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7 Online Careers that You Can Start Today from Home

The Coronavirus outbreak has put the focus on online careers.

At a time when personal safety is of prime importance and there are restrictions on physical movement, building an online career to work from home could be the best decision that one can take.

So, if you are looking to start a career online, here is the list of 7 most exciting online jobs along with the skills you may require.

List of Online Career Options to Work from Home:

Affiliate Marketer: This is one of the most exciting online career opportunities. Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing. In this job profile, a business compensates an affiliate marketer based on clicks or the revenue generated through the traffic.

Skills Required: The major skills required to form a career are problem solving, creativity in marketing, basic technical skills, people skills, productivity management, social media marketing, money management. 

Content Curator and Developer: Content is the heart of any organization. An online content developer is responsible for developing a company’s content strategy as well as creating its deliverables. With most startups finding an online mode more suitable for content management, they often prefer to hire potential candidates online.

Skills Required: Creative thinking skills, eye for detail, multi-tasking, content management system, content mapping tools, writing skills, digital communication skills, strategic thinking.

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Video Blogger: This is one of the most popular online careers. There are various organisations that are in a constant search to hire a video blogger or YouTuber to promote their products and services or to give out a specific message to its target audience. Video blogging could be a lucrative online career choice as compensation mostly depends on per project basis.

Skills Required: Anchoring, public speaking, camera handling, video editing, client management, content development.

Graphic Designer: Graphic or visual designers have great market demand. Nobody can deny their dire need in most startups and multinationals. As graphic development is more of an individual job profile hence, most companies prefer to hire online graphic designers who may assist them in making creatives. This is one of the great choices to start a career online. 

Skills Required: Graphic designing tools (Coral Draw, Photoshop, In Design, Illustrator, etc.), strategic thinking, eye for detail, technical knowledge.

Online Tutor: Virtual education is a new way of teaching and with the growth in EdTech companies, there are great opportunities to start a career as an online teacher. This is among the leading online career choices in India. 

Skills Required: Degree in B.Ed. or Post-Graduation in a related subject, Student handling skills, good written and verbal skills.

Finance Consultant: Various companies prefer to hire freelance finance consultants and advisors compared to permanent financial advisors because of the high cost. Online financial consultants are responsible to guide companies to enhance their financial position and create a better economic and monetary value to increase their capital.

Skills required: Knowledge of GST, cost accountancy, financial planning, financial analysis, balance sheet audit.

Share Market Specialist: Share market is another popular online career choice to earn money. Various share broking companies hire potential employees to help customers online. These candidates have a full time or part-time online job as sharebrokers. This again is one of the highly paid online professions.

Skills Required: Communication skills, analytical skills, share broking knowledge, excellent mathematical skills.

There is no dearth of jobs that you can start online. Besides the above career choices, you may explore online jobs as a social media consultant, virtual assistant, freelance copywriter, web developer, and social media influencer among others. 

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