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11 signs that you are a workaholic

If you’re sincere and passionate about what you do, you’ll always find appreciation.

But remember, there’s a big difference between having a good work ethic and working yourself into the ground. Are you devoted to the job or on the verge of being committed for your addiction to it? Find out!

But watch this video first.

1. You’re always the first one in at work.

first at work

2. You micromanage everything because you believe no one can get the job done as you can.


3. When the boss says you need to come into work over the weekend, you are like…

working on weekend

4. You check your work email every 10 minutes, even when you’re not at work.

working on holiday

5. Hobbies? You don’t have any unless this counts.


6. You’re stressed when you’re not at work.

stress at work

7. You may be on vacation, but your mind is still back at the office.


8. In your book, being ill isn’t a reason to stay home.

work-life balance

9. You’re always cancelling on family and friends. And you think co-workers who are attentive to their loved ones are wasting their time.

family time

10. You lose track of time when you’re working and wind up spending more time than you had initially planned.

its time

11. You barely realise that your work style has taken a negative toll on your health.

health and work

If this sounds like you, it may be time to make some changes.

time to change

Set clear boundaries between work and home, unplug at regular intervals, make time for your loved ones and continually re-evaluate your goals.

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