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HR Executive Job Duties & How to become a HR Executive?

What is an HR Executive?

An HR executive is a human resources administration that is mainly responsible for getting the whole organisation’s HR department to perform smoothly. Those who have an HR Executive job are considered to have achieved the highest position in an HR department of a company. They are also perceived as the main authority when it comes to any or all HR matters and functions in an organisation.

What does an HR Executive do?

A Human Resources Executive has to manage and direct all human resources or HR tasks for a company or an organisation. They are at the top of the department and considered the leader who takes care of all the matters related to human resources and functions. An HR Executive Job requires them to contribute towards educating, monitoring, training, problem-solving, etc. It also comes under HR Executive skills to ensure that the company’s HR policies are followed across all employees, executives, and managers. 

HR Executive job duties include:

• An HR Executive Job requires one to handle directing and overseeing significant processes like hiring, training, and dismissal. 

• They also have to monitor as well as administer the various benefit programs. 

• Human Resource Executives may work in coordination with the CEO to plan and implement strategically valuable changes to the HR. 

• Strong organisational, interpersonal, and analytical skills are a prerequisite for an HR Executive Job. 

• An HR Executive is required to have a direct connection to the employees and must ensure healthy employee relations and a healthy environment for them throughout the organisation.

• Direct or make necessary updates to the various health plans, benefits, retirement plans, etc.

• Ensure proper manager and employee relationships and coordination.

• They must be aware of the climate of the company and try to make it as positive as they can. This also includes boosting employee morale from time to time.

• Have regular meetings with employees and several other individuals in the organisation and get progress reviews and assessments. An HR Executive job also requires one to be vigilant in terms of discussing various problems, if any, or grievances that the individuals in a company may have. 

• Have a thorough understanding of pertinent labour laws and adhere to them.

• Coordinate and direct numerous work activities to aid managers and employees

• Management and supervision of other HR staff also comes under the jurisdiction of an HR Executive. They must ensure that the entire staff is assigned proper tasks and carries out the said tasks. 

Job brief for HR Executive 

A smooth working environment of a company or any organisation makes for a successful business. That being said, the key role of any such environment is of human resources. This is where the job of HR Executive starts. 

They have a significant role to play in a company’s dynamic, assisting their superiors and their subordinates in various walks of their professional life. There is a huge demand for individuals who are ready to take on such a role that requires strategic decision making, among other things, within an organisation. 

Responsibilities of a HR Executive 

The following are the tasks that an individual having an HR Executive job is responsible for:

• Have management and direction for all HR related tasks for a company or an organisation.

• Conduct the work allocated to the HR staff.

• Report to the relevant higher authorities within the organisation like CEOs.

• Ensure that all of the managers, employees, and executives adhere to the company’s HR policies.

• Educate employees continually on the policies of the company. 

• Work in coordination with the CEOs to plan strategies and implement various HR changes.

• Administer and conduct the various processes of hiring, training, along with dismissal.

• Curate or update staff benefits.

Requirements for a HR Executive Job

There are a few requirements that one needs to adhere to in order to get an HR Executive Job. These are:

• One is required to have at least a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources or any related field.

• One can have a Master’s degree and a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources or any related field to have HR Executive job qualification

• One is also required to have a direct experience of at least five years of working in human resources as well as gaining the necessary HR Executive skills to obtain the position.

Average Salary of a HR Executive  

City Minimum SalaryMaximum SalaryAverage Annual Salary
Mumbai₹ 3 LPA ₹ 16 LPA₹ 7 LPA
New Delhi₹ 2.5 LPA ₹ 8 LPA₹ 5 LPA
Bangalore₹ 3.3 LPA₹ 9 LPA₹ 4 LPA
Pune₹ 3 LPA₹ 15 LPA₹ 8 LPA

These are the salaries in a few major cities of India; one can expect a more or less salary based on the trending prices in particular cities, which may vary. 

Key Skills for a HR Executive Job

The following are some of the many HR Executive skills that are required in order to land the job:

Communication Skills

• Administrative Expert

• Knowledge of HRM and Expertise of the same

• Knowledge of HRIS

• Proactivity

• Advising the superiors, managers, etc. 

• Coaching the employees, manager, etc.

• Recruitment and selection of personnel for the company

Why pursue a career as a HR Executive?

The main reason many go for an HR Executive job is because of the fact that they can impact people’s lives. Yes, it is among the many HR Executive skills to not only advise the company and the individuals in it regarding the various operations but also act as a support system for them. Numerous employees and other individuals within an organisation feel comfortable in going to an HR Executive with their many grievances. 

They play a huge role in helping such individuals with their productivity and stress management, which help build their morale. This is a great factor in favour of the employees to have someone extend a helping hand at the time of need. 

Countless companies in India require an HR Executive in order to aid them with the proper and smooth working of their organisation. Hence, one can make a lucrative career out of it. 

How to become a HR Executive?

Here are a few ways one can become an HR Executive:

+2: There are no restrictions for the +2 education as students from any stream, whether Science, Commerce, Maths, or others, are eligible.

Bachelor’s Degree: A majority of organisations demand a bachelor’s degree at least, that too in human resource management. 

Diploma: There are a lot of colleges that offer specialised courses for students who are interested in the HR field.

Master’s Degree: One can go for advanced job titles such as Global HR Head, General Manager HR, HR director, Labor Relations Manager, etc., by doing an MBA in HRM.0

• Various additional courses are also recommended for the students, such as accounting, economics, psychology, employment and labour laws, etc. These can help them gain specialisation in this field.

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