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Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers


Logical questions for interview and other examinations are essential for candidates to groom their logical and reasoning skills. Therefore, Logical reasoning questions must be in every candidate’s preparation toolkit. 

Interview preparations can be very gruelling at times. Every candidate wishes to excel in the interview process. This requires a serious commitment to focused learning. There are many ways in which a candidate is tested in an interview. Logical reasoning is one of them. Logical reasoning questions and puzzles can help candidates prepare for skills like coding and decoding, identifying number patterns, etc. It is imperative to study logical questions for interview to enable a candidate to cope with the ever-increasing competition. Mastering the problems and preparing for logical questions for interview can prove highly beneficial for any upcoming personal interviews or competitive examinations for a hopeful. Reasoning test questions are of two types: Verbal reasoning questions and Non-verbal reasoning questions.

What is Logical Reasoning?

Logical reasoning is an integral part of every competitive examination in India, especially when the Government conducted competitive examinations. It consists of different aptitude questions, designed to test and enhance a candidate’s logical skills. Solving online spreads containing reasoning test questions is a great way to understand what lies ahead. Moreover, Logical questions for interview provide the candidates with confidence to succeed.

Logical questions for interview are categorized into two types:

  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning

1. Verbal Reasoning

While preparing for logical questions for interview, a candidate needs to work on different types of problems online, some of which are verbal reasoning. Verbal reasoning questions consist of issues that are expressed in words. The candidate learns how to extract meaningful information from abundant text through these reasoning test questions.

2. Non-Verbal Reasoning

Non-verbal reasoning test questions are problems that are expressed in the form of diagrams, graphs and images. They are another area of logical reasoning questions. They help the candidate to strengthen their skills and extract essential data from pictorial puzzles and images. In addition, Non-verbal logical questions for interview and exams impart confidence in the personality of a candidate.

Types of Logical Reasoning Questions

There are several types of online logical questions for interview that a candidate can look up. We have arranged a few examples of every kind of person seeking to brush up their skills before their interview.

Number Series

Under verbal reasoning questions, number series problems are the most frequently asked when it comes to interviews and management aptitude examinations. These are numerical based questions that follow a logical sequence or pattern. Such types of logical reasoning questions generally demand the candidate to analyze patterns that follow a common rule. 

Letter Series

Another essential skill to master within reasoning test questions is problems related to a letter or alphabet series. Letter series are logical arrangements of letters of the English language, given in a specified pattern. Logical questions for interview regarding analyzing letter patterns are often used to test a candidate’s reasoning skills. 


An analogy is a comparison between two objects. Problems based on analogies are among the most common types of verbal reasoning questions asked in Government competitive exams. It is a great tool to examine the skills to recognize relationships between different objects or systems. 

For example, below are two problems, out of which the first shows the relationship between a cup and tea. The candidate has to determine what will pair with a bowl based on the established relationship. Similarly, in the second problem, AE is somehow related to FJ. Therefore, the candidate needs to pair MT with its pair relating to AE and FJ.

Q.1) Cup is to tea as the bowl is to

  1. Soup
  2. Coffee
  3. Water
  4. Fork

Ans: A

Q.2) AE is to FJ as MT is to

  1. RY
  2. QV
  3. OD
  4. EZ

Ans: A

Cause & Effect

Cause and effect are other kinds of reasoning test questions that generally consist of two related or unrelated statements. The candidate needs to figure out which one is the cause and which one is the effect.

For example: Question given below are more or less of the same kind. Here, the candidate has to first examine the given statement. Then they need to find out the cause statement and the effect statement. After that, they will pick the correct option according to their findings.

Q.3) Examine the following statement:

  1. Terrorism is at an all-time high.
  2. Doctor advises eating an apple every day.
  1. Terrorism is at an all-time high, which is why the doctor advises eating an apple every day.
  2. The doctor advises eating an apple every day, which is why terrorism is at an all time high. 
  3. I and II are causes that are not dependent on each other.
  4. I and II are the effects of causes that are not dependent.
  5. I and II are effects of common causes.

Ans: D

Verbal Classification

Verbal classification is a type of verbal reasoning questions that classifies objects based on their commonalities. These logical questions for interview require a strong vocabulary and knowledge of the English language on the candidate’s part. 

For example: The following question has four options, 3 of which somehow have something in common. The candidate has to find out the odd one of the four options. 

Q.4) Choose the odd one out.

  1. Helmet
  2. Veil
  3. Turban
  4. Hat 

Ans: A

Blood Relations

Reasoning test questions relating to blood relations are designed in a tricky manner, although easy to solve, once the candidate understands the premise.  Such verbal reasoning questions are based on relations of the members of a family. 

For example: the question given below are based on the relationship between the two main persons. Once the relationship is established between them, it becomes easy to find out the answer.

Q.5) Lata points to a man and says that he is the son of her mother’s brother. How is the man related to Lata?

  1. Nephew
  2. Son
  3. Husband
  4. Uncle

Ans: D


Logical reasoning questions relating to time are often designed to confuse candidates. They are, however, easy to solve, if understood properly.

For example: The questions that are given below denote situations relating to a clock. The candidate must determine how often the given two hands of a clock coincide. 

Q.6) How often do the hour hand and the minute hand of a clock meet?

  1. 65 min
  2. 65(5/11) min
  3. 65(10/11) min
  4. 66 min

Ans: B

Direction Sense Test

Reasoning test questions or logical questions for interview, are based on directions come under direction sense tests. They generally consist of a person travelling in a specific direction.

For example: In the problem, directions of a group of friends towards each other are given. Based on the given directions, the candidate has to find out the answer.

Q.7) Adam is in the north of Ben which is to the East of Claude which is to the South of Drake. To which direction of Drake is Ben?

  1. North-East
  2. South-East
  3. North-West
  4. South-West

Ans: B

Sequence of Words

Logical sequences of words under verbal reasoning questions are those where a candidate is asked to arrange a given group of words logically. The sequences maybe stages of a process or series of events.

For example: The problem given as example presents a group of words having a scrambled sequence. The candidate has to find the correct sequence and pick the answer.

The following words are not arranged meaningfully. Arrange them.

Q.8) Sentence, Paragraph, Word, Phrase, Letter

  1. Phrase, Sentence, Letter, Word, Paragraph
  2. Paragraph, Word, Phrase, Letter, Sentence
  3. Sentence, Phrase, Word, Letter, Paragraph
  4. Letter, Word, Phrase, Sentence, Paragraph

Ans: D

Coding Decoding

Coding and decoding are types of verbal reasoning questions. It is a process of encrypting and decrypting a series of words or letters that are set in a pattern. It is another area of questions under logical reasoning questions. Such kinds of problems are the most frequently asked logical questions for interview and competitive exams. They spark interest and intrigue in the candidate and make them curious to solve a problem. 

For example: An imaginary code dictates the formation of the English word HIDE. Using the given information, the candidate has to decode the code for the word CAFÉ.

Venn diagram

Logical questions for interview and other competitive exams also consist of certain problems, which are depicted in diagrams and figures. Venn diagrams are a form of reasoning test questions that test a different dimension of skills within the candidate and thus, are a must to master.

For example: The instructions given below state the vaccination data of 100 children. A Venn diagram shows the same. The candidate is required to deduct information from the diagram and answer correctly.

Instructions: An annual health inspection of 100 children shows its result in the following Venn diagram. According to it, 55% of the students were malnourished and 60% were underweight.

Q.9) How many students are vaccinated?

  1. 40
  2. 45
  3. 50
  4. 60
  5. None of the above

Ans: C

Logical reasoning is a great way to improve one’s analytical and logical skills. The chances of cracking a competitive exam or interview increase if the candidate has invested time studying and solving logical questions for interview. Reasoning test questions promote active learning in a person. It imparts an ability to analyze critical logic and information with ease. 

With the help of the above logical reasoning questions and their answers, anyone can begin their journey towards learning reasoning and better understand what they are expected of in an interview. Therefore, every candidate who is looking to enhance their skills must make it a point to practice logical questions for interview preparations.

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