Jr. Software Engineer

  • Hybrid
  • Fresher Job
  • Openings: 1

Job Description

  1. About the job
  2. 1. This job is primarily about building new features for our core platform and other products from scratch. But occasionally,
  3. 2. You will also spend time fixing bugs and improving the code. 
  5. We are a small Engineering team (and that’s intentional) with only three people in the Engineering team, (you’d be number four) which means that even though we have our areas of expertise, we all wear many hats.
  7. Requirements
  8. 1. You should have mastery of basic language features of PHP or JavaScript. You should also know the basics of web development and technologies really well.
  9. 2. Apart from these two languages, we heavily work with MySQL.
  10. 3. You know what Laravel is and how it works.
  11. 4. You know how to work with modern JavaScript technologies and frameworks like Vue or React.
  12. 5. You have worked with modern CSS or worked with stuff like Flexbox, Sass, Stylus, BEM syntax, or Tailwind CSS.
5 days a week
Informal dress code
Health Insurance