Cnc Programmer Jobs

4-9 years
240000 - 300000 INR

3 days ago

Cnc Programmer Opening And Vacancy

Looking forward to land a CNC Programmer Job? Get set to write the directions for the computing module that is used to run CNC machines. These are the machines that are used to give shape to as well as cut precision products such as machine, car, and aviation parts. A CNC programmer will be required to take that information and convert it into a form that is usable to the machine. The job of a CNC programmer is also that of using the computer numerically controlled or CNC programs and automate the machinists' tools by using computer generated electronic data. Essentially the responsibilities of a CNC programmer are creating instructions for machinists and also reviewing 3D CAD design blueprints. Apart from that, the candidate will be expected to communicate with engineers as well as clients who will employ the programs. Running simulation tests are also part of the KRA of a CNC Programmer. He/she will also be required to prepare geometric layout of designs using proper software. From choosing the cutting tools required to complete a task to analyzing the job order and performing necessary calculations pertaining to the same, the CNC Programmer has a lot to be responsible for.