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Territory Manager Job Description

An introduction to Territory Manager job:

As the name implies, it is a job role that manages an organization’s relationship with its customer base in a particular territory or region. A Territory Sales Manager works towards the betterment of the relationship between the company and its regional clientele. They work towards understanding the customers’ needs and requirements and plans on how to fulfill the same. They aim at improving the revenue and gaining loyalty while maintaining a steady communication and kinship with the customers.

What does a Territory Sales Manager do?

The prime duties of a Territory Manager job are:

  • Maintaining regional customer base with constant communication and fulfillment of customer requirements
  • Setting up meetings for target and revenue analysis
  • Monitoring stable and efficient sales operations of the company

Job brief for Territory Manager job:

The company is looking for an experienced and agile Talent Sales Manager to improve the sales revenue and expand our clientele within the assigned location.

The role calls for exceptional interpersonal skills, organizational and sales knowledge. You are expected to interact with the client and understand their requirements. You need to be focused, analytical, and driven to fulfill your responsibilities and help the company reach its sales goals. It will be your job to ensure customer satisfaction and thus growth in sales.

Responsibilities of Territory Manager job:

Being a Territory Sales Manager, the following responsibilities are to be fulfilled:

  • Strategizing effective and efficient sales plan based on regional demands
  • Identifying opportunities for sales in the market
  • Direct communication with customers for understanding requirements and concerns
  • Data analysis for planning efficient sales implementations
  • Introduce and present products and services to the customers
  • Monitoring and analyzing competitions
  • Conduct sales and Territory Manager training
  • Training for employees regarding sales strategy, products, and services provided by the company
  • Report preparation and presentation to Sales Director

What are the requirements of a Territory Manager job?

A Territory Manager is responsible for a very critical role in a company, and thus the job requires some specific experiences and skillsets:

Professional/practical Experience:

  • Prior experience of being a Territory Sales Manager
  • Experience in field sales jobs
  • Practical experience of sales and revenue improvement
  • Developing strategies for sales and performance enhancement

Educational Qualification:

  • Bachelor in Science/Art with major in marketing, business, or related field
  • Proficiency in MS Office
  • Desirable: Knowledge of Salesforce


  • Organizational skills are a must
  • Communication skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Analysis and problem-solving

Why pursue a Territory Manager job?

Territory Manager role is a critical job role in any company dealing with sales, and thus the opportunity of work is widespread. Any company will require a Territory Sales Manager to handle their regional sales figures and customer base, irrespective of their field of operation. Industries with the most demand for Territory Managers are tours and travel, insurance, pharmaceuticals, etc. Someone with knowledge and experience in sales and marketing and proper Territory Manager training can opt for this job role and excel. Territory Managers learn about handling sales and marketing along with analysis and planning of sales enhancement. This job role also provides exposure to directly reach out to the customers and ensure customer satisfaction and retention. Apart from opportunities to learn and gain knowledge, this job role is also financially rewarding as most big companies offer good salary packages.

Salary package for Territory Manager job:

Salary depends on various factors. Let’s look into some:

Salary based on experience levels:

  • The average salary offered to a Territory Manager at entry-level is Rs. 3 lakhs per annum (approx)
  • The average salary offered at an intermediate or mid-level is Rs. 5 lakhs per annum (approx)
  • The average salary offered in a Territory Manager job at advanced or senior level is Rs. 10 lakhs per annum (approx)

Salary based on top recruiters:

  • Cipla offers an approximate salary of Rs. 4.1 lakhs per annum
  • HDFC Standard Life Insurance offers an approximate salary of Rs. 13.69 lakhs per annum
  • HCL Infosystems offers an approximate salary of Rs. 10.47 lakhs per annum
  • L&T Financial Services offers an approximate salary of Rs. 5.67 lakhs per annum

Salary based on cities:

  • The average salary offered in Kolkata is Rs. 6 lakhs per annum
  • The average salary offered in Bangalore is Rs. 7 lakhs per annum
  • The average salary offered in Mumbai is Rs. 7 lakhs per annum
  • The average salary offered in Delhi is Rs. 7 lakhs per annum

How to become a Territory Manager?

Pursuing any career option or preparing for any particular job role requires a lot of knowledge gathering and understanding the market of jobs.

Firstly, gather information on the requirements for the job such as:

What are the educational qualifications required for the Territory Manager job

Whether Territory Manager training is necessary? If yes, then which institutions offer it?

After gathering all answers to these questions, you need to gain the expertise to improve your Territory Manager resume to get more and better opportunities. For this, you have to have proper communication skills, knowledge of sales and marketing, knowledge of a company’s approach towards its customers and how customers are provided with services, etc.

Being able to opt for a Territory Manager job does not require extreme training or role-specific education, whereas anyone with an analytical mind and knack for sales can get themselves ready for 

this job role.

Know the Talent Manager job market:

It is always very important to understand the job market before pursuing a job role. It is because the market has to have ample opportunities and scope of growth. In the case of the Talent Manager job, the industries that require this job role are widespread such as IT firms, pharmaceuticals, insurance companies, etc. But who are the top recruiters for this role?

Some of the major recruiting firms or companies for Talent Managers are:

What are the drawbacks of a Talent Manager job?

The Talent Manager job can be very rewarding in terms of learning. They gain knowledge and experience in sales, planning, sales improvement for a company, analyzing the market, chalking down strategies to face the market, communicating with clients, etc. But when something can be so full of exposure, that often can become challenging as well. So, let’s look into some aspects that can be stated as cons of this job role:

  • Target oriented – it has set a target that the managers have to meet
  • Critical analysis – this job calls for detailed analysis of situations and planning future steps based on that
  • Hectic schedules – target oriented jobs often mean working with tight schedules and deadlines 
  • Experience is the key – Every customer and firm look for experienced people in sales and has a track record of enhancing sales.

Thus, a Territory Manager job is to maintain customer relationships and sales of a region or particular geographic location. This job requires handling market competition and planning for increasing sales of a company. Maintaining a customer base and ensuring customer satisfaction are also responsibilities borne by this job role. This job role is highly target-oriented and analytical in nature. The territory managers train and guide employees with knowledge of sales, products, and services offered by the company to its customers, retaining good relationships with customers and customer communication for feedback, etc. 

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