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QA Interview Questions and Answers

Quality assurance can be defined as part of quality management to build confidence that quality requirements will be met for products. Working in this field can be enriching, however often there is apprehension about the Quality Assurance Interview questions. So to clear the confusion and bring clarity, we got a bunch of Quality Assurance Interview questions with their answers. We have different types of Quality Assurance questions and answers like; Testing Interview questions, QA Interview questions, Specialist Interview questions and Quality Assurance engineers. Through these questions and their solutions, the reader can understand Quality Assurance clearly.

1. What is meant by Quality Assurance and its importance?

Quality Assurance is a process done to prevent any defect in the product and prove that the product is finely verified. It helps in testing, finding errors, and prevent future issues. Any single harmful bug can damage the software. Quality Assurance helps to fight and prevent those kinds of bugs.

2. What are the essential types of Quality Assurance, and can they be asked during Specialist Interview questions?

A company should pursue this to keep it’s software functioning at the peak of capability.

3. What are the significant benefits of Quality Assurance?

The Quality Assurance benefits asked especially for QA Interview Questions :

  • The service will be considered as A+.
  • There will be a lot of improvement in the software.
  • The client will have 100% of satisfaction with the software
  • It will help the user to have good business connections with other clients.
  • Quality Assurance symbolizes a guarantee to the clients.

4. Explain the phases of Quality Assurance? Can they be asked this during QA Interview Questions?

Phase 1: Strategy and test planning according
Phase 2: Unit testing manually
Phase 3: Integration testing
Phase 4: System testing
Phase 5: Review of the final output

5. What is the role of Quality Assurance?

These are often in every Quality Assurance Interview Questions-

  • Monitor and control
  • Identify issues including the process
  • Generate corrective actions and verify corrective actions
  • Implement kinds of corrective actions

6. How can a person explain Quality Assurance? Is this is a mandatory requirement while asking QA Interview questions?

  • Process checklist: the process to be done and confirm it
  • Process standards: the standards of the process that has to be done
  • Documentation process: the process documentation will help a client to understand the process clearly
  • Project audit: it can be understood as a final review of the completed project.

7. What is the primary difference between Quality Assurance and Quality control?

Quality Assurance is a process that is done to prevent any Quality issues and prevent any bugs in the software.
Quality control focuses on identifying if there are any Quality issues in the manufactured products.

8. Name some of the common features between Quality Assurance and Quality control?

Both work on the defects or bugs in the software.
They depend on ensuring the Quality products produced by the company. Quality Assurance and Quality control depends on each other.

9. What are the skills a person may require supremacy in Quality Assurance?

10. Basic knowledge required for a Quality Assurance analyst?

  • A creative mindset
  • Fluent communication skills verbal and written
  • Healthy IT skills
  • Logical thinking

11. What is the role of Quality Assurance in business criteria?

As the view of business experts, Quality Assurance is a systematic way to determine whether the services are given or the product of a company meets the Quality standards that satisfy customer expectations. Quality Assurance is made only to make customers happy and build trust between them and the company.

12. How does Quality Assurance help in business?

Quality Assurance helps in maintaining set requirements only to develop or manufacture the best Quality product. The Quality Assurance system is meant to increase a company’s credibility and customer confidence. It enables a better competitor to the company with others and improves the work process and efficiency to work.

13. What is meant by Quality Assurance management?

Quality Assurance management is referred to as a process and method used to prevent any kind of mistake, inconsistencies, and defects while manufacturing any product.

14. What is the main work of Quality Assurance managers?

The Quality Assurance manager will go through all of the activities done by the Quality Assurance staff and department, the activities like developing, maintaining a Quality system, and reliability testing for the organizations’ products are checked by the Quality Assurance managers.

15. Give a brief explanation of the Quality Assurance management system.

A Quality management system is defined as a formula-based system that documents processes, procedures and responsibility for achieving Quality policies and objectives.

16. What are the principles of a Quality Assurance management system?

Principles of Quality Assurance management are as follows:

  • Customer focus
  • Leadership
  • Evidence-based decision making
  • Improvement
  • Engagement of people
  • Process approach
  • Relationship management

17. Who are Quality Assurance Specialists?

People appointed to work as Quality Assurance Specialists have to check the implementation of the Quality system. They also have to conduct Quality Assurance audits and have to monitor/ record results from processes and procedures within manufacturing industries.

18. What does a Quality Assurance Specialist do? Is that required to ask in Quality Assurance Interview questions?

A Quality Assurance Specialist ensures that the final product does not have any defects and they have to make sure that the product should match the company’s Quality standards.

19. What are the responsibilities of a Quality Assurance Specialist?

They are responsible for all of the developments and implementations of inspection activities. They are also responsible for the detection, resolution of problems, and the delivery of satisfactory outcomes.

20. Mention the top skills of a Quality Assurance Specialist?

  • Industry-specific technical knowledge
  • Ability to understand and communicate
  • Increased project management
  • Domain expertise

21. A brief explanation about Quality Assurance certification?

Quality Assurance is defined as a systematic process of determining and verifying that the product meets the customer’s expectations. The training courses can help to know how to avoid problems while delivering solutions or services to customers. For Quality Assurance engineer, this is a must.

22. What is the purpose of choosing Quality Assurance as a worker?

In the recent survey of CareerBliss Quality Assurance is rated on rank 2 by hundreds of thousands of employee-generated reviews.

23. Minimum degree required for being a Quality Assurance manager?

A Quality Assurance Manager needs to have a minimum bachelor’s degree in business management or computer science.

24. What are the Quality Assurance Specialist requirements?

  • Either a high school diploma or GED required
  • Higher Degree
  • Certification in Quality Assurance
  • Concepts of Quality Assurance
  • Strong knowledge about relevant regulatory standards.
  • Brief and good data collection and analysis skills.

25. In short, explain the Quality Assurance manager job?

Quality Assurance managers have responsibilities regarding the team doing their job well and managing their skills. These should be asked in Specialist Interview questions.

26. How does a Quality Assurance Specialist resume look like?

Below describes is one top sample-

Source: QwikResume.com

27. What are the requirements that a company notices while hiring a Quality Assurance Specialist?

The behavior of a person should be time managing. The person should have attention to detail and have problem-solving capacity. A Quality Assurance engineer should have these requirements.

28. Mention any three tools used by Quality Assurance Specialists?

Silk test tool, TestComplete, and EggPlant

29. How does a Quality Assurance Specialist ensure the Quality check?

A Quality Assurance Specialist ensures the quality check by using testing tools in their system. These are often featured in Specialist Interview questions.

30. What is Quality Assurance based on?

  • Reviews given by the customer
  • Expert opinion on the product
  • Software testing by tools
  • Software maintenance

31. What is the main motive of Quality Assurance?

The main motive is to make sure that there are no bugs and in-corrections in the software or the product given by the customer. A Quality Assurance Engineer should know these answers well.

32. What are the inputs used while Quality Assurance?

Quality management plan, process improvement plan, Quality metrics, Quality control management, project documents.

33. What are Output in Quality Assurance?

Output in Quality Assurance; change requests, project management plan, project documents updates, and organizational process assets updates.

34. What are the major points to serve the software Quality Assurance?

  • Software Quality Assurance management plan
  • Checkpoints setting
  • Strategy for multi testing
  • Change impact
  • Good relations management

35. What is the link between testing and Quality Assurance?

Testing plays a vital role in the process of Quality Assurance. It is a part where the company will know whether the software or product is fully free of defects or not.

36. What is meant by Quality Assurance testing?

Quality Assurance testing is a systematic process to ensure that the product is of the highest possible Quality to satisfy the customer by clearing the bugs and problems.

37. What is the major difference between Quality Assurance and testing?

A major difference between Quality Assurance clears the bugs and problems in a product and helps the customer have precise software. Whereas testing is a process by which we can know if there are any leftover bugs in the software.

38. What are different types of testing?

Functional testing, systematic testing, integration testing, end to end testing. These are asked in Testing Interview questions.

39. What are the types of Quality Assurance testing?

  • Regression testing
  • Data conversion testing
  • User acceptance testing
  • Mobile testing

40. Name some of the functional testing types.

Component testing, smoke testing, sanity testing. Regression testing, API testing, UI testing, Black- Box testing, Acceptance testing, are functional testing types.

41. What are the specialized testing types?

Accessibility testing, AI testing, Customer journey testing, payment testing, roaming testing, security testing, user experience testing, voice testing, etc.

42. What is the most convenient testing type?

Mobile application testing is convenient and it is a process that scans application software developed by mobile devices. Mobile testing goes for functional, usable, and consistent tests of an application.

43. Which tool is used for general mobile testing?

Appium is a popular and automatic tester for mobile apps.

44. What are the stages for Quality Assurance testing?

  • Plan the test
  • Design the test
  • Execute test and report the defects
  • Run re-test and regression tests

45. What is the role of Quality Assurance in testing?

Quality Assurance and testing are both different ways but somehow dependent on each- other. Quality Assurance needs testing to see if there are any other leftover bugs. The testing process requires Quality Assurance as a proof of guarantee.

46. How do Quality Assurance and testing work together?

  • Generating requirements
  • Making some kind of estimation
  • Developing a plan to work according
  • Documentation process
  • Day to day sprint execution
  • And finally testing.

47. What is meant by the test are?

Testware (test artifacts) is simply an integral part of software testing.

48. What are different types of test data?

Normal use data, borderline/ extreme data, invalid data are three types of test data.

49. What is meant by Adhoc testing?

It is a type of software testing that is performed informally and randomly after processed formal testing only to check if there are any loopholes in the system or product.

50. What is software testing?

Software testing is a process of evaluating and verifying that a software product or application is doing its work properly or not.


Quality assurance is a series of measures used to ensure that the product meets all the requirements of users. Sometimes it is easier for employees to contribute their ideas for process improvement and best practices. The quality assurance program provides real data about customer needs directly from the source. Identify the weak points in the buying process and the areas where customer relationship management needs to be improved.

For a Quality Assurance Engineer, these QA Interview questions, testing Interview questions and Specialist Interview questions will help in QA Interviews immensely.

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