9-11 years
900000 - 1100000 INR
93 Applied
Job Description

Desktop and Laptops
1. Maintain and Monitoring the all company laptops and desktops
2. Trouble shooting the Desktop and Laptop software and hardware related issues.
3. Create three user account in desktops and protected with password
4. Create user account lock policy after five wrong attempt
5. Secure and safe the desktop and laptops by install the Avast antivirus software.
6. Purchase laptop and desktop as per the user requirement
7. Check all desktop and Laptops software and OS version in up to date.
8. Backup all desktops in some period of time
9. All sales People laptop backup when they coming for sales review
10. Remotely support the sales people issues and doubts
Servers, Network and Storage
Servers: -
1. Install and configure the windows 2008 R2
2. Keep all servers up to date.
3. Monitoring the Sentinel one antivirus software is running in all servers
4. Monitoring the all servers RAM and CPU usage
5. Regular basis checks the all server Log files if anything abnormal take actions in required area
6. Keep server room temperature in 23o
7. Creating and deleting the users in Active directory
8. Creating and deleting email accounts in Exchange mail server
9. Creating the Organization Unit in Domain if needed
10. Purchase and configure the domain if company required.
11. Troubleshooting the user login issues in Terminal Servers
12. Configure the user access level in Tally
13. Troubleshooting the Tally login and access related issue
14. Keep the partition space in all the servers working effectively
15. Trouble shooting the Server OS and Hardware Related issue.
16. Allocate the RAM and CPU core depends the server usage
17. Delete unwanted file and log files from the server period basis
18. Create a new virtual machine if required
19. Install and configure the Virtual Machine as per the company requirement
20. Allocate the proper resource to all Virtual machine depends the usage.
21. Keep up to date the VM tools and VM agent.
22. Regularly check the quest service is running in all VM machines.
23. Clone the all VMs weekly and take backup in NAS storage.
24. Monthly once move the all Cloned VMs to External Hard drive for Third backup purpose.
25. Take Daily, Yearly backup in Tally data
26. Upgrading the hardware's in all servers in required
27. Install vSphere client in System admin PC only

1. All desktop, servers, Laptop and printers (using in company) configure with Static IP address
2. Maintain the three different Network for official purpose (internal, CCTV & Wi-Fi)
3. Install and configure the all networking likes Switch, firewall, Wi-Fi routers.
4. Creating rules in firewall for internal and external communication safely.
5. Block unwanted networks and websites in firewall
6. Keep the firewall firmware up to date.
7. Monitoring the network process for avoid traffic in the network
8. Configure and monitoring all three networks can't talk each other
9. Configure the Wi-Fi users can only can access the internal IP address printers.
10. If any outside people came give permission access the internal or Wi-Fi network as per the company policy
11. Check the log files in Firewall if any abnormal usage found inform to the users.
1. Install and configure the Storage as per our requirement
2. Daily basis need to monitor the hard disk health in storage
3. If found any faulty disk need to replace it
4. Configure Raid the create disk group in storage.
5. Allocate proper storage to all VMs
6. Keep the storage firmware up to date.
Mobile and IPAD
1. Purchase a new mobile and IPAD for users as per the company policy and Designations
2. Install and Configure the mail accounts and some application in mobiles and IPAD for official usage
3. Trouble and repairing the mobiles and IPADS
Other Duties
1. Install and configure the Synology
2. Sharing the IT Knowledge like Server Access, MS office, DS Cloud, DS PHOTO, DS VIDEO etc.
3. Prepare ID card for users
4. Install and configure the Bio metric attendance
5. Helping to Create reports in bio metric
6. Update the Company Organization flow chart if changes happened.
7. Update the Contact and intercom details regular basis
8. Give training for users how to use IPAD, IPHONE and Android mobiles applications
1. Configure and monitor the all cameras in CCTV server
2. Trouble shooting the camera issues

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