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#HiringReimagined : The Magic of foundit’s Search

Even as hiring is constantly evolving, the quest for the perfect candidate continues to take the centre-stage for recruiters. 

With the new foundit platform, we have reimagined hiring. And one of the key pillars driving it is Magic Search. 

This is a crucial feature that is transforming the hiring landscape. 

AI-powered Search 

foundit’s user-friendly Magic Search provides relevant candidates’ information from a vast pool of options in just a few clicks.  

It’s the AI that puts the magic in our Magic Search. 

The cutting-edge technology enables the platform to find the perfect candidate for you using industry-first Smart Filters that are available on the search results page. 

In addition to Smart Insights, the search dashboard is thoughtfully designed, with all the important features like the keyword search bar, and filter dropdown menu made easily accessible. 

Other toggles also include location, experience, education, company, etc. 

AI-powered Search using Smart Filters

AI powered search using smart filters

AI to the Rescue: Relevant Candidate Suggestions 

Are you a recruiter specialising in a specific industry? Let’s say, you’re hiring candidates for an e-commerce giant, and you prefer candidates with an e-commerce background.  

Your search results will reflect your preferences as you will see candidates with experience working in e-commerce companies and the relevant skills appearing on your search results page. 

Here’s the best part. 

Your search results are tailored to you and your organisation based on your hiring preferences! 

Whether you work for an IT company or fintech startup, get the right recommendations as foundit’s AI-driven recommendations are here to help. 

In short, Magic Search helps you find candidates that are just the right fit, saving time and refining the quality of your shortlist.  

Hone Your Search with Smart Filters 

The magic in Magic Search is about AI-backed precision. 

Need a candidate with a particular skill set or experience? How about something more specific — someone promoted in their current company, or a candidate who has been part of a successful exit or IPO? Want to shortlist only those candidates with an updated portfolio? 

foundit’s 35+ smart filters have got you covered, ensuring you pinpoint the ideal candidate every time. 

Transform your recruitment

Additionally, you can instantly see who’s available to jump into a new role, thanks to real-time candidate availability updates (Immediate Joiner, 30-day notice period, 60-day notice period, etc.). The information-rich search results page also tells the recruiters when a candidate had last updated their profile on foundit. 

No more chasing candidates with cold calls; just efficient, streamlined hiring.  

real time candidate availability update on recruiter's dashboard on foundit job portal

Dive into an Ocean of Talent 

With foundit’s Search, you can finally reach the untapped 70% of your talent pool. What’s more: you get to access this vast pool of active and passive candidates all in one place on the search results page. 

In addition to the candidates registered on foundit, you also have the option to reach out to candidate profiles sourced from various data sources like GitHub, Behance and other professional social networks. 

It’s all about maximising your options and minimizing your effort. 

The Whole Story: Comprehensive Candidate Profiles 

foundit goes beyond the basics. Using Search, get a complete picture of a candidate’s professional journey, skills, and more – all in one place on the search results page. It’s like having detailed insights into a candidate’s professional journey, so you can make better-informed decisions during the recruitment process.

Exploring Similar Profiles 

Like a candidate and wonder if there are others like them in the talent pool? On the search results page, the “Check Similar Profiles” feature finds similar candidates with similar skills, experience, background, etc. based on the profile you like. Just click on ‘Similar’ option at the bottom of the profile and see the curated results. 

Check Similar Profiles feature and get curated results

You can even “Favorite” these candidates, so the profiles can be viewed later. 

Mark favorite these candidates for later viewing

Empowering Recruiters 

Magic Search is a powerful tool that simplifies, streamlines, and supercharges your hiring process. It’s an intelligent approach to sourcing talent. 

Over 100 of our customers – like Wipro, Capgemini and Infosys- who got an early preview of foundit’s next-gen recruitment solution achieved 80% higher productivity, 4.5x reduction in recruitment cost and 2x better candidate response time. 

Curious to see how foundit’s Magic Search can elevate your recruitment game? Experience the magic yourself. 


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