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5 Customer Service Jobs You Can Explore

5 opportunities in customer service

Customer service is an indispensable part of most industries and companies – people will inevitably have queries and problems which can only be solved by the reassuring voice of a customer service representative. If you enjoy working with different types of people, catering to their needs and solving problems, the world of customer service spans several industries and is home to diverse opportunities with unique job requirements. If you are looking to advance your career in this line of work, here are five opportunities you could explore: 

1. Hotel concierge

If you’re into beautiful architecture, smooth marble tile and hard work, look no further than a career as a concierge for an international hotel. If you’ve previously visited or stayed in a hotel, you’ll be familiar with the myriad responsibilities of a front desk official. Providing guests with directions, assisting them with check-in procedures, helping with booking of attractions such as spas and restaurants, and recommending tourist spots are just a few things you will have to do as a member of the front desk of an international hotel. Find Concierge Jobs here.

2. Gym attendant

If you’re gregarious and a fitness enthusiast, why not try your hand at being a gym attendant? While requirements for taking on such a role may vary depending on the type of services provided by the gym, basic duties remain the same: assist patrons with matters pertaining to memberships, discounts, class types and schedules. You may also be required to clean up after sessions; this entails maintaining cleanliness of the equipment and lockers, ensuring water coolers are stocked at all times, and replacing damaged machinery.

3. Travel agent

Online travel agencies may be all the rage nowadays, but receiving planning assistance from a living, breathing individual can put people’s minds at ease. You could look at joining an online booking agent in the capacity of technical support, or work in a traditional brick-and-mortar travel agency where you would be assisting people in every single aspect of their trip, from drawing up itineraries to booking hotels, transportation and other attractions. If you prefer occasional human interaction as opposed to being completely immersed in solving people’s travel woes, you should sign up with a virtual travel company. Find Travel Agent Jobs here.

4. Financial advisor

If numbers are your calling, but you also love to lend a helping hand to people and make a difference in their lives, taking on a client-facing role in a financial institution such as a bank is what you ought to do. A variety of job profiles in finance require you to interact with clients, such as private banking which involves managing the funds of high net-worth individuals, as well as any roles which fall under the purview of the front office (analyst, technical support, customer care). Find Financial Advisor Jobs here.

5. Healthcare

The healthcare industry by nature has a myriad of customer service roles, some requiring more technical knowledge than others. If you do not come from a medical background, you can always consider taking on the role of a front-desk assistant at a hospital, polyclinic or infirmary. While the details of your job may differ from place to place, basic duties include helping customers confirm appointments, handling prescriptions and medications and assisting patients during routine health tests. Find Healthcare Jobs here.

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