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How to Prepare for a Mock Interview?

Interviews are no one’s favorite. Answering questions in front of one or more strangers is not an easy task. Not just answering the questions, in those few minutes of the interview, you should make yourself likable, and prove yourself to be genuine and worthy of the job you are being interviewed for. This is extremely stressful as interview preparation is not something we are taught about in our learning process.

Mock Interviews are the best way to overcome that fear. They say that “practice makes a man perfect,” the same goes with interviews too. Mock Interview Preparation is the best way to cross that starting barrier, overcoming the fear of first-time. Mock Interviews eliminate the surprise element about how the interview is going to be, give you confidence, and eases your mind about the interview experience.

Knowing how mock interviews are conducted, tips and tricks for mock interview preparation, and learning how both the mock interviewer and interviewee should conduct themselves are some important aspects that have to be learned before going through the actual mock interview.

What are Mock Interviews, and How are they Helpful?

Mock Interviews are a simulation of actual job interviews. The interviewee would be able to get the full interview experience – starting from answering the questions and up to the non-verbal communication skills like eye contact, handshake, seating postures, etc. These mock interviews hence would be great practice before attending the actual interview.

Either in schooling and college or also in general, people are always used to getting their knowledge tested in written format. Hence, communicating and presenting oneself are unknown terrains. Even if one has practiced a thousand times inside the head, there is still a high possibility of messing things up when we talk out loud. The tension can make us forget answers that we already know, or we might misspell words, or our hands might start to shake. The mock interviews would help us get past this tension phase and make us comfortable during the actual interview.

Who Conducts the Mock Interviews?

Mock Interviews can either be conducted by the Placement Department of your college or through agencies that charge money and provide you with Mock Interview Experience. There will be professionals who are well-versed about how interviews are conducted and what are the general questions the interviewers would usually ask. Based on your job field, some agencies might also provide you with mock interviewers who have knowledge in that particular field and can ask related technical questions.

If your college doesn’t provide you with such a mock interview facility and if you cannot afford to pay for any agency, then the mock interviews can also be conducted by a friend, family member, or acquaintance of yours who can assess your performance. The point to remember is to make sure they know how interviews are generally conducted and give them a set of questions that are more likely to be asked in your interview.

Tips for Preparing to a Mock Interview

The key aspect is that you take the mock interview as seriously as the final interview. Prepare all the technical aspects required and take a look at the most common and most frequently asked questions in the type of interview that you are attending. 

1. Suitable Environment 

Make sure the mock interview location simulates the actual interview. The environment should be noise-free and be similar to the type of background that would be seen in the office that you are attending the interview for. If the interview is scheduled over a phone call or video call, then opt for the mock interview too to be in that manner only. Make sure the surroundings are calm and noise-free and have good Wi-Fi and cellular signal.

2. Formal Attire 

It is a must and obvious rule to dress formally and present yourself neatly for any interview. Make sure to follow the same for a mock interview. Sometimes what appears next to you might not look presentable for the interviewer. Such mistakes can be avoided by dressing formally in the mock interview.

3. Punctuality 

Tardiness might be an inbuilt habit for you. Practice coming on time for the mock interviews so that you can continue the same for the actual interview. Please remember to make a plan to reach the destination 15-30 minutes before the scheduled time.

4. Self-Assessment 

No matter how much feedback you get from the mock interviewer, make sure that you also analyze your performance. Try to think of the things that you have been satisfied with during the mock interview and the things that you are not. This way, you can better yourself in those respective aspects for the final interview. If possible, record the mock interview and carefully go through it later. This way, you can take a look at your body language, communication skills, etc.

5. Constructive Criticism 

Whoever is the interviewer, ensure that they brutally assess the positives and negatives of your performance in the mock interview. Make a note of every point. Later, work on every negative point so that you can excel in the final interview.

Suggestions on some Commonly Asked Interview Questions for a Mock Job Interview

1. Tell me about yourself

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. Please remember that the interviewer would not be interested in knowing in detail about your schooling or your grades. Make sure to keep those things brief and highlight your technical achievements, like the projects you have done, any previous work experience that you have, etc. 

2. Why should we hire you

Talk only about the things that you think would be useful for the interviewer in selecting you for the job. Based on the type of skill set required for the job, mention your characteristics that would be useful for that skill set. Don’t overly pride yourself, and at the same time, do not sound like you lack confidence.

3. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

This answer of yours should give confidence to the interviewer that you are willing to work in this company for a long time. So, make sure that your answer sounds similar to the manner how a person would grow working for that particular company.


Mock Interviews are the best way to improve yourself for an interview. If you attended a mock interview, then it means you already have a better shot at the job than the others. It gives you a complete idea about where you stand on every skill, including verbal, non-verbal, and technical.  Hence, always try to give your 100% in these confidence-boosting packages called mock interviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How should we dress for an interview?

Dress in decent and neat clothes, nothing that looks overly flashy. Let the accessories you are wearing be simple and basic. You should look presentable and give a good feeling the minute the interviewer makes eye contact with you.

2. What are Mock Interviews?

A Mock Interview is a scripted interview that simulates the actual interview experience.

3. Why should we take a mock interview before the actual interview?

Mock Interviews boost your confidence, give you experience, and provide you with a chance to better yourself before the final interview.

4. Can we participate in Mock Interviews by ourselves?

Yes. You can do a mock interview by taking your friend or family member as the mock interviewer and give them a set of questions to ask. Also, many websites conduct mock interviews online through a Zoom Call or Skype or Google Meet, etc.

5. How many times should we take mock interviews before the actual interview?

There is no specific number. If there are multiple mistakes in the performance of your first mock interview, then make sure to take the mock interview for the second time. Repeatedly participate in mock interviews until you get self-satisfaction about your performance.

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