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Teacher Resume: How to Write One (With a Sample)

Before you begin writing a teacher resume for yourself, it is a good idea to have a look at what is out there. Be it for any profession or industry, keeping a tab on what the latest resume formats and styles are is a sure way to stay ahead in the game. If you need to look at a teacher resume sample, we have one for you at the end of this article.

Writing a teacher resume is not that different from writing any other resume if you are just starting in the field. Here we discuss tips for writing an impressive teacher resume that gets you an interview. 


Tips for writing a teacher resume

  • Highlight your education and certifications

Start by highlighting your competitiveness in the field with mentions of your learnings, research projects and awards.

  • List out what you have accomplished  

This means listing out major achievements, instead of just your regular duties.

  • Include your best suited skills  

Mention the skills that are relevant to the teaching job, and at the same time, avoid those which do not add any value.

  • Contemplate the resume format  

Depending on what part of your information you wish to highlight, choose a resume template. In case you are applying for senior teaching positions, a CV might be more appropriate.

Wondering how a resume differs from a CV? Read this simple explanation: CV or Resume? Know the Difference and When to use Which

  • Customise your resume for each application

Although your basic information remains the same, you still need to tailor each resume and cover letter in line with the job you are applying for. Mentioning the company’s achievements that you have been following or your long-held desire to work with them are some ways to let them know that you have taken the time out to write to them.

  • Proof-check

This is an extremely important tip in your job search process. You might want to use online tools or someone reliable to make your resume and other email communication error-free before sending them out.

So, let’s finally get on to the teacher resume sample below.

Teacher resume sample

Now that you are equipped with all the details on creating a winning teacher resume, search and apply for teaching jobs. All the best!

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