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Udupi Opening And Vacancy

Bring a culturally influential city in the state of Karnataka; there is high availability of jobs in Udupi. The city is a pilgrimage centre and is known for its temples and cuisines. There are a variety of restaurants and hotels that cater to all types of people and travellers from across the world. This has led to a demand in tourism and hospitality related job opportunities in Udupi.

The city is also known for its agricultural produce and coffee exports. Agriculture and fishing are the primary industries in the city. Due to this, there is wide availability of food technology related jobs. They include quality assurance jobs, packaging jobs and agricultural engineering jobs. Udupi is also home to Corporation Bank and Syndicate Bank. There are a number of jobs for bankers, chartered accountants, auditors, financial managers, financial analysts, and general managers.

Udupi has a number of hospitals including City Hospital, Hi-tech Medicare Hospital and Research Centre, Mahalaxmi Eye Clinic and Laser Centre and Mahesh Hospital. They offer job opportunities for nurses, doctors, lab assistants, dentists, surgeons and administrative staff.

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