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High Salary Career Options in Medical After 12th

There are three options you can choose from after 12th science, namely, engineering, medical studies or general line education (that is, going to a college to pursue an Honours course in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Statistics, or Computer Science).

Now here lies the dilemma. Which of these options after 12th will be the best for you, or to put it in candid terms, which option will guide you in the direction of a high salary career?

After an extensive and exhausting four years of meticulous study, medical students finally obtain an MBBS degree. MBBS degree holders are pretty qualified to begin their practice. However, the catch is this: They will not make much money without an MD.

Suppose you have a neurological problem, and you look up the names of neuropsychiatrists. Indeed, you would never go to any doctor with just an MBBS, would you?

Hence, here are some other options you can look into.

Some High Salary Career Options in Medical other than MBBS

There are several courses you can opt for even without qualifying for the NEET examination, with the Joint Entrance Examination being its precursor:

1. Bachelor of Science Biotechnology

When biological systems, such as parts of living organisms are used to create various products utilizing technology, a study of its methodology is known as biotechnology.

Some examples where biotechnology is used: brewing wine and baking bread. In 1970, when genetic engineering was first conceptualized, research in different areas of biotechnology increased rapidly since it was now possible to utilize modern technology to alter structures of genetic material (DNA).

Some career prospects of biotechnology involve posts such as biomedical engineer, research associates and laboratory technicians. You can earn a salary ranging from 5 to 9 lakhs every year.

2. Bachelor of Science Psychology

Psychology is the study of mental processes, brain functions and behavioral patterns. The field of study is divided into certain areas such as hippocampal functions, stress of the brain, endocrine and immune regulation of the brain and how it affects behavior and neuroscience of cognitive control. A consultant psychologist is a well-paid occupation.

3. Bachelor in Technology Biomedical Engineering

The application of principles and techniques of engineering to medicine and biology is termed biomedical engineering. It focuses on the advancement and improvement of overall human health.

Some examples of biomedical engineering involve: Stem cell engineering, 3D printing of biological organs, artificial orthopedic implantation and coronary stents. A biomedical engineer earns a sum in six figures per annum. It is a constantly developing career because new innovative technology is being practiced regularly.

4. Bachelor in Pharmaceuticals

It is the study of substances used to diagnose, analyze, and treat various kinds of diseases. It also involves the study of substances that are derived from nature, such as alkaloids.

Despite B.Pharm not being a popular field of study, the pharmaceutical engineering industry has rapidly shifted horizons in recent years. A pharmacist can earn a salary ranging from 2 to 5 lakhs every year.

5. Bachelor of Science Food Technology

Food technology began with Louis Pasteur’s research on spoiled wine. Food technology involves production, preservation, quality control, and research carried out on food products. Fields of study include analytical chemistry, biotechnology, and microbiology.

Some food technology career options are: nutritional therapists, product development scientists, toxicologists, wine brewers, nutritionists. You can earn around 5 lakhs every year.

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6. Bachelor of Science Agriculture

The science involving research and development to study and improve crops and grains is known as agronomy. It is a multidisciplinary field of biological science like botany. Agricultural scientists use in-vitro cell culture methods for quality control of crops. An agricultural scientist can earn a salary ranging from 2 to 3 lakhs every year.

7. Bachelor of Science Biology

Biology encompasses three areas of study: physiology or the study of the human body, botany or plant anatomy and zoology, or animal anatomy.

Some of the careers for someone who holds a degree in physiology are teacher, laboratory assistant, nursing, medical technician, pharmacist, counselor, medical sales representative.

Some of the careers related to a zoology degree holder are: environmental consultant, animal nutritionist, science writer, environmental education officer, veterinary nurse, animal physiotherapist, marine biologist.

Some botany related careers are: molecular biologist, computational biologist, nursery manager, plant geneticist, field botanist, plant pathologist, ecologist. Each of these are very well-paid jobs with salaries of six figures per annum.

8. Bachelor of Science Nursing

Nursing falls under the health care sector. Nursing is a secure job and you can earn a salary ranging from 3 to 8 lakhs every year. Nursing is for those who genuinely enjoy taking care of people of all ages. The job satisfaction is a hundred percent when it comes to nursing.

9. Bachelor of Science Toxicology

The study of detrimental effects on living organisms due to certain chemicals, toxic materials is known as toxicology. Toxicology also includes treating plants, animals, and human beings who have had prolonged exposure to these toxic chemicals.

Analysing and categorizing the toxicity of a certain chemical is determined by its dosage. LD50 is a toxicology term whose definition is the dose of a substance that kills 50% of the test population. Toxicologists earn a salary ranging from 5 to 9 lakhs every year.

10. Bachelor of Science Nutrition

Nutrition is the scientific study of nutrients and how they affect the human body. It also involves the study of the relationship between diet, health, and disease. A nutritionist or a consulting dietician earns a salary of more than 5 lakhs every year.

11. Bachelor of Science Forensics and Criminology

A Forensic Criminologist endeavors to analyze and comprehend the brain’s cognitive-behavioral patterns that result in criminal activity. Criminologists belong to law enforcement squads, and they come up with plans to fight against crime. Forensic scientists collect evidence from crime scenes and research the gathered material, drawing inferences on them. A Forensic officer earns around six lakhs every year.

12. Bachelor of Science Aquaculture and Fisheries

It is a multidisciplinary field of science that encompasses oceanography, marine biology, meteorology, ecology, population dynamics, statistics, and management. You can earn a salary ranging from 5 to 10 lakhs per year.
Bachelor of Science Microbiology studies bacteria, viruses, protozoa, fungi, and other microscopic organisms. It is a well-paying job related to research involving several subdivisions such as virology, bacteriology, immunology.

13. Bachelor of Science Cardiology

Cardiology is a branch of internal medicine that involves studying and treating disorders of the heart. A cardiac technician well-versed in cardiovascular technology earns a salary ranging from 4 to 20 lakhs every year.

14. Bachelor of Science Medical Imaging Technology

Medical imaging technology involves the study of the procedures in MRI, EEG, ECG, CT scan. A medical technician or a lab assistant earns around 7 lakhs every year.

15. Bachelor of Science Genetics

Genetics is the study of genes, genetic variation, and heredity in living organisms. It is a subdivision of biology, and it deals with DNA, the molecular basis of genes, and their sequences. A scientist of genetics earns a salary ranging from 4 to 8 lakhs every year.

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16. Bachelor of Veterinary Science

It is a branch of medicine that deals with preventing, controlling, and treating injuries and diseases in animals. You can earn a salary ranging from 5 to 8 lakhs every year.

Frequently Asked Questions on High Salary Career Options after 12th Science

Q1: What is paramedical science?

A: It is a medical training course grooming students to handle real medical situations that involve helping doctors and providing a proper diagnosis for treatment.

Q2: What is the highest salary for X-ray technicians, pathological experts?

A: The highest salary for such careers is around 9 lakhs.

Q3: Which course provides the highest paying job without having to qualify for NEET?

A: Some of the courses are: B.Sc. in Nursing, B.Sc. in Biotechnology, B.Sc. in Psychology, B.Sc. in Nutrition.

Q4: Is there a country where Indian students can study medicine without having to qualify for NEET?

A: Indian students can go to Russia because it is a country where you do not have to sit for the NEET examination to study MBBS.

Q5: How is genetic engineering different from biotechnology?

A: Genetic engineering is the alteration of the genome of a living organism whereas
biotechnology also involves molecular modification of organisms, but not at a genetic level.

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