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Find the sweet spot between your passion and job

passion and job

Not all of us are lucky enough to be doing jobs that we love. In fact, 56% of employees interviewed by a Monster.com poll said they had been unable to find a job that meets their passion.

How do we balance what we currently do with what we love doing, which may give us immense professional satisfaction but may not provide the social and financial cover that is required to lead a stable life?

Here are some essential tips to help you strike that elusive balance:

1. Make an intelligent career change

You don’t have to go to extremes to make your outside interests your source of livelihood. Instead, find a way to straddle both worlds. E.g.: Are you an accountant by profession, but passionate about music? Think of moving to the finance department of a music label.

2. The big switch

Let’s say there is no mid-path between your outside interests and work. And you’re considering making a big career switch. There are several aspects to this decision that you need to evaluate before making any moves. For instance, you may love deep-sea diving, but is it financially sustainable? It is important to be as objective as possible while chalking out your next strategy.

3. Take up what you love as a hobby

You don’t have to throw your job away to do what you love — you could pursue your passion as a hobby as well. If photography is close to your heart, for example, you could take off on photo expeditions to different parts of the city on weekends. Research has shown that people who engage in a creative hobby perform better in the office.

4. Donate what you can to your cause – money or time

If you’re deeply passionate about the social sector, for example, but have no time to volunteer, you could pick a charity for monthly donation. Not all passions lend themselves to monetary contributions, however. In that case, think of other ways in which you could feed your passion in a minimal amount of time.

5. Rekindle your passion

You joined your profession many years ago because you were passionate about it, but now, after many years, the job has lost its fire. If this sounds like your story, it’s time to rekindle your passion. Speak to your boss and ask him to change your department, or give you a more challenging assignment. Picture yourself in any other profession, and think of how lucky you are that to have been in the profession you chose, and sally forth with renewed vigor!

Any job can be yours as long as you love what you do!

Find a job you love. Millions of jobs. Find yours.

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