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Ali Mukadam, Associate Consultant
Working in TCS offers a balance between work and life

"I had joined TCS as a Trainee. Over the years, I had the opportunity to gain invaluable experience by working for projects across diverse industries and technological domains. It was this cross-domain experience that gradually propelled me to the position of a Global Head. Working with global clients has granted me exposure to various business areas and geographies. I have also enjoyed the challenge of working across horizontals like BFS, consumer durables, and in domains like business process, sales, service and marketing. All this thanks to the all-round experience that TCS had made possible for me..

One unique feature of working in TCS is the balance it offers between work and life. There have always been interesting social activities and interactive games to relieve work pressure. The treks, especially, were a lot of fun and acted as a great stress-buster. Today, ten years after I first stepped into TCS, I can look back at a rewarding career and look forward to newer, more refreshing challenges."

Shankar Ganesh, Consultant
Memorable experience contributing to my growth

"I've been with TCS for 12 years now and the experience has been very rewarding. I have thoroughly enjoyed interacting with customers from different corners of the world. Thanks to TCS, I have travelled to many interesting countries. Exploring the slices of life in different countries and working across different cultures have been a memorable experience in addition contributing richly to my growth.

From the day I joined TCS, I got to play multiple, progressive roles – I started off as a Trainee, moved to being a Developer, was assigned as a Project Manager, graduated to being a Delivery Owner, manned the role of a Business Excellence Manager and am right now an IT Strategy & Governance Consultant. I was also granted several opportunities to take the lead on a number of initiatives. To sum it all up, being a part of one of India’s most respectable organizations has been a true honor."

Vipin Arora, Senior Consultant
Growth at every step

"I have been a part of this family for 17 years now, and in the course of my career at TCS, I have had the opportunity to function in multiple areas such as project development, business development, consulting, and change management. The support I have received from my peers and senior colleagues has always been very encouraging. I have always been encouraged to take initiatives and participate in various industry forums. My experience with TCS has granted me a deep insight into the IT industry as well as the ability to strategize things at a macro level.

The exposure to working with customers in several countries has been a particularly enriching experience for me. And as if that wasn’t challenging enough, I am now working with an entirely new type of customer – our internal TCS associates!! The kind of flexibility offered at TCS is quite remarkable and has facilitated my growth at every step of my eventful journey."

Gopesh Sharma, Senior Consultant
Enriching path towards a global career

"As an employee of TCS since the last 13 years, I have seen myself grow as a professional and also as an individual. To be honest, when I first joined TCS, the way things worked in the company seemed slightly fragmented. But these very seemingly disconnected work allocations and roles have laid down an enriching path towards a global career. Over the years, I’ve earned a thorough understanding of the intricacies and nuances of working in a truly global business environment.

I spent my first few years in the capacity of a software developer before moving on to be a Module Lead and later, a Project Lead. After this, I moved into Quality, following which I assumed the responsibility of building and delivering consulting solutions. Currently, I am part of the global team that oversees IT Process and Service Management. Through all the years of my upward progress, work has not been the only factor that’s enabled my growth; TCS had always ensured a fine equilibrium between work and fun. I have cherished the singing competitions, the yoga workshops, the leadership seminars, and of course, the various festival celebrations. An enriching work-life balance and an incredibly flexible division of responsibility are some things that have come to be naturally associated with TCS."