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Graphic Designer Resume Sample and Writing Tips

• Graphic designer resume objective
• Portfolio links on your graphic designer resume
• Graphic designer resume work experience
• Graphic designer resume skills
• Editing your graphic designer resume
• Graphic designer resume sample  

If you are into graphic designing, you are competing against creativity. When creating your graphic designer resume, it can be tempting to show off your design skills by stylising it. However, it is not advised to do so as you might end up with a resume that your recruiter cannot read properly. And before you know it, your resume gets tossed out.

So, once you have your resume design template and sections in place, get onto the content of the most important sections of your graphic designer resume.

You may design your resume around one of these three popular resume formats: Resume Formats: Choose the One That’s Right for You 

Graphic designer resume objective

Graphic designer resume

The resume objective is where you explain in brief why you make a good fit not only for the role, but also for the company. This is an opportunity to introduce yourself to the recruiter – with a brief yet complete description about your skills as a proven graphic designer. 

Here are some examples of resume objectives to get an idea: Resume Objective Examples 

Portfolio links on your graphic designer resume

Graphic designer resume

Although you are applying for a graphic design position and want your resume to showcase your prowess in the field, it is not where you show your visual design skills. Instead, add links to your online portfolio where you have all your best work to show. Having a personal website is an impressive medium to show your work too. So, this way, you can keep your resume template clean and simple.

Graphic designer resume work experience

Graphic designer resume


Use your work experience section to name projects you worked on and the skills you used to achieve results – preferably by quantifying them. This way, you are showing that you accomplish actual results rather than just performing duties. Example: Achieved 50% higher social media traffic by rebranding.

Graphic designer resume skills

Graphic desinger resume

List out all your technical skills such as knowledge in software systems. As someone working in the creative industry, having a passionate and social personality is very important. You would be expected to deal with clients and sit together with teams for brainstorming sessions. Therefore, harp on your interpersonal skills as much as your hard skills.

New to the professional industry and nervous? Read these tips on how to build your personality: 6 Simple Personality Development Tips for Freshers 

Listing personal interests on your graphic designer resume

Graphic designer resume

While this section may not necessarily make it to resumes of other professions, it is a good addition for a graphic designer resume. If you have hobbies that you’ve turned into something of value, even better. It can be anything such as having a social media design page with a large following or having your personal online comic strip.

Editing your graphic designer resume

Graphic designer resume

The last but most important step for any resume is editing. You may never know what you misspelled or missed out in the first go. As a graphic designer, you know you can’t go ahead without relooking at your final work. Your graphic designer resume is no different. 

Get more tips on editing your graphic design resume like a pro: 5 Tips to Edit Your Resume Like an Expert 

Graphic designer resume sample

Graphic designer resume

The above graphic designer resume sample is an example of how you can go about creating your own graphic design resume. By adding links to your work, you allow your resume to remain professional. Be a little creative in how you customise your desire to work with each company for their respective application. Get started on your hunt for graphic designer jobs right away.  

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