Vehicle Module Team Leader - Steering system

7-9 years
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Job Description

Position Summary with Job Responsibilities

Position Description Format
Position Name VMTL -EV Brakes & Controls Position level L5
DEM position name D G M DEM position level L4
FEM position name NA FEM position level NA
Purpose of the position
a.This position is exists as earlier person left the organisation
b.As this critical position for EV Powertrain mounts and elastomers, which required expertise in project Management & technical knowledge about elastomers, this position will be common for all EV Gen 1 & 2 projects
This position is responsible to deliver all EV Brakes , Controls & Active safety well within the timeline and quality deliverables also needs to interact with other ERC internal and other agencies, also with supplier .
Dimensions of the position
Financial: _______crores
Non-financials: Direct reports - 0
Personal Profile
Education Graduate in Engineering
Skills/Competencies 1. expertise in Brakes & Controls & knowledge abouts Active safety systems
2. Automotive knowledge
3. Customer Centricity
4. Change implementation
4. Driving Execution
5. Project Management
6. Strong communication skills
7. Decision making
8. Presentation skills
9. knowledge about Electric Vehicles Braking system & Active safety
Relevant Experience :
1. 7+ years demonstrated experience of project management and/or product development with cross-functional exposure
(Automotive research experience will add value. )
2. Knowledge of automotive component development, product cycle plan and product development processes
3. Experience of module Development Process and Practices followed in automotive industries.


Work Experience

Key Responsibilities:
S.N. Key Responsibility & Key Tasks Measures

  • Project timeline & Quality deliverables
  • Needs to meet all engineering deliverables & timeline as per Project timeline
    2Project budget management for his Module
  • Project the budget required for aggregate development
  • Conversion budget monitoring and plan for his team
  • TKH & FSS budget .
  • Conversion budget .
  • Yearly plan ,monitor & meets the target

  • Tata Motors Leadership Competencies

    Customer Centricity - Anticipating, understanding and focusing efforts on meeting the customer (stakeholders) needs or expectations

    Developing Self and Others - Recognizing continuous development is essential for success and taking steps to develop self and helping others to excel

    Driving Execution - Translating strategy into action and execution

    Leading by Example - Encouraging and following ethical standards

    Leading Change - Recognizing the need for change, initiating and adapting to change

    Motivating Self and Others - Inspiring teams and individuals

    Functional Competencies





    Electric Vehicles Braking system
    Active safety systems
    Change implementation
    Driving Execution
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