Employee Stories
Meet Veronica

She loves what she does at Infosys. Here is a snippet of her story and how she shines through her role at Infosys while battling a chronic illness and other challenges.

“I progressed from being a subcontractor to a full-time employee last year. I work in areas that I am passionate about, such as Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). And every day, I’m able to draw on my own life and work experiences as I help the next generation coming out of college navigate their career paths. As I listen and speak to them, I remind them that there is no single way to achieve success; and that even a disability that once may have been perceived as a weakness can become a strength. For me and them, Infosys – a champion for DEI – provides a work environment that enables everyone to leverage their unique strengths.”

Meet Olive

As a mother of 6, Olive aspires to demonstrate to them that life as a parent can include a fulfilling and meaningful career.

“Infosys were able to see that my background skills in HR and Business Admin, particularly people management, were extremely valuable to them. I remember delivering a PowerPoint presentation as an intern in a boardroom to the Vice President of Infosys and realizing how my thinking and approach stood out compared to my peers. While most of the other presentations were very technical, I was focused on people, on clarity of communication, and conveying the big picture effectively. And to my delight Infosys celebrated my unique approach.”

Meet Harry

His burning desire to learn and excel within the field of Artificial Intelligence led him to Infosys. He believes that Infosys is the kind of organization where if you have the desire to do well, you’re going to really succeed.

“Unlike other companies, the leadership at Infosys takes considered risks and brings you along for the ride. That’s my inspiration every day. I’m working for senior leaders and my work has a lot of impact. There is a lot of trust and encouragement. I can bring a lot of different ideas; I can be bold and imaginative; I can seek topics that pose challenges for customers; I can be contrarian or pitch an unexpected angle. And I think I get better every year because I just feel so inspired to meet the demands of my job.”

Meet Jacqui

A veteran from the Royal Australian Air Force and now an Infoscion who loves learning all things tech. In her story Jacqui tells u how she is immensely grateful to know that employers like Infosys exist, who value people as a whole and not just their formal accomplishments and degrees.

“Infosys has been incredibly supportive of my journey to learn and expand my knowledge of the IT sector. With the company’s support, I just finished a course on Cyber Security at Purdue University, USA. I’m also pursuing a course in ethical hacking, which has always been so fascinating to me! My manager is always encouraging me, giving me advice, and recommending new certifications I could complete. It was at a rough time in my life when I had to juggle the course and take care of my elderly mother all at once. But I’m so glad I pushed myself to do it. I would’ve never seen myself working in the tech space, especially cybersecurity, but with Infosys’ support, I am flourishing here.”

Meet Ayukt

When life tossed Ayukt’s dreams of being a heart surgeon, he did not let it deter him. He took a leap of faith with Infosys and since then has not looked back.

“I got a call from Infosys on August 9, 2019, and I was an Infoscion on August 15, less than a week later. It was a great experience working with my first manger and team. Even though I consider him a mentor, he does not let me call him “sir”. He says we’re brothers (what can I say, those are his actual words). That about sums up Infosys for me. A company that believes in fostering meaningful relationships with its employees.”

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