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Keeping Career Afloat & Alive

It is not impossible but definitely an uphill climb task to maintain a balance between one’s job and family. The question that looms in majority working women’s minds is How should I keep my job, my family and my home all in order? Today, workplaces are evolving and working mothers have choices which were unheard of in the past. Flexible work options and self-determination is the perfect combination to bring your career on track. 
You will have to strike a beautiful balance to maintain an orderly house while at the same time deliver job responsibilities and pursue career aspirations.
Flexible work arrangements as the name suggests include flexible start and end time, compressed or extended workweeks, work from home options, etc. If you are planning to join back workforce, then weigh the options to choose a workplace which best suits you. Some options that you should consider or ask a probable employer to include have been mentioned below:
  • Permanent vs Contract jobs: While looking for jobs entertain both permanent and contract job offers. Analyze what suits and appeals to you before making a commitment.  
  • Benefits: Before accepting any job offer, take some time out to study the benefits extended by the companies. Some companies offer medical benefits while others have a soft approach towards young working mothers. However, do not be too demanding as it might portray you as a difficult and obstinate personality.
  • Work from home flexibility: This is an important option. Your pursuit towards doing meaningful and challenging work should not be compromised because of some unforeseen situation. Work from home option allows you to fulfill your commitment to work even if it means working from your house.
It will be unwise to not mention that you too should step up in your deliveries and maintain a professional demeanor. A gap in work experience is almost always seen with some hesitation. The organization takes an enormous leap of faith while recruiting a young mother after a sabbatical.  You need to be proactive and committed towards your responsibilities. At the same time, do not step down on your salary during the negotiation process. Keep yourself updated on the latest industry developments and always show keen desire to learn new skills. 
Keeping a career afloat and robust is a two-way process. Be professional and insightful to stay ahead in the game. 
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