Area Sales Manager Jobs

Area Sales Manager

Company Name Confidential
3-8 years
220000 - 220000 INR

5 hours ago

5-10 years

2 days ago

1-7 years
200000 - 700000 INR

2 days ago

5-10 years
260000 - 590000 INR

3 days ago

1-5 years

5 days ago

3-6 years

23 hours ago

5-8 years

3 days ago

2-10 years
4029999 - 5040000 INR

20 hours ago

0-5 years
180000 - 330000 INR

3 days ago

Area Sales Manager Opening And Vacancy

Raring to become an Area Sales Manager? Gear up for hard core responsibilities such as overseeing sales operations, managing the regional sales team and at the same time meeting targets. Not just that, an Area Sales Manager would need to develop an effective and inventive sales and marketing strategy for the allocated territory and also set targets for the sales team. As a sales manager, you will also be accountable for leading and mentoring a team of salespeople. Your tasks will include assigning sales zones, setting quotas, coaching the members of each sales team, undertaking sales training, planning and implementing a sales plan, and hiring as well as letting go of salespeople. You should have the ability to encourage, motivate and lead a team. Being a people's person is of utmost importance along with great organizational skills and brilliant communication skills is of added value. The sales manager should also be capable to stay calm under tremendous work pressure and function with a cool head. Building relationships and maintaining them should also be your plus point. All in all, you need to be a good manager, an adept organizer, and a fair leader. Good analytical skills and quick decision-making abilities are also paramount to become a great Area Sales Manager.