Running a sustainable business for us is about striking a balance between the expectations of our stakeholders with our company goals. Clients, employees, investors, partners, academia, and local communities want different things from us, and we can balance these through our sustainability strategy and robust engagement methodology. It is through continuous, constructive, and responsible engagement that we can expand our efforts to realize a sustainable future for ourselves, and for our stakeholders.

Our ESG Priorities

EnvironmentalServe the preservation of our planet by shaping and sharing technology solutions


SocialServe the development of people by shaping a future with meaningful opportunities for all


GovernanceServe the interests of all our stakeholders by leading through our core values

Infosys has become carbon neutral for FY 2020, 30 years ahead of the timeline set by the Paris Agreement. We acted internally through energy efficiency initiatives and investments in renewables. Any emissions that remained were then offset, using community-based projects that created a lasting socio-economic impact. In 2019, Infosys received the prestigious United Nations Global Climate Action Award in the ‘Climate Neutral Now’ category.

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