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Improving the Interview Experience: What Recruiters Can Do

Every job seeker knows that the first impression is the last impression. As candidates, we’re told that we need to present ourselves in such a manner that it makes a lasting impression on the person sitting front of us, asking the questions. Very few, however, shine the light on how important it is for the person, rather, the organisation, to put in the same efforts in making the interview experience a palatable one for the candidates.

The onus of making job interviews a learning, pleasant experience for the interviewee comes with recruiter jobs. The responsibility is an important one, since 83% of candidates believe that an off-putting interview experience can make them reconsider their interest in the job.

Here, we list some of the ways, recruiters, or those seeking recruiter jobscan make the right impression on the interviewee:

Communicate at all times

An oft-repeated complaint made against recruiters has been about a lack of communication from their end.

Although many job applications are now presented with the disclaimer that only selected candidates will be approached, the practise is still not widely adopted. Candidates have a lot of decisions to make dependent on one phone call from the recruiter – especially if the call is to let them know that they haven’t been selected. Recruiters must make it a habit to send a word via mail or call after the final decision has been taken.

Post-Interview questions

Since most candidates are nervous, it is likely that a recruiter will start receiving calls regarding the organisation’s final decision if it is not already out within a period of 4-5 days. It is advisable that recruiters let their candidates know beforehand the timeframe within which results could be expected, and stick to that timeframe. Or, in cases where the time frame has been breached, all candidates must be informed about a new date via email or call.

Ask different questions

To ask the same technical questions again and again for the whole day is a monotonous task. Recruiters are advised to mix things up by probing candidates about their interests outside that of the professional realm, or maybe relate questions to the interests they’ve specified in the job application.

A personal touch to question makes the candidate feel valued as a person, and not just a worker. It goes a long way in establishing a positive connection with the organisation via the recruiters. 

Give them a tour of the workspace

While it may not be practical at a time when candidates are interviewed online but if possible, help them get to know the work space and culture better if it is an in-person interview. Take them through the various work stations or departments, if any. This is a great exercise for the recruiters to know their candidates better, and for candidates to make better decision if they’re offered a job.

Give them a chance to ask questions

While it is unlikely that recruiters will face a lot of questions from candidates if they’re taken on a detailed tour of the workspace and introduced to the office environment, it is imperative that candidates are prodded to come forward with any queries they have regarding the office, or even the whole organisation.

Help them grow

Even if you’re not giving a person a job, as a recruiter, you can still help them tremendously by telling them what went wrong or about areas where they lacked. It is a huge help for candidates to be told where they might need to smoothen the edges before their next interview.

Take criticism
Take a post-interview survey or a rating from candidates after the interview (maybe after the news about their status has been broken) to get a fair idea of where you as a recruiter might be going wrong.

Candidates are influenced about their decision to work by their interview experience. From providing a detailed interview itinerary a day before to providing constructive criticism to the candidate – there’s a lot that can be done to make an interview memorable experience.

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