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Better, Faster, Stronger – Cutting edge features to help you find a job faster

Today, the job seeker wants nothing but the best. And the best would mean something that can keep up with the times that we live in today. Recognizing this need, we have added unique features to our web and mobile platforms. With these new offerings, you can save time on search, make your research more efficient, and find the job that suits your needs the best.

The latest features have been designed specifically keeping in mind the need of a job seeker. 

Let’s take a look at cutting-edge features that are redefining job search:

  • Split registration process: The lengthy registration process required by many job portals today make the first step of job search a time consuming and tedious procedure. To make it easier for the job seeker, the new Monster has split the registration process. As a result, the registration is divided into sequential steps that ensure job seekers’ only have to enter limited information per page. Thus, making registration a breeze! Try it now.

  • Scan and upload résumé with OCR: Uploading of resume is a feature common to almost all job portals today but we at Monster have brought a unique spin to this. The Optical Character Reader (OCR) enabled-feature makes uploading a resume from you mobile phone convenient. Through this feature, you can click a picture of the hard copy of your resume and upload it online.

  • Voice search: Another intuitive feature that we have brought to the table is the ability to perform searches based on voice commands. Similar to other voice assistants such as Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa, this feature makes your job search easy and quick. At present the voice search is available on desktop and on Chrome browser. 

  • Right swipe to apply: In line with finding and applying for a job faster, Monster now allows you to simply right swipe to apply for a job. This is real quick. If you have not downloaded the Monster Job App, get it now from the android and iOS app store.

  • Notification to personalize user experience and engagement: The notifications that you get through the app make job search experience more intuitive. Depending upon your preferences, the App sends notifications to you, thus making the job search process an engaging experience.

The new Monster, with all these cutting-edge features is sure to make your job search a hassle-free process. If you can’t wait to experience these awesome features, log in  or sign-up now to find out.

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