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How to write a Resume for Assistant Professor?

Are you looking for a new job as an assistant professor? Do you want help with drafting your job application? 

The first step for your job application is to draft a resume for an assistant professor. Your application starts with demonstrating your educational qualifications, achievements, background, and career goals on your resume. Your resume for assistant professor must cover all your relevant and important information in a concise and formatted manner.

In this article, we are going to tell you how to draft an Assistant Professor’s resume. We are also going to provide you with an Assistant Professor resume template. You may find that the resume for Assistant Professor is similar to that of Associate Professor Sample. 

When can you become an Assistant Professor?

You can apply for the position of Assistant Professor after completing your Doctoral Degree. It is an entry-level position in the universities. Your responsibilities can include teaching undergraduate and graduate students, research, preparing lectures, conducting, attending seminars, and assisting in lab work.

It is a period where you can impart knowledge to students while gaining more knowledge about your subject through research and lab work. The average salary for an Assistant Professor in the US is estimated to be about $83.240 annually. After completing your tenure as an Assistant Professor, you can get promoted to the position of Associate Professor. 

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When applying for the position of Assistant Professor, you must ensure that your resume is formatted and includes all the necessary details. You can provide the following information in your resume for Assistant Professor:

How to write a resume for Assistant Professor?

1. Your contact details

You can start your resume by providing your contact details specifying your name, residential address, phone number, and email ID. This information should be accurate as the university can use these details to contact you for further processes. You can double-check these details before submitting your resume for Assistant Professor.

2. Your objective

The next thing that you can state in your Assistant Professor resume is your career objective. Your career objective written in your resume should be relevant to the position of Assistant Professor. Your resume should be able to catch the attention of your potential employer. This statement is going to show how focused and determined you are with your career.

3. Your educational qualifications

You need to provide your educational qualifications in your resume for Assistant Professor. You can specify your education degrees, year of completion, and the names of the institutes. You can also mention your achievements during your education years. Also, provide any diplomas or additional qualifications that you have received in this section.

4. Your work experience and skills

In this section, you can give details about your previous or current work. You can mention your position, the number of years you have worked for, and, the names of the universities. You must also include the responsibilities that you undertook while working for each position.

It will help in demonstrating your capabilities to the potential employer. If you are applying for your first job and do not have any work experience, you can mention your skills relevant to the assistant professor job role. You can also provide any internship or volunteer work you did during your education years. 

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5. Your awards and publications

Next, you can give details about any awards you have received during your previous jobs and research work. You can also list your publications during your academic research. You must show your dedication to work and research to your potential employers. Therefore, your resume for Assistant Professor must include all your achievements.

6.Your skills and interests

Lastly, you can include your additional skills and hobbies in your Assistant Professor resume. It is good to show your diverse interests in the resume. It implies that you do not only focus on your career but also other aspects of your life. 

You can find the Assistant Professor resume template below:

You can also find below the example of Assistant Professor resume for your reference:

Tips for writing a resume for Assistant Professor

The following tips can help you in writing your Assistant Professor Resume:

  • The resume for Assistant Professor must look attractive and professional. The layout should be clean and neat. Try to write in points instead of paragraphs.
  • Write all and only relevant information on your resume. It is necessary to include all the details but do not include irrelevant information. The information should be relevant to the job of Assistant Professor.
  • Use the correct keywords in your resume for Assistant Professor. You can use the words from the job description given by the employers. You should highlight the required skills in the resume.
  • Proofread your resume at least twice. All the details given in the resume must be accurate. There should be no grammatical errors in the resume. 

FAQs about writing a resume for Assistant Professor

Q1. How should the resume for Assistant Professor look?

Your resume is the first document your potential employer is going to read. It must include all the essential information about you. But ensure that the layout of the resume is clear and easy to read. The Assistant Professor’s resume should look professional and neat. 

Q2. How should you write your details in the resume?

You should write your details in points as they are easy-to-read and short. The potential employer may skip important information if your resume is lengthy. Your resume should be organized, have short sentences and, preferably in a listed format.

Q3. What kind of skills and experience should you provide in the resume?

You must provide only the relevant skills and experience in your resume. You can read the job description provided by the employer and then accordingly list your skills in the resume.

For example, your participation in a research program is a relevant experience for the position of Assistant Professor. However, having good marketing skills would be irrelevant to this position. 

Q4. Do you provide references in the resume?

Your references are important for your job application. But you do not need to provide them in the resume unless otherwise stated by the potential employer. You can provide references separately or when the potential employer asks for them. But avoid giving them in the resume as it may look unprofessional. 

You can customize your resume for Assistant Professor as per your requirements. Your resume should be formal and attention-catching. You must include all the relevant details in the resume and ensure that they are accurate. You can refer to the above given Assistant Professor resume sample and Assistant Professor resume template

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