in where you’re not needed are annoying habits. It’s important to pick up social cues before someone tells you off.

4. Talking loudly on the phone: No one needs to hear you shouting into the phone, or laughing with a friend about your awesome weekend for 15 minutes. It’s disruptive and rude. If you can’t find a conference room, try to keep your voice down.

5. Jamming the photocopier: We know, we know. That **** copier was sent here to test your will to live, but don’t be the guy that jams it and walks away. If you don’t know how to fix it – ask a friendly colleague or the office manager. Also, don’t forget to replenish the paper stack!

6. Chronic whining: Poor you! Nothing or no one makes you happy. What are you to do?! Here’s an idea – stop complaining. Whining at the workplace has become so common often people don’t realise they’re doing it. Exposure to this kind of negativity can affect office morale and damage productivity.

7. Playing music loudly on your headphones: C’mon now. No one needs to hear you listen to your new favourite song 10 times in a row. We know you like to blast tunes to get in the zone, but consider your colleagues’ sanity and turn down the volume a bit, please. It will help everyone concentrate.

8. Gossiping and office politics: Everyone is guilty of a good gossip from time to time, but habitual gossiping can hurt a person’s reputation and career. Avoid spending time with office gossips. If you absolutely have to, then don’t bad mouth people – it almost always comes back to bite you.

Wondering how to handle the oddballs at work? Go to our Motivation and Thought leadership section.

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