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10 Best Resignation Letter Samples & Format to Quit Your Job

Everyone wants growth, and everyone expects growth in their field, but sometimes one does not get the recognition he deserves at the workplace. Sometimes, resignation is the only option left to move on and aim for the higher role and the only option left for people trying to switch fields.

In any case, learning to write in a proper job resignation letter format is a part of resigning. It lets one move on gracefully without any ill feelings between the employer and the employee and subtly conveys why one is leaving. So, depending upon what circumstances leading to one’s decision to resign are, the several resignation letter formats to quit a job are presented for the reader’s convenience.

Prior Notice Resignation Format

Some companies need an employee to give prior notice of resignation well in advance before leaving their post. This notice period can be one month prior, four weeks prior, three weeks prior, or just two weeks prior. Anyhow, the template to write such letters is:

While writing the letter, make sure to:

  • Keep the letter as brief as possible.
  • If one wants to, he can also mention his new job role at the new company.
  • Always mention the last date of your work.
  • Remember to thank the company for the support and have a generally positive outlook in the letter.

Resigning due to personal reasons

Sometimes the work environment has nothing to do with one decision to resign, and it’s just elements in his personal life taking a toll on him.  However, one may choose a personal reasons resignation letter format to quit a job if he doesn’t want his reason to quit to be public and does not want to reconcile with the company in any way. In such a case, the following format is of use :

While writing the letter, make sure to:

  • Thank the company properly while not being overly grateful
  • Do not discuss the reason for resigning. Just stating ‘personal Matters’ is enough.
  • Be cautious never to mention your new place of work or your new job role in the letter as it can lead to bitter feelings with the management.

Resigning due to work reasons

In contrast to the sample above, sometimes work conditions do cause a person to resign. In such case, a person can choose this format, the sample for which is:


While writing the letter, make sure to:

  • Thank the company and state why one’s leaving in detail. A diplomatic approach stating the reason for leaving is highly effective over an angry rant. Also, the angry rant won’t lead to a job reference from the company.
  • If one wants to reconcile with the company, he should also state steps that the management can take to make the situation better.

Resigning due to job switch

This kind of job resignation letter is used while switching fields. The sample for such a letter is as follows:

While writing the letter, make sure to:

  • Thanks to the company for inculcating the deciding factors in the new field or contributing positively to the new job role. Even if one does not feel that his current job has cultivated any significant skills for the new job, it is always nice to include skills like – Management, Punctuality, Teamwork, Communication, and others in the resignation letter.
  • Be sure to include the new field one is opting for in brief. Do not state the job role and any other details, just the fields and the reason for switching in brief.

Resigning due to work conditions: Rude Resignation letter

Although the cause for resignation may be similar to the formatted state above, the tone is different from the previous entry. Choose this format only and only if one has deep-seated resentment for his present company and that one wouldn’t be working there even a day after submitting the letter. Also, rude resignation letters wouldn’t fetch any good recommendations and references from the present company. That being said, here is the resignation letter sample to quit your job.


While writing the letter, make sure to:

  • Not using any expletives, curses, slangs, or obscene words in the letter as their use can cause legal action against the writer. Words like – dirty, unrewarding, mismanages, and other light offensive terms should be used.
  • Always state the prime reason that pushed one to write this resignation letter and that too in detail.

Resigning due to Pregnancy or Letter for Maternity Leave

This resignation letter format is for the working women who either want to resign from their position due to their pregnancy or want to request a maternity leave from their job. The sample of this resignation letter is:


While writing the letter, make sure to:

  • Give an approximate month in which the baby is expected
  • When asking for a leave, do specify the total duration needed as leave and the latest month when one would be able to resume his post.

Resignation with Immediate Effect Format

Often certain circumstances force a person to resign from his post with immediate effect. Leaving with immediate effect means that the person would be leaving his post within 24 Hours. The sample job resignation letter is provided below:


While writing the letter, make sure to:

  • Include the reason for resigning immediately. One can state ‘Personal Reason‘ as in the previous format, but for immediate resignation, the details of that ‘Personal Reason’ must be stated.
  • Be sure to express regret multiple times for resigning immediately.
  • Be sure to forward a copy to your subordinates as well.

Resignation letters particular to certain professions

These resignation formats are written specific to a particular profession, examples of which are-



Software Engineer


Summing Up

These formats can be pretty helpful and sufficient enough for anyone wanting to resign gracefully and adequately. There are many other particular resignation letter formats – for Part Timers, for Freelancers, for Teachers, for nurses, and other professions, but all of them directly or indirectly a variation of one of the above formats. Hopefully, by now, one has the basic idea of ‘how to write a resignation letter to quit your job’ and can take a step forward towards his growth – for both his character and career.

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