Job Description

The Role Responsibilities

Impact & Value:

  • Re-engineer legacy applications and build state of the art platform

  • Envision Credit Origination 2.0 platform and align it with Bank&rsquos NextGen technology vision

  • Consistently leads delivery of valuable features

  • Continually looking for process improvements

  • Proposes new ways of doing things

  • Suggests novel ways to fulfil requirements

  • Helps elaborate requirements where necessary


  • In depth knowledge of IDE, language and toolset in language of choice.

  • Excellent understanding of language & framework and a good working knowledge of the abstraction layer underneath

  • Understanding of threads, threading model and concurrent programming

  • Can profile and optimize code

  • Good knowledge of other programming languages & paradigms and when to apply them

  • Comfortable debugging/finding complex problems


  • Can identify and apply appropriate design patterns to problems.

  • Comfortable developing large features

  • Understands Idempotence

  • Understands boy scout principle. Leaves code in a better state then when arrived

  • Good understanding of cohesion, SOLID and how to apply

  • Writes clean, maintainable code

  • Understands importance of domain model and can coherently model a problem domain within a given context

  • Anticipates medium term (3-6 month) vectors of change and designs and abstracts accordingly

  • Understands & appreciates simplicity & the value of removing code

  • Understands design patterns such as CQRS and eventual consistency

  • Understands how to design for performance at all levels

Development Practice:

  • Automates everything by default

  • Can build a CD pipeline

  • Automates security scanning and performance testing as part of build

  • Monitor systems to ensure they meet both user needs and business goals

  • Oversee assigned programs (e.g. conduct code review), set and monitor team standards.

  • Evaluate and select appropriate software or hardware and suggest integration methods

  • Focus on reliability, performance and availability

Infrastructure :

  • Good grasp of multiple operating systems

  • Good grasp of scripting techniques

  • Expertise in one database & good grasp of multiple data storage paradigms and when to apply other technologies

  • Understands and can automate paas technologies

  • Understands when to apply appropriate infrastructure technologies.

  • Understanding of network communications, including TCP/IP, HTTP protocols


  • Writes Secure code by default

  • Can use tools (nmap/metasploit etc.) to perform deep security probes

  • Understands server hardening

  • Understating of security principles using SSL protocols and data encryption

Behaviours & Collaboration:

  • Leads group discussions on design of particular areas

  • Comfortable presenting information

  • Gains buy in from team and drives design

  • Mentors and develops those around them

  • Understands domain well enough to work with PO to drive value

  • Shares knowledge with wider community

Our Ideal Candidate
We are looking for Language agnostic people, however below is the end to end tech stack,we intend to use for developing our Credit Origination platforms.

  • Java/ J2EE, Spring, Struts, Hibernate

  • Reporting tools OBIEE

  • BI tools - Informatica

  • Hands-on skills in J2EE specifications like JAX-RS, JAX-WS

  • Cloud Solutions Openshift or AWS

  • Containers Management &ndashusing tools like Docker, Rocket and Drawbridge

  • Elastic Scaling using tools like Nginx, HAProxy or PAAS like Openshift

  • Dynamic Discover using tools like Zookeeper or Etcd

  • Configuration Management using tools like Zookeeper, Etcd, Spring, Puppet/Chef, Ansible

  • Continuous Integration using tools like Maven and Jenkins

  • Continuous Deployment using tools like Jenkins, Nolio or Go

  • Assembly Development using frameworks like Apache Camel or Node.js

  • UI Development using frameworks like Node.js, REACT, AngularJS or Backbone

  • IDL Definition using tools like RAML or Swagger

  • Code Development using IDE&rsquos like Eclipse or IntelliJ

  • Web API&rsquos for Information Exchange

  • Collaboration using tools like Git-Hub and JIRA

  • Hands experience and Knowledge of microservices architecture

  • Strong in Oracle or SQL Server PL/SQL development and designing data model.

  • Understanding of continuous build concept and usage with maven, sonarqube or other related tools

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In line with our Fair Pay Charter, we offer a competitive salary and benefits to support your mental, physical, financial and social wellbeing.

  • Core bank funding for retirement savings, medical and life insurance, with flexible and voluntary benefits available in some locations

  • Time-off including annual, parental/maternity (20 weeks), sabbatical (12 weeks maximum) and volunteering leave (3 days), along withminimum global standards for annual and public holiday, which is combined to 30 days minimum

  • Flexible working options based around home and office locations, with flexible working patterns

  • Proactive wellbeing support through Unmind, a market-leading digital wellbeing platform, development courses for resilience and other human skills,global Employee Assistance Programme, sick leave, mental health first-aiders and all sorts of self-help toolkits

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