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10 Best Skype Interview Tips for Job Seekers Who Want to Succeed

Skype interviews are growing by the day and rightly so. Not only they save time and cost but they are safe as well, especially at a time when the Coronavirus outbreak forbids in person meetings.

A Skype interview also make sense for companies, which are looking to interview candidates who are based out of a different location.

But first: What is a Skype Interview?

A Skype interview is an online video interview held over Skype, the software used for video and voice calls.

Keeping in mind the growing popularity of Skype interviews, here are the 10 best Skype interview tips.

  1. Test Your System
    This should be your first step. Before the recruiter starts the interview, you must make sure that your system is in place and your camera is working. If your system creates a problem during the interview and you hop or toggle the screen or if your mic remains muted then this may create a negative impression on the recruiter. So, you should always test your system before the interview. And yes, come online before your interviewer does.
  2. Choose a Quiet Spot
    Your house can be full of distractions and the last thing you would want during skype interview is to have a family member or your pet come running across the screen. So, you must always place yourself at an isolated spot or close your room for a while.
  3. Keep Your Username and Profile Picture Professional
    The first impression about you on a skype interview can be from your profile picture and username, as these are the first two things that a recruiter observes on your profile. Keeping a weird username and putting a funny or casual profile picture should be avoided. It is recommended that you keep your skype profile professional.
  4. Keep a Hard Copy of Job Description Handy
    Job description plays a vital role in the interview and if you keep it in front of you to help you construct your answers accordingly taking the important keywords from it. This may better your chances of making a positive impression on the recruiter.

  5. Look Straight in the Camera
    It gets really fascinating to watch yourself on screen and judge your presence or the interviewer’s but as we maintain an eye contact in face to face interview, it becomes crucial to do the same during a skype interview. So, look directly into the camera and try to avoid looking at the screen.
  6. Dress Your Best
    Your attire is the essence of your personality. So, you must wear what goes for the occasion. Even though it is a skype interview and the interviewer will only be able to see your upper half, it is always recommended to dress the way you would have for an in-person interview. Dressing the right way can help you look confident.
  7. Research About the Company
    Researching about the company is an important step to better your chances in any interview be it online or not. Your research will decide how well you will be able to handle a recruiters’ questions, that are about the organisation you are being interviewed for. The recruiter expects you to have basic understanding about the company’s business.
  8. Body language
    This is a pro skype interview tip. Body language speaks the language of your attitude. It is important that you must position yourself well with upright body posture. What it means, that you should not slouch, do not fold your arms during interview or fidget with your pen as that looks bad on screen. However, you should maintain a polite smile on your face and sit a little forward in your chair.
  9. Research about Your Interviewer
    It is always better to know your interviewer. You may use Google or LinkedIn for your research. This kind of research will make you more confident over Skype interview as you will be able to understand your recruiter.
  10. Time Management is the Key
    Compared to the physical interaction, Skype interviews are usually shorter. So, it is important to keep your answers short and specific to win this battle. The best way to know the total time is to ask the recruiter via email, so that you can prepare accordingly.

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